One Perfect Day

By Shanti N.Krishnan


Running Time: Approximate 106 minutes


Dan Spielman : Tommy Matisse

Leeanna Walsman : Alysee Green

Nathan Philips : Trig

Dawn Klingberg : Bag Lady

Leigh Whannell : Chris

Frank Gallacher : Malcolm

Malcolm Robertson : Beck

Josephine Eberhard : Nurse

Roy Davies : Sick Old Man

Amy McKay : Orderly 1

Toni Joel : Orderly 2

Abbie Cornish : Emma Matisse

Nathan Wentworth : Stevie

Alex Menglet : Bernard May

Kerry Armstrong : Carolyn Matisse


Producer : Phil Gregory, Paul Currie

Director : Paul Currie

Executive Producers : Charles Morton, Phil Gregory

Co-Executive Producer : David Whealey

Co-Producer : Jason Byrne

First Assistant Director : Phil Jones

Director of Photography : Garry Ravenscroft

Editor : Gary Wordyard

Composer : Josh Abrahams

Original Music Sore : David Hobson

Additional Original Music : Josh G.Abrahams

Special Vocal Performance : Lisa Gerrard

Music Supervisors : Christine Woodruff, Richie McNeil, Anton Monsted

Violinist : Nigel Mclean

Sound Designer : Paul Pirola

Exe-Soundtrack Producer : Phil Gregory

Screenplay : Chip Richards, Paul Currie

Production Designer : Macgregor Knox

Costume Designer : Katie Graham

Production Company : Lightstream Films in associated with Movie Network

Studio : Roadshow Film Distributors




Paul Currie –interview with media flex:

Interview : Nathan Phillips - Australian Rules


Box Office Information and Release Dates:

• A total of 318 films were released into the Australian theatrical market in 2004. 16 of these were Australian films – 12 feature films and four documentaries, compared to 22 feature films and one documentary in 2003.
• Australian Film Commission which revealed that the $9.2m in box office revenue from the 24 Australian films in cinemas in 2004 was only 1.3% of the total.
• 'One Perfect Day' is the third place in top five Australian films in 2004 in terms of box office gross were $1.2 million.
• The official release date is 19 February 2004 and was distribute by Roadshow.
• 'One Perfect Day' was selected up for distribution by Village Roadshow at post-production stage and will be released on 150 screens around Australia shortly.
• USA screened 'One Perfect Day' and received standing ovations from sell-out audiences at Robert De Niro's Tribeca Film Festival (OPD was the third largest audience at Tribeca) and an overwhelming response at Coachella, America's leading dance music and film festival.
• UK sales company Odyssey Entertainment has taken on worldwide rights excluding Australia and New Zealand to 'One Perfect Day'. The film will have its market premiere at the forthcoming AFM.
• 'One Perfect Day' on SKY Box Office (New Zealand).

'One Perfect Day' screens on SKY Box Office Movies on the following days in April: 8, 10, 12, 14, 21, 26.


• ATLAB AFI Award for Best Cinematography-Gary Ravenscroft (Vic) for 'One Perfect Day'
• 2004 APRA – AGSC Screen Music Awards-Lisa Gerrard (Special Vocal Performance)
• Paul Currie took out the award for Best Direction of a First Feature Film –'One Perfect Day'
• The Australian Screen Directors Association (ASDA) confirms Paul Currie's 'One Perfect Day' status as Australia's hottest new Director with his win of the 2004 award for Best Direction of a First Feature Film.

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Research Methods:

I mainly got my sources for the movie 'One Perfect Day' from the Internet. I explored some of the well-known websites. For example,, and the official site; . I tried to find information from the library database but I could not find any.
Moreover, I used the google search engine and the yahoo search engine. I spent a lot of time looking at each and every website in order to get information. It took quite a long time because some of the information was not what I was looking for. As for looking for the information on the Box Office, I had difficulty in finding the dates on the release of 'One Perfect Day'. I only managed to find the release dates for New Zealand from the Most of the sources about the film, awards and also the background of the director, I managed to find the particular common date for the box office release date, were available from this website;
As for the list of credits, I got the entire list by watching the movie itself and I jotted it down on a piece of paper.




Production Year: 2004


Critical Review


The story starts with a mix of techno music and the lyrics that are full of emotions and feelings. Tommy Matisse (Dan Spielman), who is the main character, has a specialty in mixing the music by combining it with natural sounds which relate with everyday life. He hears special sounds that he was attracted to in his own way. For instance, these sounds are present in several scenes from the film for example an old lady hums, music notes chime, magical music, the insect like cricket making love, drops of water falling and a young teenager playing an empty can exemplifies the way Tommy is attuned to the sounds. For him these kinds of sounds are like a symphony where no one else actually hears them as music. Therefore, Tommy is in his own world. Tommy is studying at London's Royal Academy of Music and he played his own way of music at the opera audition and Tommy's sister called him during the audition and he just talked for awhile and then he hang up the phone. Tommy's sister, Emma actually wanted to tell him about her problem.
Emma (Abbie Cornish) went to the dance party and met Alysee (Tommy's girl friend) there. Alysee (Leeanna Walsman) introduced Trig to Emma and told him that it is Emma's birthday and he gave her a sachet of drugs as a birthday gift. Emma sniffed it and later she died because of the high dosage of drugs and then Alysee brought her to the hospital and left Emma by herself because Alysee felt guilty with the fact that she was the one responsible for Emma's death.
Alysee was looking at Emma's bag and she found a pregnancy tester. She was shocked to know that Emma was pregnant. Tommy goes over to Alysee's house and cried over his sister's death. He found a pregnancy tester in Emma's bag when Emma went to the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom, Tommy asked her whether she had anything to say. She tried to explain that she was responsible for his sister death and she was with her but Tommy got the wrong impression, thought that Alysee is cheating on him and sleeping around with other guys. Tommy went out of the house in anger and disappointment.
During Emma's funeral, Tommy just ignored the present of Alysee. Alysee tried to get out from the drug site. But here comes Hector, who actually never let Alysee get out of it by encouraging her to sing and also take drugs while singing. Hector took advantage of her by giving her drugs and he started to like her. She sang the song by having the sweet memories when she was with Tommy. She sang the song 'One Perfect Day' and it is dedicated to Tommy.
Towards the ending, Tommy became a disk jockey (DJ) in a bush party dance and there he met Alysee. When they met, they knew their love for each other was true. But after a day of spending time with Tommy, she left and went to see Hector. He was angry with her because she actually sang the song for Tommy. Alysee confronted him and told him that she still loved Tommy. Hector then took the needle with the drug in it and stabbed Alysee with it. Shortly after she was stabled, Alysee died.
Trig will give Tommy a recorded tape, which had evidence on it that will implicate Hector. When Tommy worked as a DJ, he played the music by putting some contents of the recorded tape. His actions implicated Hector as a drug dealer and criminal.

My Comment

First of all, I personally think this movie is absolutely a very good movie. I feel very touched after watching the movie and I watched it a couple of times. I think this movie is good because it brings out the issue of drug abuse and young teenagers involved in it. This will teach the younger teenager the consequences of drug taking. Therefore, 'One Perfect Day' would not be successful without the music. Moreover, the movie highlights the sadness and creates emotional feelings towards the audience when Emma and Tommy's girl friend died in the movie. The music in the movie creates the uniqueness of the movie and the songs are original created by David Hobson. On top of that, the song, 'One Perfect Day' is a special song meant for the two lovers.
The scenes are well put together where Tommy participates in the audition in an orchestra and at the same time Tommy's sister, Emma was dying. The story of the drama overlaps the same situation; Emma died and the guy who acted as a son to the old lady also died in the scene.
Another scene that is interesting was the one where Emma was looking at her body in the mirror at the beginning of the movie. In that particular scene the audience will not be able to figure out what the scene is all about, but after the later part when Alysee found the pregnancy tester in Emma's bag, the scenes are inter-related where the situation is in sequence and the first scene finally makes sense.
One contradictory scene was when Mr.Benard was against Tommy when Tommy played his music in his own way at the orchestra audition. After the audition, one of the big companies liked Tommy's music and actually was interested in giving Tommy a contract. At that moment, Mr. Benard started to like Tommy's music but only after a company had actually approached Tommy.
The music in this film creates the atmosphere of life in the form of the music of the symphony. Music has the rhythm, as in the upbeat and downbeat. This reflects life which has to go on and it is not only in one type of beat. People will face happy moments and sad moments, up moments and down moments.


Most of the scenes in 'One Perfect Day' are shot in Melbourne in late 2002 using private finance. The scenes where Tommy was at the subway railway station, on the house roof and walking on a path were shot at United Kingdom. A small crew went to UK to shoot some scenes for the movie due to low budget. The whole movie shoot took 10 weeks but two years to get everything done. The post-production took 18 months and the production for the music was composed and worked out at the beginning itself.

There are some scenes which have been deleted from the movie during the editing of the movie. One of the deleted from the movie is the follow up scene to when Noah tried to save Alysee getting hurt by Hector in the bedroom scene, where Hector pushed Noah's head against a glass coffee table and he bleed.




Director: Paul Currie

Paul Currie explains the frustrated young talent and creative energy he so often encounters through his work:
"All young people have this amazing amount of energy and zest to do, and be, something incredible. However, often there's a lack of skills, insight, intuition, and mentors, to guide that energy. I find that the creativity that lives in so many young people is too often neglected. This film is a story that tries to navigate creativity in an intense world." (
Paul Currie describes the character of Tommy as an inspirational figure:
"He represents Tommy in his own world identifying music in different ways. He feels differently from other people by dreaming them in his own wave circle. Tommy will resist giving up the search for what he instinctively knows that he be able to achieve." (

Music as a universal language is the main part of the story in this film and acts as a medium to express feelings, concentrating on true love and feeling immersed and also feeling totally at one with the world. Therefore, the music is mixed with natural sounds and symphony of the orchestra and also some techno rave music. It has been recognised by all that the music creates dominant effect of the movie. Paul Currie describes the attraction of dance parties for both youth culture and as a setting for his film 'One Perfect Day':
"The popularity of the dance party culture affirmed my belief that all young people are in need of intense experiences through which they can tap into their own true spirit. If you ask any of the millions of young people flocking to dance parties throughout the world why they go, they will tell you it's an almost tribal experience totally outside the realms of ordinary life." (

Experience and perception are important facets of the story of 'One Perfect Day', which contrasts two key elements of the dance music scene relates with music and drugs and it represent the choices one makes and their consequences. Paul Currie explains the stance on drugs in the film:
"Most people in society know about drugs, have interacted with them and/or know someone who has. This is a very sophisticated film, one that aims not to preach to its audience but instead empower youth to consciously recognise the impact of their choices." (
Previous Work
Paul Currie produced his first feature film which is 'Under the Gun' after training actors and directing theatre for many years and co-authored the best selling book, A Hero's Journey (with a foreword by Bryce Courtney). Most lately, Paul directed the "critically acclaimed documentary 'Lionheart' by The Jesse Martin". (
He also served as ISIS Communications' Creative Director for World Reconciliation Day, a live and filmed event that featured Nelson Mandela and Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. Later, he departed from the film industry to be the co-founder of the highly successful Victorian based youth charity organization, Reach Youth. He was involved in group interaction, using creative expression and also sensory based technology to make a positive impact. "Reach has assisted over 130,000 young people in a variety of experiential activities, including school programs, workshops, weekend discovery camps and major events." ( It was Paul Currie's experiences with Reach Youth, and his understanding of the problems of young people, that inspired the vision for his debut feature film.
Critical Uptake
The music production had made a high standard of quality of producing the music and the songs by having the final song resonate with a 48 piece orchestra and choir. Lisa Gerrard's harmonised with Ali Macgregor for the final song.
Many film critics feel that this film has a lot of things to be done because it is a common type of story even it is a welcome addition to the Australian film catalogue. Moreover, the themes normally would not marginalize the mainstream film makers. The music is used as virtual message in order to communicate people in the rave dance. It is like a gospel of words, mixing with natural sounds. It stands out to be unique when Tommy brought his midi disc to record the sounds. But we know the sounds that he took from the cricket making love and the changes he made after controlling the midi disc, the actual sound turned out to be different. The sound cannot be changed so extremely because it is not the reality.
Many critics say that the issue about drugs in the movie is not actually directed towards the audience. Due to that, everyone knows that it is dangerous to take drugs. So, the message of this movie is a common message towards the audience and can be predictable. Therefore, drugs always deal with youths and youths are connected with music and they like to go to dance parties.
Tommy's character is just a bit of different role, he and his own world. He clothed himself in 'aloneness'.

'One Perfect Day'- The Position and Value of Australian Film:
A number of Australian films released in the year of 2004 such as Strange Bedfellows, Somersault, Thunderstruck and Love's Brother have been very successful in the domestic market competing against their bigger budget international competitors. Moreover, these movies are in the top five in the box office. With this has come a growing confidence in local audiences towards Australian cinema. As a result, Australian cinema's domestic position has improved significantly and it has become less 'marginal' (O'Regan, 1996, pg. 109).
Thus, 'One Perfect Day's' critical uptake shows that 'Australian cinema's international position is very peripheral with its product still seen as occupying the place of the 'foreign' film in international markets' (O'Regan, 1996, pg. 96). This is the 'legacy of its position as a medium-sized English-language cinema' (O'Regan, 1996, pg. 96). On top of that, 'One Perfect Day' has been accepted in New Zealand as in fact they do accept the value of the film even the Australian English. Furthermore why is it New Zealand? Is it because the country is related historically, both looking one British colonial as the landscape in parts? But the culture there is almost the same as Australian people. The difference between New Zealand and Australia is the houses there are scattered around and also the population of people is very little in the country.



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