Robbery under Arms

Robbery under Arms (Charles MacMahon, 1907) MacMahon's Exquisite Pictures, screenplay, scenario, script Charles MacMahon, from the novel by Rolf Boldrewood, dp Byers Coates, William Duff, 5000 ft. Jim Gerald (Warrigal), George Merriman, Lance Vane, William Duff, Arthur Guest, Rhoda Dendron

The story of the young Marston brothers, who are led into a bushranging life by the notorious Captain Starlight, had been popular as a novel and a stage play for many years, and it became a favourite of Australian film producers. It inspired Spencer's Captain Starlight, or Gentleman of the Road (1911), and was re-filmed in 1920 by Kenneth Brampton and in 1957 by the Rank Organisation. It was also frequently proposed as a feature by Raymond Longford and Ken G Hall, but they were hampered by the New South Wales ban on bushranging films after 1912.
A relatively lavish production, Robbery Under Arms ran for over an hour and cost £1000. The action was staged by Charles MacMahon in bush locations near Sydney and further afield. Pike & Cooper: 7-8.

None of the film has survived.

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