That Certain Something

That Certain Something (Clarence G. Badger, 1941) Megan Edwards, Thelma Grigg, Georgie Sterling, Lou Vernon; film director looks for a girl with 'it' [Badger also made the film called It (1927) with Clara Bow

Having watched That Certain Something (Clarence G. Badger, 1941) it occurred to me that one type of film for which I hadn’t created a list of what I’ll call ‘metafilms’. By that, I mostly mean simply films that are to some extent about making a film – as well as films that experiment/play with the medium as such.

Clarence Badger came out of retirement in Sydney to direct this undistinguished film for a new company, Argosy, formed by principals formerly involved in National Productions. Badger's basic idea of 'That Certain Something - a Perfect Blending of Heart, Mind and Loveliness, as Mystical and Refreshing as a day in Spring', was clearly an attempt to recapture the success of his Hollywood hit with Clara Bow, It (1927). His story also offered a bitter view of the Australian film world, with the director, Grimble, harassed by a committee of uninformed and nervous investors, and struggling with incompetent actors and poseurs seeking to boost their ego and social status. Pike & Cooper: 194.

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