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Century of Cinema

In about 1995-6 a number of documentaries were made to celebrate the Century of Cinema in various countries, and eminent film people agreed to produce and present them. Martin Scorsese did the American one (A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies, 1995), Jean-Luc Godard France's (Deux fois cinquante ans de cinéma français, 1995), and Stephen Frears presents English film history (in A Personal History of British Cinema by Stephen Frears, 1997).

I provide here some details of the two antipodean offerings. Dr George Miller presents what he calls White Fellas Dreaming, while Sam Neill chose the title A Cinema of Unease. I've noted details of all the films clipped in the programs. They were marketed in Australia on videotape by the ABC, but are no longer available. I contacted Kennedy-Miller to see if there were any plans to put White Fellas Dreaming out on DVD, but they were unable to help me.

White Fellas Dreaming

A Cinema of Unease

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