Love and Other Catastrophes

1996; rated R (sexuality, language, some drug use); 79 mins; Fox Searchlight

Director: Emma-Kate Croghan

Co-producers, Directors: Helen Bandis & Yael Bergman

Producer: Stavros Andonis Efthymiou

Editor: Ken Sallows

Screenplay: Emma-Kate Croghan, Helen Bandis, Yael Bergman

Executive Producers: Fred Bergman, Bruno Charlesworth, Frank Cox

Cinematographer: Justin Brickle

Sound/Sound Director: Martin Kier

Casting: Greg Apps

Line Producer: Anastasia Sideris


Mia - Frances O'Connor

Alice - Alice Garner

Ari - Matthew Dyktynski

Michael - Matt Day

Danni - Radha Mitchell

Savita - Suzi Dougherty

Prof. Leach - Kim Gyngell

Release Dates

Australia - 1 August, 1996

Canada - 11 September, 1996

Germany - 28 November, 1996

Italy - 3 January, 1997

U.S.A. - 28 March, 1997

Singapore - 6 April, 1997

U.K. - 25 April, 1997

Japan - 14 June, 1997

Box Office Figures

(U.S.A. only)

Opening Weekend - $22,807 (30 March, 1997)(3 screens)

Gross - $212,285 (27 April, 1997)

$127,368 (13 April, 1997)

$69,084 (6 April, 1997)

$22,807 (30 March, 1997)

Director, Emma-Kate Croghan, has accomplished a "screwball comedy" on a small budget of around $30,000.

In the vast ocean that is the World Wide Web, Croghan's effort has drawn 37 reviews from around the world that are published on the Web - some good, many bad. This address is where a list of the reviews can be found -

Interviews with Emma-Kate Croghan are found mostly in the Yahoo! search engine. These interviews were conducted by Fox SearchlightPaul Kermizian and Neda Ulaby.

As for interviews with the other directors, writers and producers - there are none; it appears that Croghan has all the credit for this film.

The on-line presence of 'Love and Other Catastrophes' is quite substantial for a small budget Australian film, with a young Australian director, young Australian cast and an Australian "quirkiness" in the narrative that seems to be able to draw the international (predominantly American) criticism that comes with an Australian film. I had some difficulty, though, in tracking down interviews and reviews and general information on the film, as I am not that well aquainted with the World Wide Web. However, the search engines are quite precise in their searches, so it made my job easier. I used the key words of Love & Other Catastrophes, to locate film reviews and information through the "Entertainment/Movies" topics; Emma-Kate Croghan, to locate information on the director through the "Movies/Directors and Producers" topics.