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Australasian bushranger films by date


Story of the Kelly Gang, The (Charles Tait, 1906) J. & N. Tait, Johnson & Gibson, wr. Charles Tait, dp Millard Johnson, Orrie Perry, Reg Perry, c. 4000 ft; Frank Mills, Elizabeth Tait, John Tait, Norman Campbell, Will Coyne; world's first feature film, in the sense that it ran for more than an hour; seventeen minutes of the film have been restored and released by the National Film and Sound Archive


Robbery under Arms (Charles MacMahon, 1907) MacMahon's Exquisite Pictures, screenplay, scenario, script Charles MacMahon, from the novel by Rolf Boldrewood, dp Byers Coates, William Duff, 5000 ft. Jim Gerald (Warrigal), George Merriman, Lance Vane, William Duff, Arthur Guest, Rhoda Dendron


Kelly Gang, The (unknown, 1910) aka The Kelly Gang of Outlaws, Bail Up, aka Ned Kelly the Ironclad Bushranger, screened Atheneum Hall, Melbourne, 6 August 1910, then other venues in Sydney and Adelaide (Reade 1975: 275)

Life And Adventures Of John Vane, The Notorious Australian Bushranger, The, (S. A. [Stephen Australia] Fitzgerald, 1910) Spencer's Pictures, prod. Spencer's Pictures, dp Ernest Higgins; Jim Gerald, Lance Vane, Max Clifton; longest title

Moonlite (John Gavin, 1910) aka Captain Moonlite, Southern Cross Motion Pictures, wr. H. A. Forsyth, dp A. J. Moulton; an Aboriginal character, Bunda, an Aboriginal woman, was played by Gavin's wife Agnes in blackface

Thunderbolt (John Gavin, 1910) Southern Cross Motion Pictures, prod. H. A. Forsyth, from the novel Three Years with Thunderbolt by Ambrose Pratt, dp A. J. Moulton; John Gavin, as Thunderbolt, "is rescued from a police trap by a half-caste girl ..." (Pike & Cooper 1998: 11), Ruby Butler, H. A. Forsyth; survives in part


Attack On The Gold Escort (1911)

Ben Hall And His Gang (John Gavin, 1911) Crick and Finlay, wr. Agnes Gavin, dp Herbert Finlay, 3000 ft; John Gavin (Ben Hall)

Bushranger's Ransom, A, or A Ride For Life (E. J. Cole, 1911) Ben Hall story

Captain Midnight, The Bush King (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) aka The Bushranger's Bride, Spencer's Pictures, dp Ernest Higgins; Alfred Rolfe [Alfred Roker] (Edgar Dalmore/Captain Midnight), Lily Dampier [Rolfe's wife] (Elsa), Raymond Longford

Captain Starlight, or Gentleman Of The Road (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) Spencer's Pictures, from the play by Alfred Dampier, based on the novel Robbery Under Arms by Rolf Boldrewood, dp Ernest Higgins; Alfred Rolfe, Lily Dampier [Rolfe's wife], Raymond Longford, Stanley Walpole, Augustus Neville; opened Spencer's Lyceum Sydney 16 March 1911 and ran for a profitable extended season; over 3000 ft

Dan Morgan: Notorious Australian Outlaw (Spencer's Pictures, 1911) "Aborigines associated with a bushranger" Malone : 3; Pike & Cooper: 29

Frank Gardiner, The King Of The Road (John Gavin, 1911) Crick and Finlay, wr. Agnes Gavin, dp Herbert Finlay; John Gavin (Frank Gardiner)

Gentleman of the Road (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) aka Captain Starlight; 33 min.

Lady Outlaw, The (Alfred Rolfe, 1911) Australian Photo-Play Company; Charles Villiers

Tale Of The Australian Bush, A (Gaston Mervale, 1911) aka Ben Hall, The Notorious Bushranger; Australian Life Biograph Company, wr. P W Marony; A J Patrick (Ben Hall), Godfrey Cass (Melville), Harry Beaumont (Gilbert), James Martin (Keightley), Gilbert Emery (Chief of Police), Harrie Ireland (Mrs Keightley), Isma Owen (Robbie Hall), Louise Carbasse [Louise Lovely] (Mrs Hall); 2500 ft


Crime And The Criminal, The (Alfred Rolfe, 1912) Australian Photo-Play Company


Moondyne (W. J. Lincoln, 1913) dp Maurice Bertel


Kelly Gang, The (Harry Southwell, 1920)

Robbery Under Arms (Kenneth Brampton, 1920) Pacific Photo Plays, wr. Kenneth Brampton, from the novel by Rolf Boldrewood, dp Lacey Percival; Kenneth Brampton, S. A. Fitzgerald, Ronald Conway, Cliff Pyatt, Roy Redgrave; 5200 ft


Gentleman Bushranger, The (Beaumont Smith, 1921) 66 min.


When The Kellys Were Out (Harry Southwell, 1923) aka True Story of the Kelly Gang, wr. Harry Southwell, dp Tasman Higgins


Mail Robbery, The (George Palmer, 1925)


When the Kellys Rode (Harry Southwell, 1934)


Glenrowan, Affair, The (Rupert Kathner, 1951) aka A Message to Kelly; Aust Action Pictures; Bob Chitty (Ned Kelly); 70 min. Chitty was 1940s Carlton captain


Captain Thunderbolt (Cecil Holmes, 1953) Grant Taylor, Charles Tingwell; bush western


Robbery under Arms (Jack Lee, 1957) Peter Finch, Ronald Lewis, David McCallum, Maureen Swanson, Jill Ireland; from the novel by Rolf Boldrewood; Capt. Starlight has a black offsider; 96 min.


Ned Kelly (Tony Richardson, 1970) wr. Tony Richardson, Ian Jones; Mick Jagger; NOT an Australasian production


Bushranger, The (Federico Chentrens, 1976) wr. Kenneth Cook; Leonard Teale, John Hamblin, Kate Fitzpatrick; drama

Mad Dog Morgan (Philippe Mora, 1976) prod. Jeremy Thomas for Motion Picture Productions, wr. Philippe Mora, book Margaret Carnegie, Morgan, dp Mike Molloy, design Robin Hildich, music Patrick Flynn, ed. John Scott; Dennis Hopper, Jack Thompson, David Gulpilil, Frank Thring, Michael Pate, Wallas Eaton, Bill Hunter, John Hargreaves, Martin Harris, Robin Ramsay, Graeme Blundell, Gregory Apps, Norman Kaye, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Christopher Pate, Grant Page, Bruce Spence; Sydney, colour wide-screen 102 min.


Trial of Ned Kelly, The (John Gauci, 1977) TV movie, wr. Roger Simpson (John Waters as Ned)


Robbery under Arms (Donald Crombie & Ken Hannam, 1985) Sam Neill, Steven Vidler, Christopher Cummins, Ed Devereaux, Tommy Lewis; 141 min.


Reckless Kelly (Yahoo Serious, 1993) aka Ned Kelly; Yahoo Serious, Melora Hardin, Alexei Sayle, Hugo Weaving, Bob Maza


Ned (Abe Forsythe, 2003) Abe Forsythe as Ned, Jason Donovan; spoof, grossout comedy; [Abe Forsythe is the son of actor Drew Forsythe]

Ned Kelly (Gregor Jordan, 2003) Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Joel Edgerton, Anthony Hayes, Naomi Watts; 105 min.; William D. Routt, 'Red Ned', Metro, 136: 10-17.


Legend of Ben Hall, The (Matthew Holmes, 2016) wr. Matthew Holmes, prod. Michael Favell, Russell Cunningham, Matthew Holmes, Jessica Pearce, exec prod. Greg McLean; Jack Martin (Ben Hall), Callan McAuliffe, Andy McPhee, Arthur Angel, John Orcsik, Joanne Dobbin, Adam Willson, Jamie Coffa, William Lee, Angus Pilakui, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Gregory Quinn; historical drama

True History of the Kelly Gang (Justin Kurzel, tba) wr. Shaun Grant from Peter Carey novel, prod. Liz Watts, Porchlight, Daybreak Pictures

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