Targets (Peter Bogdanovich, 1968)

An elderly horror film star, while making a personal appearance at a drive-in theatre, confronts a psychotic Vietnam War veteran who has turned into a mass-murdering sniper.

Tim O'Kelly, Boris Karloff, ... Peter Bogdanovich, ...

Cf. Peeping Tom, the 1960 Michael Powell film about a murderer who literally kills with his camera so that he can record the moment of death. In this one, the murderer is inside the screen at a drive-in theatre through which he can see enough to take aim at individuals in the audience when the lights in their cars come one. So it's arguably not the camera that is doing the killing in this case but (apparently) the film. The one on the drive-in screen is The Terror (Roger Corman, 1963).

Garry Gillard | New: 3 March, 2017 | Now: 26 March, 2017