Strike Me Lucky

Strike Me Lucky (Ken G. Hall, 1934) dp Frank Hurley, George Heath; vehicle for Roy Rene (Harry Van der Sluice aka Henry van der Sluys) as Mo McMackie; Roy Rene's father was a Dutch Jew and and his mother Anglo-Jewish

Roy Rene appeared in only one feature film, despite his enormous following on stage and radio as Mo McCackie, the leering Jewish clown who parodied and outraged middle-class conventions. Ken Hall's film preserved Mo's most obvious characteristics - his grotesquely exaggerated Jewishness, his sputtering delivery of mildly blue jokes, and his heavy touches of pathos - but the film failed to fulfil its promise. As Everyones, 21 November 1934, commented, the film 'will leave a wake of disappointment and disillusionment. For, except on a few occasions, Mo is not funny; and between the genuine laughs lie lengthy gaps of tedium'. Pike & Cooper: 167.

Ken Hall records that this was the only Cinesound film that took 'some years' to recover its costs. Ken G. Hall 1980, Australian Film: The Inside Story, Summit, Sydney; second edition: 72; the first edition was entitled Directed by Ken G. Hall, 1977.

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