Papua New Guinea

Australasian films shot in or set in PNG


To Have and To Hold (John Hillcoat, 1997) aka The Small Man; Rachel Griffiths, Tcheky Karyo, David Field; broadcast on Channel 9, 19 December 2001; PNG

Walk into Paradise (Lee Robinson & Giorgio Pagliero, 1956) aka Walk into Hell; produced by Southern Films International (Lee Robinson & Chips Rafferty); Chips Rafferty, Françoise Christophe, Reg Lye; filmed in both French and English in PNG; action adventure, exploring for oil in PNG; 93 min.


Bridewealth for a Goddess (Chris Owen, 2000) record of a ritual that took years to prepare

First Contact (Robin Anderson & Bob Connolly, 1982); PNG

Ileksen (Dennis O'Rourke, 1978)

Joe Leahy's Neighbours (Bob Connolly & Robin Anderson, 1988)

Black Harvest (Bob Connolly & Robin Anderson, 1992) documentary

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