Forgotten Cinema (Tony Buckley, 1967) prod. Tony Buckley, wr. Bill Peach

Pictures that Moved, The (Alan Anderson, 1968) prod. Commonwealth Film Unit, wr. Joan Long

Passionate Industry, The (Joan Long, 1972) prod. Commonwealth Film Unit, wr. Joan Long

Joan Long and Martin Long, The Pictures that Moved: A Picture History of the Australian Cinema 1896-1929 (Melbourne: Hutchinson, 1982) includes scripts of the previous two films.

White Fellas Dreaming: A Century of Australian Cinema (Dr George Miller, 1996) aka 40,000 Years of Dreaming

A Cinema of Unease: A Century of New Zealand Cinema (Sam Neill, Judy Rymer, 1996) wr. Sam Neill, Judy Rymer; presented by Sam Neill

Australian Centenary of Cinema, trailer, cinema version, Australian Centenary of Cinema Inc., Australian Film Commission, Melbourne Film Office and City of Melbourne, Murray Mancha Pty Ltd, 1995, 1 min. 59 secs. (There is a shorter version, 1 min.) This compilation made was by Scott Murray. (Verhoeven, 1999: 12.)

Screening 2017: David Stratton: A Cinematic Life, ABC

Women of  the Silent Era, NFSA

Efftee's Australia, and another

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