As I did with L’avventura, I’ve now also watched L’eclisse (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962) again for the second time in fifty years. From that first viewing I retained only one memory, of a scene which I misremembered as closing the movie: it comes at about the 39th minute. Monica Vitti is wandering around as usual, and comes upon a row of flagpoles, with the halliards clattering against them in the wind.
I’m not really surprised, having now seen the film again, that this is all I remember, as there is nothing much to remember. There is virtually no story: girl loses boy, gets another, loses him. There is only a succession of scenes placed before a languidly mobile camera. And sounds: wind, particularly, the noise at the stock exchange (twice – why?), jarring background music, water. As Pauline Kael memorably wrote about this film: ‘Some like it cold’.

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