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The Rats of Tobruk

ratsThe Rats Of Tobruk (Charles Chauvel, 1944) Chamun Productions, wr. Charles & Elsa Chauvel, dp George Heath, music Lindley Evans, sound Jack Bruce, L. J. Stuart; Grant Taylor, Peter Finch, Chips Rafferty; war; 95 min.

Three men - Bluey, a tough, 'two-fisted' drover; Milo, a laconic dingo-trapper - and Peter, an intellectual English 'new chum' - join the AlF at the outbreak of war. Together they serve in North Africa against Rommel and take part in the defence of Tobruk during the long months of the siege. Peter is killed in action shortly before the end of the siege. Bluey and Milo later serve in New Guinea where Milo too is killed. Bluey returns home alone to the girl who has been waiting for him. Pike & Cooper: 196.

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