The Loyal Rebel

The Loyal Rebel (Alfred Rolfe, 1915) aka Eureka Stockade wr. Arthur Wright; Reynolds Denniston, Maisie Carte, Charles Villiers; 5 reels

'A Tale of the old days, the gold days, the roaring days of '54 when hearts beat high and hands grasped true' (Sydney Morning Herald, 25 September 1915). Against a background of the miners' rebellion at Ballarat in 1854, the film tells the 'blood-red tale' of a young farmer, Stanley Gifford, who leaves his loved one, Violet, and sets out for the goldfields to seek his fortune. Pike & Cooper: 55

There are other films on the same subject:

Eureka Stockade (George & Arthur Cornwell, 1907) Australian Cinematograph Company, screened Atheneum Theatre, Melbourne, 19 October 1907 (Reade 1975: 275)

Eureka Stockade (Harry Watt, 1949) Ealing Studios, prod. Michael Balcon, assoc. prod. Leslie Norman, wr. Harry Watt, Greenwood & Ralph Smart, dp George Heath; Chips Rafferty (Peter Lalor), Jane Barrett, Jack Lambert, Peter Illing, Gordon Jackson, Peter Finch, Reg Lye; events of 1854; 102 min.

Stockade (Ross McGregor, 1971) prod. Hans Pomeranz for Spectrum Films, wr. Kenneth Cook, dp Jack Bellamy; Graham Corry, Michelle Fawdon (Elizabeth Green), Rod Mullinar (Peter Lalor), Michael Caton; began as a musical play detailing, with reasonable historical accuracy, the events at the Eureka Stockade when rebellious miners fought against government regulation of the goldfields in Ballarat in 1854; 90 min.

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