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Dry, The (Robert Connolly, 2020) wr. Harry Cripps, Robert Connolly from novel by Jane Harper, prod. Bruna Papandea, Jodi Matterson, Steve Hutensky; Eric Bana, Genevieve O'Reilly, Keir O'Donnell, John Polson; general release 1Jan21

blurb: Federal Agent [?] Aaron Falk returns to his home town after an absence of over twenty years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke, who allegedly killed his wife and child before taking his own life - a victim of the madness that has ravaged this community after more than a decade of drought. When Falk reluctantly agrees to stay and investigate the crime, he opens up an old wound - the death of 17- year-old Ellie Deacon. Falk begins to suspect these two crimes, separated by decades, are connected. As he struggles to prove not only Luke's innocence but also his own, Falk finds himself pitted against the prejudice towards him and and pent-up rage of a terrified community.

The Drover's Wife (Leah Purcell, 2021) wr. Leah Purcell, prod. David Jowsey, Bain Stewart, Greer Simpkin, Oombarra Productions Pty Ltd, dp Mark Wareham; 'western'; Jessica De Gouw, Sam Reid, Tammy Macintosh

Elvis (Baz Luhrmann, 2021) Austin Butler; biopic

Friends and Strangers (James Vaughan, 2021) Emma Diaz, Victoria Maxwell, Fergus Wilson

Gold (Anthony Hayes, 2021) wr. Anthony Hayes, Polly Smyth, prod. Anthony Hayes, John Schwarz, Michael Schwarz, dp Ross Giardina; Zac Efron, Susie Porter, Anthony Hayes; western

High Ground (Stephen Johnson, 2020) wr. Chris Anastassiades, dp Andrew Commis; Simon Baker, Jacob Junior Nayinggul, Callan Mulvey, Jack Thompson, Caren Pistorius, Ryan Corr, Sean Mununggurr, Witiyana Marika, John Brumpton, David Field; drama; Indigenous themes; set NT, 1930

Interceptor (Matthew Reilly, 2021) wr. Stuart Beattie, Matthew Reilly; Elsa Pataky, Luke Bracey, Aaron Glenane; Netflix

Long Story Short (Josh Lawson, 2021) wr. Josh Lawson; Josh Lawson, Rafe Spall, Ronny Chieng, Dena Kaplan, Noni Hazlehurst

blurb: Teddy wakes up the morning after his wedding to discover that every few minutes he's jumping forward to the next year of his life.

Lone Wolf (Jonathan Ogilvie, 2021) wr. Jonathan Ogilvie; Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Hugo Weaving, Josh McConville

blurb: It's not exactly what the Minister of Justice wants to be doing: watching an endless stream of video footage. But a former police officer is very insistent. Together, all this footage - from hidden cameras, phone taps, Skype sessions and security surveillance - can tell an interesting story. The focus here is on an obscure bookstore where a group of environmental activists are meeting in secret. Idealistic Winnie and her boyfriend Conrad want to disrupt the G20, but aren't aware that they are possibly being lured into a trap.

Nitram (Justin Kurzel, 2021) Martin Bryant biopic

Occupation: Rainfall (Luke Sparke, 2020) wr. Luke Sparke; Temuera Morrison, Jason Isaacs, Daniel Gillies; scifi

Penguin Bloom (Glendyn Ivin, 2020) wr. Cameron Bloom, book by Harry Cripps; Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, Rachel House, Jacki Weaver, Gia Carides, Leeanna Walsman, Lisa Hensley; premiere at TIFF; Oz release 1Jan21

Based on the best-selling book of the same name, the film tells the story of Sam Bloom (Academy Award® nominated Naomi Watts) a young mother whose world is turned upside down after a shocking, near-fatal accident leaves her paralyzed. Sam's husband, (Andrew Lincoln), her three young boys and her mother (Academy Award® nominated Jacki Weaver), are struggling to adjust to their new situation when an unlikely ally enters their world in the form of an injured baby magpie they name Penguin. The bird's arrival is a welcome distraction for the Bloom family, eventually making a profound difference on Sam's life, teaching her how to live again.

Power of the Dog, The (Jane Campion, 2021) novel by Thomas Savage; psychodrama: two ranch-owning brothers

Rage (John Balazs, 2021) wr. Mchael J. Kospiah; Matt Theo, Hayley Beveridge, Richard Norton; 2:23

After a violent home invasion leaves him in a coma and his wife deeply traumatized, a mild-mannered husband awakens to find out that one of the attackers is still on the loose. As they try to move on with their lives, one day his nearly-despondent wife spots the attacker, opening up a twisted tale of brutal revenge where all isn't as it seems.

Darren Tilby: Rage is a solid revenge-thriller that certainly deserves your time. But more than that, it deserves more than what it ended up being. For me, the payoff at the end just wasn’t there. I think perhaps I’ve sounded more critical than I wanted to here. I have really enjoyed this film, and I have no doubt whatsoever that it’ll play well with audiences, particularly to fans of the genre. I’ve only been as critical as I have because the film has so much potential that it fails to live up to. It’s a bit like when your mum tells you she’s not mad, she’s just disappointed. That’s what I felt by the end: a little disappointed. UK Film Review.

Run Rabbit Run (Daina Reid, 2021) wr. Hannah Kent; Elisabeth Moss; supernatural thriller

Surrogate, The (David Willing, 2021) wr. David Willing, Beth King; prod. David Willing, Vikki Blinks, Alice Chaston; Kestie Morassi, Jane Badler, Louise Siverson, Taysha Furragia, Ellie Stewart, Ellie Tevalis; horror

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