David Stratton

The Avocado Plantation: Boom and Bust in the Australian Film Industry

Pan Macmillan, Sydney, 1990

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My list of films given significant treatment in the book

Cover: clockwise, Careful He Might Hear You, Mad Max 2, Golden Braid, Man from Snowy River, with Blood Oath centre >

Chapter 2: True Stories

Gallipoli (Peter Weir, 1981)
Lighthorsemen, The (Simon Wincer, 1987)
Burke and Wills (Graeme Clifford, 1985)
Wills and Burke (Bob Weis, 1985)
Manganinnie (John Honey, 1980)
Squizzy Taylor (Kevin Dobson, 1982)
Kitty and the Bagman (Don Crombie, 1983)
Undercover (David Stevens, 1983)
Phar Lap (Simon Wincer, 1983)
Strikebound (Richard Lowenstein, 1984)
Attack Force Z (Tim Burstall, 1980)
Southern Cross (Peter Maxwell, Seiji Moriyama, 1982) aka The Highest Honour, Heroes of the Krait
Death of a Soldier (Philippe Mora, 1986)
Blood Oath (Stephen Wallace, 1990)
Silver City (Sophia Turkiewicz, 1984)
Street to Die, A (Bill Bennett, 1985)
Annie's Coming Out (Gil Brealey, 1984)
Evil Angels (Fred Schepisi, 1988) aka A Cry in the Dark

Chapter 3: The Big Country

Man from Snowy River, The (George Miller, 1982)
Man from Snowy River 2, The (Geoff Burrowes, 1988) aka Return to Snowy River II, The
Bullseye (Carl Schultz, 1989)
Robbery under Arms (Donald Crombie & Ken Hannam, 1985)
Naked Country, The (Tim Burstall, 1985)
Dusty (John Richardon, 1983)
Plains of Heaven, The (Ian Pringle, 1982)
Spirits of the Air, Gremlins of the Clouds (Alex Proyas, 1989)
Tale of Ruby Rose, The (Robert Scholes, 1988)
Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, The (Vincent Ward, 1988)
Race for the Yankee Zephyr (David Hemmings, 1981)
Return of Captain Invincible, The (Philippe Mora, 1983)
Mad Max 2 (Dr George Miller, 1981)
Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome (Dr George Miller & George Ogilvie, 1985)
Buddies (Arch Nicholson, 1983)
Blowing Hot and Cold (Marc Gracie, 1989) prod. Rosa Colosimo
Double Deal (Brian Kavanagh, 1983)
Initiation (Michael Pearce, 1987)
Daisy and Simon (Stasch Radwanski, 1989)

Chapter 4: Lovers and Other Strangers

Lonely Hearts (Paul Cox, 1981)
Cactus (Paul Cox, 1986)
My First Wife (Paul Cox, 1984)
Phobia (John Dingwall, 1990)
Jilted (Bill Bennett, 1987)
More Things Change ... , The (Robyn Nevin, 1986)
Afraid to Dance (Denny Lawrence, 1988)
Unfinished Business (Bob Ellis, 1986)
Best of Friends, The (Michael Robertson, 1982)
Going Sane (Michael Robertson, 1987)
Settlement, The (Howard Rubie, 1984)
Maybe This Time (Chris McGill, 1980)
Breakfast in Paris (John D. Lamond, 1982)
Prisoner of St Petersburg, The (Ian Pringle, 1990)
Echoes of Paradise (Phillip Noyce, 1988) aka Shadows of the Peacock
Rebel (Michael Jenkins, 1985)
Now and Forever (Adrian Carr, 1983)
Duet for Four (Tim Burstall, 1982) aka Partners
Winds of Jarrah, The (Mark Egerton, 1985)
Boundaries of the Heart (Lex Marinos, 1988)
Hungry Heart (Luigi Acquisto, 1987)
With Love to the Person Next to Me (Brian McKenzie, 1987)
Sweet Dreamers (Tom Cowan, 1982)
Return Home (Ray Argall, 1990)

Chapter 5: A Walk on the Wild Side

Man of Flowers (Paul Cox, 1983)
Vincent (Paul Cox, 1987) aka Vincent: The Life and Death of Vincent Van Gogh
Island (Paul Cox, 1989)
Golden Braid (Paul Cox, 1991)
In Too Deep (John Tatoulis, Colin Smith, 1989)
Warm Nights on a Slow Moving Train (Bob Ellis, 1988)
Candy Regentag (James Ricketson, 1989) aka Kiss the Night
Centrespread (Tony Paterson, 1981)
Winter of our Dreams (John Duigan, 1981)
Monkey Grip (Ken Cameron, 1982)
Dogs in Space (Richard Lowenstein, 1986)
Going Down (Haydn Keenan, 1983)
Tender Hooks (Mary Callaghan, 1989)
Puberty Blues (Bruce Beresford, 1981)
Star Struck (Gillian Armstrong, 1982) aka Starstruck
Street Hero (Michael Pattinson, 1984)
Windrider (Vincent Monton, 1986)
Heaven Tonight (Pino Amenta, 1990)
Sons of Steel (Gary L. Keady, 1989)
Pandemonium (Haydn Keenan, 1987)
Niel Lynne (David Baker, 1985)
Wrong World (Ian Pringle, 1986)
Dark Room, The (Paul Harmon, 1982)
Umbrella Woman, The (Ken Cameron, 1987)
Right Hand Man, The (Di Drew, 1987)
Indecent Obsession, An (Lex Marinos, 1985)
Everlasting Secret Family, The
(Michael Thornhill, 1988)

Chapter 6: Author! Author!

Year of Living Dangerously, The (Peter Weir, 1982)
Boys in the Island (Geoff Bennett, 1987)
Bliss (Ray Lawrence, 1985)
We of the Never Never (Igor Auzins, 1982)
Careful He Might Hear You (Carl Schultz, 1983)
Devil in the Flesh (Scott Murray, 1989) aka Beyond Innocence
Kangaroo (Lewis Milestone, 1952)
Great Expectations: The Untold Story (Tim Burstall, 1986)
Club, The (Bruce Beresford, 1980)
Travelling North (Carl Schultz, 1987)
Emerald City (Michael Jenkins, 1989)
Compo (Nigel Buesst, 1989)
Departure (Brian Kavanagh, 1986)
Wild Duck, The (Henri Safran, 1983)
Twelfth Night (Neil Armfield, 1986)
Belinda (Pamela Gibbons, 1987)
Backstage (Jonathan Hardy, 1987)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Pino Amento, 1988)
What the Moon Saw (Pino Amento, 1989)

Chapter 7: And Justice For All

Fringe Dwellers, The (Bruce Beresford, 1986)
City's Edge, The (Ken Quinnell, 1983) aka The Running Man
Short Changed (George Ogilvie, 1986)
Wrong Side of the Road (Ned Lander, 1981)
Malpractice (Bill Bennett, 1989) telemovie
Mortgage (Bill Bennett, 1989) telemovie
Killing of Angel Street, The (Donald Crombie, 1981)
Heatwave (Phillip Noyce, 1982)
Hard Knocks (Don McLennan, 1980)
Shame (Steve Jodrell, 1988)
Far East (John Duigan, 1982)
One Night Stand (John Duigan, 1984)
Pursuit of Happiness, The (Martha Ansara, 1988)
Traps (John Hughes, 1985)
Against the Grain: More Meat Than Wheat (Tim Burns, 1980)
Cool Change (George Miller, 1986)
Sting in the Tail, A (Eugene Schlusser, 1989)
To Market, To Market (Virginia Rouse, 1987)
With Prejudice (Esben Storm, 1982)
Stir (Stephen Wallace, 1980)
Ghosts ... of the Civil Dead (John Hillcoat, 1989)

Chapter 8: Gun Crazy

Empty Beach, The (Chris Thomson, 1985)
Goodbye Paradise (Carl Schultz, 1983)
Bootleg (John Prescott, 1985)
Surfer, The (Frank Shields, 1988)
Grievous Bodily Harm (Mark Joffe, 1988)
Big Hurt, The (Barry Peak, 1986)
Humpty Dumpty Man, The (P. J. Hogan, 1989)
Fever (Craig Lahiff, 1987)
Dangerous Game (Stephen Hopkins, 1991)
With Time to Kill (James Clayden, 1987)
Harbour Beat (David Elfick, 1989)
Kokoda Crescent (Ted Robinson, 1988)
Chain Reaction, The (Ian Barry, 1980)
Ground Zero (Bruce Myles, Michael Pattinson, 1987)
Running from the Guns (John Dixon, 1987)
Dead Easy (Bert Deling, 1982)
Blood Money (Chris Fitchett, 1980)
Hoodwink (Claude Whatham, 1981)
Crosstalk (Mark Egerton, 1982)
Roadgames (Richard Franklin, 1982)
Dead Calm (Phillip Noyce, 1989)
Hostage (Frank Shields, 1983) aka Savage Attraction
Fortress (Arch Nicholson, 1986)
Slate, Wyn and Me (Don McLennan, 1987)
Glass (Chris Kennedy, 1989)
Jigsaw (Marc Gracie, 1988)
Georgia (Ben Lewin, 1989)
Early Frost ([Brian McDuffie, uncredited] 1982)
Dangerous Summer, A (Quentin Masters, 1981)
Midnite Spares (Quentin Masters, 1983)

Chapter 9: Them!

Time Guardian, The (Brian Hannant, 1987)
Incident at Raven's Gate (Rolf de Heer, 1988)
Dead-End Drive-In (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Turkey Shoot (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1982)
Fair Game (Mario Andreacchio, 1986)
Run, Chrissie, Run! (Chris Langman, 1984)
Lady Stay Dead (Terry Bourke, 1980)
Desolation Angels (Chris Fitchett, 1982)
Houseboat Horror (Ollie Martin, Kendal Flanagan, 1988)
Marauders (Mark Savage, 1986)
Innocent Prey (Colin Eggleston, 1983)
Cassandra (Colin Eggleston, 1987)
Nightmares (John D. Lamond, 1980)
Final Cut (Ross Dimsey, 1980)
Coda (Craig Lahiff, Terry Jennings, 1987) aka Symphony of Evil
Vicious (Karl Zwicky, 1988) aka To Make a Killing
Contagion (Karl Zwicky, 1987)
Frenchman's Farm (Ron Way, 1987)
The 13th Floor (Chris Roache, 1988) aka The Thirteenth Floor
Out of the Body (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1988)
Kadaicha (James Bogle, 1988) aka Stones of Death
Dreaming, The (Mario Andreacchio, 1988)
Harlequin (Simon Wincer, 1980)
Survivor, The (David Hemmings, 1981)
Next of Kin (Tony Williams, 1982)
Razorback (Russell Mulcahy, 1984)
Dark Age (Arch Nicholson, 1987)
Howling 3: The Marsupials (Philippe Mora, 1987)

Chapter 10: Come Up Smiling

Les Patterson Saves the World (George Miller, 1987)
Melvin Son of Alvin (John Eastway, 1984)
Pacific Banana (John D. Lamond, 1981)
Touch and Go (Peter Maxwell, 1980) aka Friday the Thirteenth
Luigi's Ladies (Judy Morris, 1989)
Australian Dream (Jackie McKimmie, 1987)
Emoh Ruo (Denny Lawrence, 1985)
Around the World in Eighty Ways (Stephen MacLean, 1988)
Young Einstein (Yahoo Serious, 1988)
Dear Cardholder (Bill Bennett, 1987)
Warming Up (Bruce Best, 1985)
Fantasy Man (John Maher, 1984)
Relatives (Anthony Bowman, 1985)
Cappuccino (Anthony Bowman, 1989)
Bit Part, The (Brendan Maher, 1987)
Clinic, The (David Stevens, 1983)
Coca-Cola Kid, The (Dusan Makaveyev, 1985)
Malcolm (Nadia Tass, 1986)
Rikky and Pete (Nadia Tass, 1988)
Norman Loves Rose (Henri Safran, 1982)
Two Brothers Running (Ted Robinson, 1987)
Bachelor Girl (Rivka Hartman, 1987)
Stanley: Every Home Should Have One (Esben Storm, 1984)
Those Dear Departed (Ted Robinson, 1987)
Future Schlock (Barry Peak & Chris Kiely, 1984)
Channel Chaos (Barry Peak, 1984) aka A Hatful of Arseholes
Crocodile Dundee (Peter Faiman, 1986)
Crocodile Dundee II (John Cornell, 1988)

Chapter 11: The Kid Stakes

Playing Beatie Bow (Donald Crombie, 1986)
Fluteman (Peter Maxwell, 1982)
Run Rebecca Run! (Peter Maxwell, 1982)
Frog Dreaming (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
BMX Bandits (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1983)
Bush Christmas (Henri Safran, 1983)
Bushfire Moon (George Miller, 1987)
Tail of a Tiger (Rolf de Heer, 1985)
I Own the Racecourse (Stephen Ramsey, 1985)
Save the Lady (Leon Thau, 1981)
Fatty Finn (Maurice Murphy, 1980)
Ginger Meggs (Jonathan Dawson, 1982)
Doctors and Nurses: A Story of Hopes (Maurice Murphy, 1981)
Molly (Ned Lander, 1983)

Chapter 12: The Children Are Watching Us

Year My Voice Broke, The (John Duigan, 1987)
Flirting (John Duigan, 1990)
Delinquents, The (Chris Thomson, 1989)
Raw Nerve (Tony Wellington, 1990) aka Things and Other Stuff
Fast Talking (Ken Cameron, 1984)
Fighting Back (Michael Caulfield, 1982)
Sebastian and the Sparrow (Scott Hicks, 1988)
Boy Who Had Everything, The (Stephen Wallace, 1985)
Coolangatta Gold, The (Igor Auzins, 1984)
Moving Out (Michael Pattinson, 1983)
Breaking Loose (Rod Hay, 1988)
Running on Empty (John Clark, 1982)
Freedom (Scott Hicks, 1982)
On the Loose (Jane Oehr, 1985)
Still Point, The (Barbara Boyd-Anderson, 1985)
Mull (Don McLennan, 1989) aka Mullaway
Place at the Coast, The (George Ogilvie, 1987)
Emma's War (Clytie Jessop, 1988)
High Tide (Gillian Armstrong, 1987)
Celia (Ann Turner, 1989)
Jenny Kissed Me (Brian Trenchard-Smith, 1986)
Fran (Glenda Hambly, 1985)
Two Friends (Jane Campion, 1985)
Sweetie (Jane Campion, 1989)

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