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The Streets Of London

Streets Of London, The* (F. W. Thring, 1934) Efftee Film Productions, dp Arthur Higgins; 85 mins; Frank Harvey, Ethel Newman, Leonard Stephens, Phyllis Baker, Guy Hastings, Campbell Copelin, Noel Boyd, Ashton Jarry, Frank Bradley, George Blunt, Beatrice Esmonde, Darcy Kelway

This well-worn Victorian melodrama was produced by Efftee on the stage at the Garrick Theatre, Melbourne, from 11 November 1933. The film was little more than a photographic record of the stage production, complete with theatre curtains and glimpses of modern-day theatre audiences. It was rejected for registration under the quality clause of the New South Wales quota act, and no public screenings are recorded. Pike & Cooper: 169.

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