Title - Lorenzo's Oil

Tagline - Some people make their own miracles
Release - Dec 30 1992 (USA), 25 Feb 1993 (Aust)
Theme - Drama, Medical Drama, Documdrama
Running time - between 129 - 135mins source may vary


Susan Sarandon - Michaela Odone
Nick Nolte - Augusto Odone
Zack O'Malley Greenburg - Lorenzo Michael Murphy Odone
Peter Ustinov - Professor Gus Nikolais
Kathleen Wilhoite - Deirdre Murphy, Michaela's Sister
Gerry Bamman - Doctor Judalon
Margo Martindale - Wendy Gimble
James Rebhorn - Ellard Muscatine, ADL Foundation
Ann Hearn - Loretta Muscatine, ADL Foundation
Maduka Steady - Omuori
Mary Wakio - Comorian Teacher
Don Suddaby - Himself
Colin Ward - Jake Gimble
LaTanya Richardson - Nurse Ruth
Jennifer Dundas - Nurse Nancy Jo
William Cameron (I) - Pellerman, Protochem Labs


Director - George Miller (II)
Writer - George Miller (II), Nick Enright
Executive Producer - Arnold Burk
Associate Producer - Johnny Friedkin, Daphne Paris, Lynn O'Hare
Producer - Georger Miller (II), Doug Mitchell (I)
Musical Score - Samuel Barber, Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, Gustave Mahler
Cinematography - John Seale
Film Editing - Marcus D'Arcy, Richard Francis-Bruce
Casting - John S. Lyons
Production Designer - Kristi Zea
Art Director - Dennis Bradford, Jamie Leonard
Costume Design - Karen O'Hara(I)
Set Decoration - Colleen Atwood
Makeup - Fabrizio Sforza
Production Management - Chris Brigham

Company Credits - Universal Pictures U.S

Distributed by:

Box Office Figures

$7.286m (USA) - www.Imdb.com

Australian Box Office records for this film were found to be unavailable despite extensive on and offline research in this arena. The following search engines were used in attempt to obtain this information to no avail.
I searched under a variety of topics and keywords including "Australian Box Office/Records/Figures/Totals" "Lorenzo's Oil Box Office Figures"


Oscars/Academy AwardsBest Actress - Susan SarandonNominated
Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen - George Miller II, Nick EnrightNominated
Golden GlobesBest Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama Susan SarandonNominated
Writers Guild of AmericaBest Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen - Nick Enright, George Miller (II)Nominated

Bibliographical Details


Director George Miller (II):
Both of the above interviews with George Miller were listed on Imdb.com, however were not to be found online on in any library resource after many hours of research.


As above, both of these references to articles on George Miller were provided by Imdb.com, but were not to be found either on or offline.

Printed Reviews

As above, all of these printed reviews appeared in foreign magazines and were not to be found either online or off. All references (however sketchy) were provided by www.Imdb.com.


Online Presence and Web Literature

The online research conducted for this film review was perhaps the most successful of all. However restricted the information on this film may be, I found the majority of what was needed on the Internet.




Information-Based Sites

Collating Information

Researching this film was, to say the least, frustrating. The only information I found available, existed online and was subject to some very temperamental servers. This made finding out simple facts an almost impossible task, and the reason as to exactly why this film has such a mediocre following is yet to be seen. There was no shortage of people eager to review Lorenzo's Oil, but very little enthusiasm for actually writing on the film interpretatively. And indeed, the information to be found about its brilliant director was minimal also.
My research began in Murdoch University Library whereupon several hours in front of a computer terminal upturned nothing but the books listed above. Time magazine, The Bulletin, Sight and Sound and Cinema Papers, common media journals returned no information (ie articles, interviews or reviews) on Lorenzo's Oil whatsoever. This led me to further my floundering research on the Internet.
ALL of the internet sites I found on Lorenzo's Oil are listed above in the Bibliography. The quality of the information found leaves much to be desired. The main search engines I used to obtain this information are as follows:
  • www.Yahoo.com
  • www.Yahoo.com.au
  • www.Mamma.com
  • www.MSN.com
  • www.Lycos.com
Mamma.com is the bestsearch engine I have ever come across. It was from here that the majority of my sites were located. It is important to remember when researching online that simply using one search engine is never enough, as sites may vary in the technique used to pull up websites. Some use only given key phrases to search the net, while others may locate every existing site containing the given word/s.
My online research was hindered somewhat by the myriad of information pertaining to the featured illness of Lorenzo's Oil, Adrenoleukodystrophy. Countless medical journals and essays brought up by all of the search engines made researching this specific film harder than it ought to have been. Popular film/media websites such as boxoffice.com, efilmcritic.com, film.com and urbancinefile.com.au all came up with no matches for my search.
Turning my research to George Miller, rather than Lorenzo's Oil in no way assisted the matter. Plenty of information was to be found on his other work in films such as Babe and Mad Max, but little more. Imdb.com proved to be the most useful site to me, in that it provided data such as release dates and Box Office figures (though non-Australian, see Part II), and also offered references to the only George Miller interviews to be found.

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