Inclusive lists of Australasian feature films

My intention is to list every feature film made (or intended to be made) in Australasia with name of director/s and release date. Note that I am not able to ensure that every film listed here was actually completed or released.
A list by date is also provided.
Many telemovies are included, but not shorts nor docos.
New Zealand films include 'NZ'. There are also separate lists for NZ films by title and by date.

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Films with numeric titles

1% (Stephen MacCallum, 2017) wr. Matt Nable; Matt Nable, Ryan Corr, Abbey Lee, Josh McConville, Simone Kessell, Aaron Pedersen; bikies; WA

10Terrorists (Dee McLachlan, 2012) Kendal Rae, Jasper Bagg, Aljin Abella; comedy

13th Floor, The (Chris Roache, 1988) wr. Chris Roache, prod. David Hannay & Charles Hannah, dp Steve Prime, 90 min.; Lisa Hensley, Miranda Otto, Tim McKenzie, Jeff Truman, Vic Rooney, Tony Blackett, Michael Caton; murdered son of exec haunts 13th floor where he was killed; horror flick

15 Amore (Maurice Murphy, 1998) Lisa Hensley, Steve Bastoni; shot Hunter Valley NSW, best feature Noosa Film Festival 1999 Qld, best feature Aspen Film Festival 1998, screened 1999 Showtime PayTV channel

100 Bloody Acres (Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes, 2012) Damon Herriman, Angus Sampson, Anna McGahan, Oliver Ackland, Jamie Kristian, John Jarratt; comedy horror

2 Door Mansion (David Rechtman, 2007) aka Two Door Mansion; Pippa Grandison, Matthew Charleston; the 'mansion' is a car; 75 min.

2:22 (Paul Currie, 2017) wr. Todd Stein, Nathan Parker, prod. Bill Mechanic, Steve Hutensky; Teresa Palmer, Michiel Huisman, Sam Reid, Simone Kessell

2.37 (Murali Thalluri, 2006) aka 2:37; Cannes, Toronto 2006

2000 Weeks (Tim Burstall, 1969) aka Two Thousand Weeks; wr. Tim Burstall, Patrick Ryan; Jeanie Drynan, Mark McManus, Eileen Chapman, David Turnbull, Michael Duffield, Stephen Dattner, Bruce Anderson, Dominic Ryan, Nicholas McCallum, Anne Charleston, Graeme Blundell; writer's isolation: he only has 2000 weeks to achieve something in his life

25th Reich, The (Stephen Amis, 2012) wr. Stephen Amis, Serge De Nardo, David Richardson from novel 50,000 Years until Tomorow by J.J. Solomon; Jim Knobeloch, Serge De Nardo, Angelo Salamanca; war fantasy scifi

27A (Esben Storm, 1974) prod. Haydn Keenan, Smart Street Films, wr. Esben Storm, dp Michael Edols, design Peter Minnett, ed. Richard Moir; Robert McDarra, Bill Hunter, Graham Corry, James Kemp, Richard Moir, Max Osbiston; alcoholic imprisoned under section of Qld Mental Act; Melbourne, colour, 16mm 86 min.

3 Acts of Murder (Rowan Woods, 2009) Robert Menzies, Luke Ford, Bille Brown, Bill McCluskey, Emma Booth, Nicola Bartlett; telemovie, Arthur Upfield story, set in WA

33 Postcards (Pauline Chan, 2011) Guy Pearce, Zhu Lin, Lincoln Lewis; drama

34th Battalion, The (Luke Sparke, tba) wr. Ian Sparke, Luke Sparke, prod. Irene Dobson, Sparke Films, dist. Camelot, budget $25m; Emilie de Ravin, Vinnie Jones, Luke Hemsworth, Vince Colosimo; war

48 Shades (Daniel Lapaine, 2008) aka 48 Shades of Brown, wr. Daniel Lapaine, novel Nick Earls, prod. Rob Marsala; Richard Wilson, Emma Lung, Robin McLeavy; shot Brisbane; teen romance

40000 Horsemen (Charles Chauvel, 1940) Forty Thousand Horsemen, wr. Elsa Chauvel, dp George Heath, additional exterior photography Frank Hurley, Tasman Higgins; Grant Taylor, Betty Bryant, Chips Rafferty, Pat Twohill, Michael Pate's debut film - as an extra; WW1

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (Stewart Main, 2005) coming of age; NZ

52 Tuesdays (Sophie Hyde, 2013) wr. Matthew Cormack, Sophie Hyde; Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Del Bert, Imogen Archer; family drama: gender reassignment; Adelaide FF, October 2013; art; Aust release 1 May 2014

6 Days (Toa Fraser, 2017) wr. Glenn Standring; Jamie Bell, Abbie Cornish, Mark Strong; 1980 Iranian Embassy siege; NZ

6 Plots (Leigh Sheehan, 2012) Emily Wheaton, Ryan Corr, Andrew Clarke, P.J. Lane; horror

$9.99 (Tatia Rosenthal, 2008) wr. Etgar Keret, prod. Amir Harel, Emile Sherman; Josef Ber, Roy Billing, Geoffrey Rush; Israel-Australia co-production; stop-motion animation

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