Frank Shields

Filmography as Director

Fatal Sky (Frank Shields, 1989) aka Vanished, No Cause for Alarm, Project Alien; something to do with aliens of the early Dr Who variety

Finder, The (Frank Shields, 2000) prod. Phillip Avalon; Simon Westaway, Paul Mercurio, Anja Coleby, Rowena Wallace, Gerard McGuire, Barry Langrishe; action thriller seems to be the intention

Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story (Frank Shields, 1983) aka Savage Attraction; prod. Basil Appleby, Frank Shields for Frontier Films, wr. Frank Shields, John Lind, from a true story, dp Vincent Monton, music Davood Tabrizi, design Phillip McLaren, ed. Don Saunders; Gabriella Barraket, Clare Binney, Bert Cooper, Hank Johannes, Kerry Mack, Judy Nunn, Ralph Schicha; Eastman colour, 35mm Panavision, 90 min.; not particularly well-written, seems too constrained by history (being based on a true story, one gathers) and the acting is ho-hum; more of Ms Mack on view more often than is required by the plot

Hurrah (Frank Shields, 1998) Marton Csokas, Tushka Bergen

Surfer, The (Frank Shields, 1988) Gary Day, Gosia Dobrowolska, Rod Mullinar, Tony Barry, Kris McQuade; low-budget action-thriller; the two main actors spend most of the film running away; Gosia Dobrowolska is good, and that's about all

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