Inclusive lists of Australasian feature films

My intention is to list every feature film made (or intended to be made) in Australasia with name of director/s and release date. Note that I am not able to ensure that every film listed here was actually completed or released.
A list by date is also provided.
Many telemovies are included, but not shorts nor docos.
New Zealand films include 'NZ'. There are also separate lists for NZ films by title and by date.

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Films E

Eagle vs Shark (Taika Waititi, 2007) NZ

Early Frost ([Brian McDuffie, uncredited] 1982) prod. Geoff Brown, David Hannay for David Hannay Productions, wr. Terry O'Connor, dp David Eggby, music Mike Harvey, design Bob Hilditch, ed. Tim Street; Danny Adcock, Jon Blake, Daniel Cumerford, Guy Doleman, David Franklin, Janet Kingsbury, Diana McLean, Joanne Samuel, Kit Taylor; Eastman colour, 35 mm, 90 min.; non-theatrical feature

Earthling, The (Peter Collinson, 1980) prod. Elliot Schick for Earthling Productions, wr. Lanny Cotler, dp Don McAlpine, music Bruce Smeaton, designer Bernard Hides, ed. Mick Beauman; William Holden, Ricky Schroder, Jack Thompson, Pat Evison, Olivia Hamnett, Alwyn Kurts; Eastman colour, 35mm, 100 min.

East Lynne (Charles Hardy, 1922) from novel by Mrs Henry Wood, dp Ernest Higgins, 6 reels; Ethel Jerdan, Don McAlpine; archetypal Victorian melodrama

Ebbtide (Craig Lahiff, 1994) wr. Bob Ellis, Peter Goldsworthy; John Waters, Harry Hamlin, Judy Mcintosh, Susan Lyons, John Gregg, Frankie J. Holden; thriller; lawyer accused of murder; VHS - no theatrical release?

Echoes of Paradise (Phillip Noyce, 1988) [USA/theatrical] aka Shadows of the Peacock [Australian/DVD], formerly Love on a Tourist Visa, or Promises to Keep; wr. Jan Sharp, dp Peter James, exec prod Jan Sharp, prod. Jane Scott; Wendy Hughes, John Lone, Rod Mullinar, Peta Toppano, Steven Jacobs, Gillian Jones, Claudia Karvan; "Maria's seemingly secure world collapses - her senses numbed, she escapes to exotic Thailand to examine her past and her future. Soon she meets a mysterious and handsome Balinese dancer and what begins as a friendship turns into a passionate and all-consuming love affair." (video box); 92 min.; released on DVD 2004

Edens Lost (Neil Armfield, 1991) wr. Sumner Locke Elliott; Julia Blake, Linda Cropper, Victoria Longley, Arthur Dignam; telemovie; 180 min.

Edge of Power, The (Henri Safran, 1985) dp. Peter Levy; Ivar Kants, Henry Szeps, Anna-Maria Monticelli, Sheree da Costa; political thriller

Edge of the World, The (Shaun M. Jefford, 2005) wr.Shaun M. Jefford; three men reunited after 30 years by the echoes of a terrible crime

Eight Ball (Ray Argall, 1991) wr. Ray Argall, Harry Kirchner, dp Mandy Walker; Matthew Fargher, Angie Milliken, Paul Stevn, Frankie J. Holden

Eighth Wonder, The (Neil Armfield, 1995) telemovie; opera about the Sydney Opera House; David Hobson

Elephant Tales (Mario Andreacchio, 2006) Aust/Fr copro; African animals photographed naturally (not animated), with voices added

Eleventh Hour, The (West's Pictures, 1912) aka Saved by Telegram; dp Franklyn Barrett; Sydney Stirling, Cyril Mackay, Leonard Willey, Charles Lawrence, Loris Brown; 'the adventures and vicissitudes in the life of a Girl Telegraphist' Pike & Cooper: 34.

Elixir (Colm O'Murchu, 2001) Rhett Giles, Tiriel Mora, Henri Szeps; adcom story

Eliza Fraser (Tim Burstall, 1976) prod. Tim Burstall forHexagon Productions, David Williamson, dp Robin Copping, design, Leslie Binns, music Bruce Smeaton, ed. Edward McQueen-Mason; John Castle, Noel Ferrier, Martin Harris, Trevor Howard, Bill Hunter, Gerard Kennedy, Serge Lazareff, George Mallaby, Ingrid Mason, Grant Page, Sean Scully, Charles Tingwell, John Waters, Arna-Maria Winchester, Susannah York; colour, 35 mm, 127 min.

Ellipsis (David Wenham, 2017) Emily Barclay, Benedict Samuel; romance

Eloise (Brenden Dannaher, 2002) Melanie Holt, Mark Jensen, PJ Parker; dramarom

Em 4 Jay (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 2008) wr. Daniel Keene, Alkinos Tsilimidos; Laura Gordon, Nick Barkla, Chloe Armstrong, Jonathan auf der Heide; heroin-addicted couple

Embedded (Stephen Sewell, 2016) prod. Steve Jaggi; Nick Barkla, Laura Gordon, Marcus Johnson; thriller involving a war correspondent

Emerald City (Michael Jenkins, 1988) aka David Williamson's Emerald City; John Hargreaves, Robyn Nevin, Chris Haywood, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Cracknell; 91 min.

Emma's War (Clytie Jessop, 1988) prod. Andrina Finlay, Clytie Jessop for Belinon, wr. Clytie Jessop, Peter Smalley, dp Tom Cowan, music John Williams, design Jane Norris, ed. Sonia Hoffman; Lee Remick (Anne Grange), Miranda Otto (Emma Grange), Mark Lee (John Davidson), Terence Donovan (Frank Grange), Donal Gibson (Hank), Bridey Lee (Laurel Grange), Pat Evison (Miss Arnott), Grigor Taylor (Dr Friedlander), Noelene Brown (Mrs Mortimer); girl with alcoholic mother, father serving in New Guinea during WW2; "story of a young girl's rites of passage", Rolando Caputo in Murray 1995: 248; Eastman colour, 35mm, 95 min.

Emoh Ruo (Denny Lawrence, 1985) aka Our Home; wr. Paul Leadon & David Poltorak, prod. David Elfick; Joy Smithers, Martin Sacks, Philip Quast, Genevieve Mooy, Louise Le Nay, Max Phipps (Sam Tregado); 93 min.

Empty Beach, The (Chris Thomson, 1985) prod. John Edwards, Timothy Read for Jethro Films, wr. Keith Dewhurst from novel by Peter Corris, dp John Seale, design Larry Eastwood, ed. Lindsay Frazer; Ray Barrett, Bryan Brown, Peter Collingwood, Belinda Giblin Kerry Mack, Anna Maria Monticelli, John Wood; crime, investigative thriller; Brown is Cliff Hardy, Peter Corris character in hard-boiled crime fiction story set at Bondi; Kodak colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Empyrean, The (Amiel Courtin-Wilson, tba) thriller

Emulsion (Jonathan Ogilvie, 2006) 83 min.

Encounters (Murray Fahey, 1993) wr. Murray Fahey; drama, thriller

End of Animal (Eron Sheean, 2013 project) Lizzette Atkins, Unicorn Films, wr. Shane Danielsen; post-Apocalyptic scifi: pregnant 20-year-old who caught between towns in the middle of the West Australian desert; not in development

End of the Golden Weather (Ian Mune, 1991) NZ

End Play (Tim Burstall, 1976) prod. Tim Burstall for Hexagon Productions, wr. Tim Burstall, novel Russell Braddon, dp Robin Copping, design Bill Hutchinson, music Peter Best; George Mallaby, John Waters, Ken Goodlet, Delvene Delaney, Sheila Florance, Belinda Giblin, Kevin Miles, Charles Tingwell; investigative thriller; police investigate two brothers (Waters, Mallaby) about death of hitch-hiker; Melbourne and Sydney, colour, 35mm, 114 min.

Enemies Closer (Steven Aldridge, 2001) Ryan Moloney, Kristy Wright, Jason Crewes; thriller; 90 min.

Enemy Within, The (Roland Stavely, 1918) dp Franklyn Barrett; Reg L. 'Snowy' Baker (Jack Airlie), John Faulkner (Henry Brasels), Lily Molloy; spy actioner

Enter Sanctum (Michael Budd, tba) wr. Margaret MacDonald, prod. Michael Budd, Jessica Butland, Holly Brisley, Margaret MacDonald; Holly Brisley, Michael Budd, Lara Robinson, Masa Yamaguchi; scifi thriller

Environment (Gerald Hayle, 1927) Advance Films, prod. Vaughan C. Marshall, wr. Gerald M. Hayle, dp Tasman Higgins, 6000 ft.

Envy (Julie Money, 1999) aka Snowdrop, The New Girlfriend; wr. Jeff Truman, original screenplay Trevor Shearston, dp Graeme Wood; Linda Cropper, Anna Lise Phillips, Jeff Truman, Scott Major, Abi Tucker, Wade Osborne; thriller; 83 min.; screened Toronto 1999; business woman and mother Kate (Cropper) tracks down Rachel (Phillips), the woman responsible for her home being invaded and her son molested

Epic (Yoram Gross, 1985) children's

Epsilon (Rolf de Heer, 1997) aka Almost Alien, Alien Visitor; Ulli Birve (She), Syd Brisbane (The Man), Alethea McGrath, Chloe Ferguson, Phoebe Ferguson; drama, thriller, scifi; shot in Flinders Ranges

Erebus: Into the Unknown (Charlotte Purdy, 2014) aka Erebus: Operation Overdue; telemovie; aviation disaster; NZ

Errors of the Human Body (Eron Sheean, 2012) wr. Shane Danielsen, Eron Sheean; NOT Australasian

Erskineville Kings (Alan White, 1999) wr. Anik Chooney [Marty Denniss], dp John Saffield, prod. Julio Caro, Alan White; Marty Denniss (Barky), Hugh Jackman (Wace), Aaron Blabey, Joel Edgerton, Leah Vandenberg, Marin Mimic; the brothers are men now, but discuss intensely their relationships with their mother and father

Escape from Absolom (Martin Campbell, 1994) aka No Escape (theatrical title), The Penal Colony (working title and title of the book); set in prisons of the future; shot in Queensland; Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen

Escape from Year Zero (tba, tba) wr. Armand de Saint-Salvy; based on Cambodian true story; Screen Australian story development funding

Esoterica (Sam Barrett, 2010) James Helm, Melanie Munt, George Shevtsov; thriller; WA

Essay on Pornography, An (Christopher Cary, 1973) Glen Johnston, Helen Mason

Eternity (Alex Galvin, 2013) wr. Alex Galvin; Elliot Travers, Amy Tsang, Dean Knowsley; crime; NZ

Eternity Man, The (Julien Temple, 2008) wr. Dorothy Porter, Julien Temple; Grant Doyle, Christa Hughes, Lara Mulcahy; story of Arthur Stace, told as an 'opera'

Eucalyptus (Jocelyn Moorhouse, production lapsed; was in pre-production 2004) novel Murray Bail; Geoffrey Rush, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, possibly also Jack Thompson, Hugo Weaving, Roy Billing; man wants to grow every species of Australian eucalypt

Eureka Stockade (George & Arthur Cornwell, 1907) Australian Cinematograph Company, screened Atheneum Theatre, Melbourne, 19 October, 1907 (Reade 1975: 275)

Eureka Stockade (Harry Watt, 1949) Ealing Studios, prod. Michael Balcon, assoc. prod. Leslie Norman, wr. Harry Watt, Greenwood & Ralph Smart, dp George Heath; Chips Rafferty (Peter Lalor), Jane Barrett, Jack Lambert, Peter Illing, Gordon Jackson, Peter Finch, Reg Lye; events of 1854; 102 min.

Event 16 (Derek Pearson, 2006) scifi; NZ

Everlasting Secret Family, The (Michael Thornhill, 1988) story by Frank Moorhouse; Mark Lee's character is recruited from his elite private school into the homosexual 'family' which includes a judge (John Meillon) etc.

Everynight ... Everynight (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1994) wr. Ray Mooney, Alkinos Tsilimidos; David Field, Bill Hunter, Robert Morgan, Phil Motherwell, Jim Daley, Jim Shaw, Simon Woodward, Theodore Zakos; prison drama

Evil Angels (Fred Schepisi, 1988) aka A Cry in the Dark; wr. Robert Caswell, Fred Schepisi, book John Bryson, dp Ian Baker; Meryl Streep, Sam Neill, Bruce Myles, Neil Fitzpatrick, Charles Tingwell, Maurice Fields, Nick Tate, Lewis Fitz-Gerald, Lauren Shepherd, Bethany Ann Prickett, Alison O'Connell, Aliza Dason, Peter Hosking, Matthew Barker, Dennis Miller, Brendan Higgins, Ian Swan, Robert Wallace, Sandy Gore, Kevin Miles, Jim Holt, John Howard, Frank Holden, Tim Robertson, Patsy Stephen, Ian Gilmour, Mervyn Drake, Vincent Gil, Burt Cooper, Mark Little; American star Meryl Streep plays Lindy Chamberlain in an Australian accent

Exchange Lifeguards (Maurice Murphy, 1992) prod. Phillip Avalon; Christopher Atkins, Julian McMahon, Elliott Gould, Rebecca Cross, Amanda Newman-Phillips, Vanessa Steele, Christopher Pate, Lois Larimore, Richard Carter, Mark Hembrow, Brian M Logan

Exile (Paul Cox, 1993) novel Priest Island by E. L. Grant Watson, dp Nino Marinetti; Aden Young, Beth Champion, Claudia Karvan, Norman Kaye, David Field, Chris Haywood, Barry Otto, Hugo Weaving, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Nicholas Hope; feature went straight to video; Young is exiled to an island in C19 for sheep-stealing; filmed in Tasmania

Existence (Juliet Bergh, 2012) Loren Taylor, Peter McCauley, Gareth Reeves; drama

Exits (Paul Davies, 1980) colour, 16 mm, 48 min. prod. Paul Davies, Carolyn Howard, Pat Laughren, wr. Paul Davies; Mary Anne Gray, Robert Antoniades, Carolyn Howard

Exposure (David Blyth, 2000) thriller/romance; NZ

Extra, The (Kevin Carlin, 2005) released 21 April 2005; Jimeoin Mckeown, Katherine Slattery, Rhys Muldoon, Shaun Micallef, Helen Dallimore, Bob Franklin, Colin Lane, Raj Ryan; 100 min.; FFC budget $1,461,538, box office $746,568

Exploits Of The Emden, The (Ken G. Hall, 1928) First National Pictures, prod. wr. ed. Ken G. Hall, dp Claude C. Carter, asspro Victor Bindley; dramatised history: reconstruction of the 9 November 1914 battle Sydney vs Emden which the latter lost

Eye of the Beholder (Stephan Elliott, 1999) Canada/UK/Aust copro, co-prod. Al Clark; Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Patrick Bergin; mystery thriller

Eye of the Storm, The (Fred Schepisi, 2011) wr. Judy Morris from novel by Patrick White; Charlotte Rampling, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis; family drama

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