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The Babadook (Jennifer Kent, 2014) won the Byron Kennedy Award in 2020 >

Awards have more to do with making money than anything else. Not only will an award-winning film make more money, the reverse is also the case: the more money a film makes, the more likely it is to get an award. Not only that, but money can buy awards - in the American context, Harvey Weinstein provides an example.

Cinema is an industry. Income depends on the number of people paying for the film, which logically depends on its popularity. Which in turn depends on the extent to which it conforms to the expectations (of a film) of a large number of people. Their mores include things they really care about (sport, money, life and death, nationalism—perhaps in that order) and things they think they should be seen to care about because of political correctness (indigenous issues, feminism, animal welfare). See Ride like a Girl, which has several of those things going for it, and one big one against. They shoot horses, don't they!

Noms for 2021 AACTA Best Film announced early November, awards presented 6, 8 December, and highlights broadcast 6 December.

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