MCC231 Test

A test is conducted in the final week in the lecture/screening time. See the assessment section in the study guide for more information about both. (There is NO examination during the examination period.)

A short film or film excerpt will be screened and you will be asked simply to write a short essay about it based on what you have learned in the unit, particularly with regard to types and genres of film in the Australian context.

Sample paper from 2007

Screen Test
Thursday 24 May 2007

Switch off your mobile phone.

Leave one empty chair between yourself and the next person.

Do not communicate with anyone after you have been given this paper - including during the screening.

This is a "closed book" test.  All that you should have available is the exam booklet to write in - provided (and something to write with - not provided).

A film will be screened.  While it is screening you are free to make notes, provided that you do not communicate with other students.  You are welcome to make notes in the exam booklet.

At the conclusion of the screening, of about 16 minutes duration, you have one hour (60 minutes) to write a response to the following.

Write about the film in relation to your understanding of the unit MED231 Australian Cinema.  Apply what you have learnt to an analysis of this film.  In particular, write about the genre/s (or type/s) of film in which it participates.  Also: in what ways is it characteristic of Australian cinema?  And: to what other films can you relate it in any way?

Writing style, expression, correctness, organisation and structure will be taken into account in grading your papers.

You are advised not to waste time and space simply retelling the story, as you'll get no credit for that.

The film for 2007 is:

Tran the Man (Rowan Woods, 1994) wr. Rowan Woods; David Wenham (Ray Moss), Rowan Woods (Donny Moss), Stephen Leeder (Uncle Jack), Skye Wansey (Deb); © AFTRS;  16mm. 17 min. 33 sec.

Rowan Woods went on to direct The Boys (1997) with David Wenham, and later Little Fish (2005) with Cate Blanchett.

Please take this paper with you when you leave the lecture theatre and dispose of it thoughtfully.

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