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1990s Films


Angel at my Table, An (Jane Campion, 1990) NZ; based on autobiographies of Janet Frame: To the Island, Angel at my Table, Envoy from Mirror City; Kerry Fox; made as a three-part mini-series, but also screened as a feature; 158 min.

Arigato Baby (Greg Lynch, 1990) wr. A.J. Klitz, dp Jaques Rubin; Yoko Atsumi, Nicci Lane, Adrian Wentworth, Mishi Maracos; an anti-Asian Vietnam vet is attracted to a Japanese woman; R cert. adult; 80 min.

Big Steal, The (Nadia Tass, 1990) wr. David Parker with Max Dunn, dp David Parker; Ben Mendelsohn, Claudia Karvan, Steve Bisley, Marshall Napier, Damon Herriman, Angelo d'Angelo, Tim Robertson; romantic comedy, revenge fantasy (aka Marc Clark van Ark, or Mark van Ark)

Blood Oath (Stephen Wallace, 1990) Bryan Brown, George Takei, ... John Polson, Russell Crowe, David Argue, Jason Donovan; war-crimes trials in Ambon; aka Prisoners of the Sun (USA)

Bloodmoon (Alec Mills, 1990) thriller, horror, scifi; killer mutilates couples

Boyfriend from Hell (Alan Smithee, 1990) aka The Shrimp on the Barbie; Cheech Marin; comedy; NZ; 86 min.

Call Me Mr Brown (Scott Hicks, 1990) telemovie; crime; Chris Haywood, Vincent Ball, John Frawley, Russel Kiefel, Bill Hunter, John Polson, David Kendall; 94 min.

Castanet Club, The (Neil Armfield, 1990) dp Ray Argall; Steve Abbott, Penny Biggins, Glenn Butcher; musical

Crossing, The (George Ogilvie, 1990) Russell Crowe, Robert Mammone, Danielle Spencer; reminiscent of Rebel Without a Cause (Nicholas Ray, 1955), according to Raffaele Caputo

Dead Sleep (Alec Mills, 1990) aka Deep Sleep; wr. Michael Rymer; Linda Blair, Tony Bonner, Sueyan Cox, Christine Amor, Craige Cronin; deep sleep therapy thriller; Warner Village Roadshow's first feature production in Oz

Dead to the World (Ross Gibson, 1990) prod. John Cruthers, Huzzah Productions; Lynette Curran, John Doyle, Tibor Gyapjas, Agnieszka Perepeczko, Richard Roxburgh; Newtown, once the boxing centre of Sydney, is now the property speculation capital; property developers are looking to wring a fortune out of the district; Alexandra's gym, of which she is proud and protective, is prime real estate and many factions are coveting it; passions heat and the moral ground begins to shift - everyone must decide what they want, how they might get it and just where they would draw the line in the quest for satisfaction; no theatrical release; 102 min.

Demonstone (Andrew Prowse, 1990) action

Father (John Power, 1990) wr. Tony Cavanaugh, Graham Hartley, dp Dan Burstall, prod. Damien Parer, Tony Cavanaugh, Graham Hartley, Paul D. Barron; Barron Films, Leftbank Productions, Transcontinental Films, music Peter Best; Max von Sydow, Carole Drinkwater, Julia Blake, Steve Jacobs, Simone Robertson, Kahli Sneddon, Nicholas Bell, Tim Robertson, Bruce Alexander; Joe Mueller (Max von Sydow) may have committed war crimes as Franz Kessler, SS, 1945; reviewed Jan Epstein, Cinema Papers, 81, December 1990: 28-31

Flying Fox in a Freedom Tree (Martn Sanderson, 1990) NZ; story by Albert Wendt, Samoa

Friday on My Mind (Frank Howson, 1990) Boulevard Films; Abigail, Guy Pearce, Tiriel Mora; thriller; 73 min.

Golden Braid (Paul Cox, 1990) wr. Paul Cox, Barry Dickins, story, 'La chevelure', by Guy de Maupassant; Chris Haywood, Gosia Dobrowolska, Paul Chubb, Norman Kaye; 88 min.

Harbour Beat (David Elfick, 1989) Bob Baines, Sarah Breakney, Jeanette Cronin; action

Heaven Tonight (Pino Amenta, 1990) prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; John Waters, Rebecca Gilling, Kym Gyngell, Sean Scully; reviewed by Greg Kerr, Cinema Papers, 82, March 1991: 54-55; 1960s rock star attempts comeback; father and son rockers

Holidays on the River Yarra (Leo Berkeley, 1990) wr. Leo Berkeley; Craig Adams, Luke Elliot, Alex Menglet, Tahir Cambis, Claudia Karvan; racism; mercenaries; urban boredom, young male alienation

Jindalee Lady (Brian Syron, 1990) Jindalee Lady is the name of fashion label created by designer Laureen who was born on an Aboriginal reserve of that name; reputedly the first feature film directed by an Indigenous person

Min-Min, The (Carl T. Woods, 1990) aka Min-Min Revenge

Phobia (John Dingwall, 1988) Gosia Dobrowolska, Sean Scully; agoraphobic wife; reviewed Ross Harley, Cinema Papers, 81, December 1990: 58-59; shown at Cannes 1988; commercial failure

Prisoner of St Petersburg, The (Ian Pringle, 1990) dp Ray Argall; Noah Taylor, Solveig Dommartin; Noah's character thinks he's in a novel by Dostoevsky

Raw Nerve (Tony Wellington, 1990) aka Things and Other Stuff; Kelly Dingwall, Rebecca Rigg, John Polson; three teens spend intense day together

Return Home (Ray Argall, 1990) wr. Ray Argall, dp Mandy Walker; Dennis Coard, Frankie J. Holden, Ben Mendelsohn, Micki Camilleri, Rachel Rains; see also Eight Ball; two brothers reunited; AFI Best Director

Returning, The (John Day, 1990) Aust/NZ

Ruby and Rata (Gaylene Preston, 1990) NZ

Sher Mountains Killings Mystery (Vince Martin, 1990) prod. Phillip Avalon; Phillip Avalon, Abigail, ... Joe Bugner

Struck by Lightning (Jerzy Domaradzki, 1990) aka Riders on a Storm; wr. Trevor Farrant, prod. Terry Charatsis & Trevor Farrant; Garry McDonald, Brian Vriends; article by Hunter Cordaiy, Cinema Papers, 79, May 1990: 24-29; interview with Jerzy Domaradzki by Hunter Cordaiy, Cinema Papers, 79, May 1990: 30-32; Domaradzki filmography: 32; 105 min.

Till There Was You (John Seale, 1990) dp Geoffrey Simpson, prod. Jim & Hal McElroy; Mark Harmon, Jeroen Krabbe, Deborah Unger, Chief Telkon Watas, Kate Ceberano; set and shot in Vanuatu; Cinema Papers, 79, May 1990: 6-10; only film directed by outstanding cinematographer

User Friendly (Gregor Nicholas, 1990) NZ

Wendy Cracked a Walnut (Michael Pattinson, 1990) aka Almost; Rosanna Arquette, Bruce Spence, Hugo Weaving, Kerry Walker; comedy fantasy

What the Moon Saw (Pino Amenta, 1990) prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Andrew Shephard, Pat Evison, Kym Gyngell, Danielle Spencer; children's film

Whitsunday Ash (Colin Eggleston, 1990) dp Garry Wapshott; Peter Adams, Will Upjohn, Rebecca Rigg; Sydney; mystery


Australian Ninja (Adam Ramos, Michelle Firmstone, 1991) prod. Mario Di Fiori; Adam Ramos, Sandra Swan, Ray Fimmano; drama; 90 min.

Aya (Solrun Hoaas, 1991) Eri Ishida, Nicholas Eadie, Chris Haywood, Tim Robertson; the husband of a Japanese war bride expects her to become Australian; DVD na; 92 min.

Black Neon (James Richards, 1991) Kristof Kaczmarek, James Richards, Edward John Stazak; action; Perth, WA; 90 min.

Bloodlust (Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft, 1991) wr Jon Hewitt, Richard Wolstencroft, Windhover Productions; Big Bad Ralph, Kelly Chapman, Max Crawdaddy, John Flaus, Phil Motherwell; see Metro, 120, 1999: 24-27 (on Redball); horror, scifi, action, thriller; vampires; follows plotline of Fatal Attraction

Chunuk Bair (Dale Bradley, 1991) NZ; war, Gallipoli, 1915

Dangerous Game (Stephen Hopkins, 1991) thriller; Miles Buchanan, Marcus Graham, Steven Grives, Kathryn Walker

Death in Brunswick (John Ruane, 1991) wr. Boyd Oxlade, John Ruane, prod. Timothy White, dp Ellery Ryan, design Chris Kennedy, makeup Noriko Watanabe; Sam Neill, Zoe Carides, John Clarke, Yvonne Lawley, Nick Lathouris (Mustafa), Nicholas Papademetriou, Boris Brkic, Deborah Kennedy, Doris Younane, Denis Moore

Deliver Us from Evil (Richard Wolstencroft, 1991) Totti Goldsmith, Lachy Hulme, Greg Parker, Dale Stevens, Paul Moder; thriller

Edens Lost (Neil Armfield, 1991) wr. Sumner Locke Elliott; Julia Blake, Linda Cropper, Victoria Longley, Arthur Dignam; telemovie; 180 min.

Eight Ball (Ray Argall, 1991) wr. Ray Argall, Harry Kirchner, dp Mandy Walker; Matthew Fargher, Angie Milliken, Paul Stevn, Frankie J. Holden

End of the Golden Weather (Ian Mune, 1991) NZ

Fantasy (Geoffrey Brown, Derek Strahan, 1991) wr. Derek Strahan; erotic thriller

Flirting (John Duigan, 1991) Noah Taylor (Danny Embling), Thandie Newton (Thandiwe Adjewa), Nicole Kidman (Nicola Radcliffe), Naomi Watts

Grampire (David Blyth, 1991) aka Moonrise; NZ; comedy

Green Card (Peter Weir, 1991) Gerard Depardieu, Andie MacDowell; counts as an Australian film because Oz put in much of the money (with France), but is set in the States, where Andie MacDowell is the woman involved with Gerard Depardieu

Hunting (Frank Howson, 1991) John Savage, Kerry Armstrong, Jeffrey Thomas, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Rigg, Rhys McConnochie, Nicholas Bell, Jacek Koman, Gareth Wilding-Forbes; film noir

Hurricane Smith (Colin Budds, 1991) aka Dead on Delivery; Carl Weathers, Jurgen Prochnow, Cassandra Delaney

Long Line, The (Aaron Stevenson, 1991) action

Mad Bomber in Love (James Bogle, 1991) Craig Pearce, Rachel Szalay, Alan Lovell, Zachery McKay, Alex Morcos, Laura Keneally, Craig McLachlan, Max Cullen, Zoe Carides, Marcus Graham; 86 min.; psychedelic horror-soap, no-budget

Magic Pudding, The (Robert Smit, Karl Zwicky, 1991) book Norman Lindsay

Magic Riddle, The (Yoram Gross, 1991)

Nirvana Street Murder (Aleksi Vellis, 1991) wr. Aleksi Vellis; Mark Little (Boady), Ben Mendelsohn (Luke), Mary Coustas (Helen), Sheila Florance (Molly); black comedy

Old Scores (Alan Clayton, 1991) NZ

People Who Still Use Milk Bottles (Brian McKenzie, 1991) dp Ray Argall; Barry Dickins, John Flaus, Melissa Jaffer, Barry Jones

Presence, The (John Rhall, 1991)

Proof (Jocelyn Moorhouse, 1991) Hugo Weaving, Genevieve Picot, Russell Crowe, Heather Mitchell; 86 min.

Quigley (Simon Wincer, 1990) aka Quigley Down Under (US) Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo, Alan Rickman, Chris Haywood, Ron Haddrick, Tony Bonner; western; American sharpshooter Quigley is hired to eliminate vermin, but they turn out to be indigenous people on the WA cattle station

Redheads (Danny Vendramini, 1991) prod. Richard Mason, dp Steve Mason, camera operator Laurie McInnes; Catherine McClements, Claudia Karvan, Alexander Petersens; drama, thriller; 105 min., colour, MA, 35 mm, released on VHS; when a young barrister takes on a hardened young street kid, they become the centre of a murder investigation and intrigue

Resistance (Paul Elliott, Hugh Keays-Byrne, 1991) wr. Macau Collective; Donal Gibson, Helen Jones, Lorna Lesley, Stephen Leeder, Kris McQuade, Robyn Nevin, Bogdan Koca, Harold Hopkins

River Kings, The (Donald Crombie, 1991) miniseries; wr. Max Fatchen (novels), Rob George; David Bradshaw, Reg Evans, Willie Fennell, Bill Kerr, Tamblyn Lord; Murray River paddle-boats

See Jack Run (Stephen Amis, 1991) wr. Stephen Amis from play Who Cares by Gillian M. Wadds; Trent Mooney, Molly Brumm, Ellisa Holloway; social-realist drama

Slow Night at the Kuwaiti Cafe, A (Marc Gracie, 1991) prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Mike Bishop, Tiriel Mora, Fiona Corke, Tania Lacy; Vietnam vet holds cafe manager hostage

Survive the Savage Sea (Kevin Dobson, 1991)

Sweet Talker (Michael Jenkins, 1991) aka Confidence; wr. Tony Morphett, story Bryan Brown & Tony Morphett, dp Russell Boyd, prod. Ben Gannon; romantic comedy; Bryan Brown (Harry Reynolds), Karen Allen (Julie McGuire); Chris Haywood, Bill Kerr, Bruce Spence, Bruce Myles, Paul Chubb, Peter Hehir, Justin Rosniak; 86 min.; con man falls in love with Beachport, SA

Te Rua (Barry Barclay, 1991) wr. Barry Barclay, prod. John O'Shea, dp Rory O'Shea, Warrick Attewell; Wi Kuki Kaa, Nissie Herewini, Tilly Reedy; an iwi's attempts to repatriate stolen carvings from a German museum back to their rightful place in Aotearoa; NZ, colour, PG, 105 min.

Undercover (Yvonne Mackay, 1991) NZ

Waiting (Jackie McKimmie, 1991) Noni Hazlehurst (AFI Best Actress), Deborra-Lee Furness, Frank Whitten, Helen Jones, Denis Moore, Fiona Press, Ray Barrett

Weekend with Kate (Arch Nicholson, 1991) aka Depth of Feeling; wr. Henry Tefay, Kee Young; dp Dan Burstall; Colin Friels, Catherine McClements; romcom

Woman's Tale, A (Paul Cox, 1991) wr. Paul Cox, Barry Dickins; Sheila Florance (AFI Best Actress), Gosia Dobrowolska, Norman Kaye, Chris Haywood


Academy (John Orcsik, 1992) telemovie; wr. Paula Duncan, John Orcsik; Paula Duncan, Tony Bonner, Michael McGlinchey, Jessica Orcsik; ex-husband cast as her lover in TV series

Act of Necessity (Ian Munro, 1991) telemovie; wr. Pamela Williams; Angie Milliken, Mark Owen-Taylor, Wendy Stehlow; chemicals used in cotton industry cause cancer; drama

Alex (Megan Simpson, 1992) Lauren Jackson, Chris Haywood; children & family

Backsliding (Simon Target, 1992) Tim Roth, Jack Tyson, Odile le Clezio; review by Paul Salmond in Murray 1995: 330; review by Paul Salmond in Cinema Papers, 82, March 1991: 32-33; 88 min.

Black Robe (Bruce Beresford, 1992) First Australia-Canada feature co-production, shot in Quebec; review by Greg Kerr in Murray 1995: 33

Blinky Bill (Yoram Gross, 1992)

Braindead (Peter Jackson, 1992) aka Dead Alive, NZ, 100 min.; horror, scifi; behind the neat curtains in suburban Wellington, Lionel, formerly a shy and naive young man is busily attempting to sever his mother's apron strings in the most spectacular fashion; high level violence and horror effects

Breathing Under Water (Susan Murphy Dermody, 1992) Anne Louise Lambert, Kristoffer Greaves, Maeve Dermody, David Argue; review by Adrian Martin in Murray 1995: 333; art film

Clowning Around (George Whaley, 1992) wr. Shane Brennan, Tom Cavanagh, David Martin, prod. Antonia Barnard, Paul D. Barron, Barron Entertainment, dp Laszlo Baranyai; aka Clowning Sim; Clayton Williamson (Sim, 13), Ernie Dingo; shot in Perth WA as a feature but shown as a mini-series

Come by Chance (Lara Dunston, 1992) review by Raffaele Caputo in Murray 1995: 334

Come Rain or Shine (Frank Howson, 1992) Joan Brockenshire, Kole Dysart, Tommy Dysart; drama; 90 min.

Crime Time (Marc Gracie, 1992)

Crush (Alison MacLean, 1992) NZ; dp Dion Beebe

Cult of Death, The (Geoffrey Brown, 1992) thriller; cult of Diana

Dawn of the DMFs (Chris Summers, 1992) horror

Daydream Believer (Kathy Mueller, 1992) Miranda Otto, Martin Kemp, Gia Carides, Kerry Walker, Brian Blain; review by Karl Quinn in Murray 1995: 335

de Vils' tas Mania (Diana Nettlefold, 1992) aka DeVils' tasMania, DeVil's Tasmania, Three Cornered Island, from book of that name by Dorothy Halkerston; drama

Deadly (Esben Storm, 1992) Jerome Ehlers, Frank Gallacher, Lydia Miller, John Moore, Caz Lederman; review by Karl Quinn in Murray 1995: 336; story about investigation into a black death in custody

Deadly Chase (Duncan McLachlan, 1992) thriller

Dingo (Rolf de Heer, 1991) Colin Friels (as a trumpeter), Miles Davis, Bernadette Lafont, Helen Buday; review by Raymond Younis in Murray 1995: 337; filmed around Bungle Bungles, WA, and in Paris; Colin Friels plays a trumpeter; American Miles Davis really is one

Exchange Lifeguards (Maurice Murphy, 1992) prod. Phillip Avalon; Christopher Atkins, Julian McMahon, Elliott Gould, Rebecca Cross, Amanda Newman-Phillips, Vanessa Steele, Christopher Pate, Lois Larimore, Richard Carter, Mark Hembrow, Brian M Logan

Fatal Bond (Vincent Monton, 1992) (or Vince Monton), prod. Phillip Avalon; Linda Blair, Jerome Ehlers, Stephen Leeder, Donal Gibson, Joe Bugner; loosely based on Perth WA murderers David Birnie and Catherine Birnie

Fatal Past (Clive Fleury, Richard Ryan, 1992) wr. Richard Ryan, prod. Phillip Emanuel, dp Andrew Lesnie, Julian Penney; Katarzyna Figura, Costas Mandylor, Terence Cooper, Steven Grives, Gennie Nevinson, Boris Brkic, Saori Mitsuta, Tokujun Ishi; erotic thriller; video

FernGully: The Last Rainforest (Bill Kroyer, 1992) animated

Footstep Man, The (Leon Narbey, 1992) NZ; foley artist

Garbo (Rob Cobb, 1992) [the artist, cartoonist and designer of Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark]; Stephen Kearney, Neill Gladwin, Max Cullen, Moya O'Sullivan, Imogen Annesley, Gerard Kennedy, Tommy Dysart; comedy about garbage collectors

Get Away Get Away (Murray Fahey, 1992) comedy

In this Life's Body (Corinne Cantrill, 1992)

Inherit the Stars (Robert Marchand, 1992)

Isabelle Eberhardt (Ian Pringle, 1992) Mathilda May, Tcheky Karyo, Peter O'Toole, Richard Moir, Arthur Dignam

Joyful and Triumphant (Kotukt Productions, 1992)

Last Days of Chez Nous, The (Gillian Armstrong, 1992) wr. Helen Garner; Lisa Harrow (Beth), Bruno Ganz (JP), Kerry Fox (Vicki), Miranda Otto (Annie), Kiri Paramore (Tim), Bill Hunter (Beth's father), Lex Marinos; 93 min.

Living Colour (Neal Taylor, 1992) VHS

Nun and the Bandit (Paul Cox, 1992) novel by E. Grant Watson; two brothers kidnap girl and the nun comes along also; filmed Maldon, Bacchus Marsh

Over the Hill (George Miller, 1992) aka Around the Bend; book Gladys Taylor, Alone in the Australian Outback; Olympia Dukakis, Sigrid Thornton, Derek Fowlds, Bill Kerr, Steve Bisley; Pitjantjatjara ppl

Romper Stomper (Geoffrey Wright, 1992) Russell Crowe, Daniel Pollock, Jacqueline McKenzie, Alex Scott; 89 min.

Secrets (Michael Pattinson, 1992) aka One Crazy Night, Do You Want to Know a Secret? prod. Michael Pattinson, wr. Jan Sardi; Beth Champion (Emily), Malcolm Kennard (Danny), Danii Minogue (Didi), Willa O'Neill (Vicki), Noah Taylor (Randolf); teenpic; five teenagers break into the hotel where the Beatles are staying but get no further than the service basement; trapped there together, they tell each other their secrets, with the Kennard character as the evil catalyst; filmed in Wellington standing in for Melbourne

Seeing Red (Virginia Rouse, 1992) prod. Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Virginia Rouse & William Marshall, wr. Roger Pulvers, music Andrew Yencken, dp Ian Jones; Zoe Carides, Anne Louise Lambert, Peta Toppano, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, George Spartels, Henri Szeps, John Mulcock, 98 min.; writer and his son are pursued from Sydney to Canberra and back again; little-seen thriller, based on the short story "Red Herrings" by Virginia Rouse (Tony Harrison 1994: 89); broadcast on Channel 9, 0230 5 December 2002: missed it

Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior, The (Michael Tuchner, 1992) wr. Martin Copland & Scott Busby; Jon Voigt, Sam Neill, Bruno Lawrence, Kerry Fox, John Callen, Stacey Pickren, Michael Mizrahi, Tony Barry; NZ, 94 min.

Sniper (Luis Llosa, 1992) Tom Berenger; action; shot Qld

Spotswood (Mark Joffe, 1992) aka The Efficiency Expert; wr. Max Dann, Andrew Knight, prod. Richard Brennan, Timothy White, dp Ellery Ryan, pd Chris Kennedy; Anthony Hopkins, Ben Mendelsohn, Alwyn Kurts, Bruno Lawrence, John Walton, Rebecca Rigg, Toni Collette, Russell Crowe; mocassin factory shaken by arrival of time-and-motion expert

Stan and George's New Life (Brian McKenzie, 1992) dp Ray Argall; Paul Chubb, John Bluthal, Julie Forsyth, Margaret Ford; review by Jan Epstein in Murray 1995: 348; from her review in Cinema Papers, 90, October 1992: 55; review by Barrett Hodsdon, Filmnews, August 1992: 13; old-fashioned comedy

Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrmann, 1992) wr. Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce; earlier screenplay: Baz Luhrmann, Andrew Bovell; dp Steve Mason; Paul Mercurio, Tara Morice, Bill Hunter, Pat Thomson, Gia Carides, Peter Whitford, Barry Otto, Antonio Vargas; 91 min.

Turtle Beach (Stephen Wallace, 1992) wr. Ann Turner, novel by Blanche d'Alpuget; Greta Scacchi, Joan Chen, Jack Thompson, Art Malik, Norman Kaye, Victoria Longley, Martin Jacobs, William McInnes, George Whaley; 88 min.

Until the End of the World (Wim Wenders, 1992) aka Bis ans Ende der Welt; Solveig Dommartin, Pietro Falcone, Chick Ortega, Eddy Mitchell, William Hurt, Adelle Lutz, Ernie Dingo, Sam Neill, Ernest Berk, Christine Osterlein, Rüdiger Vogler, Elena Smirnova, David Gulpilil, Jeanne Moreau, Lois Chiles, Lauren Graham, Max von Sydow, Jimmy Little, Bart Willoughby, Justine Saunders, Kylie Belling, Rhoda Roberts, Paul Livingston

Wet and Wild Summer! (Maurice Murphy, 1992) "breasty romp"

You Can't Push the River (Leslie Oliver, 1992) wr. Leslie Oliver, John Reddin, dp Joel Peterson, music Carl Vine; Nollaig O'Flannabhra, Antonio Punturiero, Kathryn Chalker; 74 min.


Absent Without Leave (John Laing, 1993) prod. Robin Laing; Craig McLachlan, Katrina Hobbs, Tony Barry; WW2 melodrama, thriller; NZ

Australian Ninja 2 (Mario Di Fiori, 1993) wr. Mario Di Fiori

beDevil (Tracey Moffatt, 1993) prod. Anthony Buckley; avant-garde trilogy of ghost stories, claimed to be first feature from Indigenous director; Mister Chuck, Choo, Choo, Choo; Lovin' the Spin I'm In; 90 min.

Black River (Kevin Lucas, 1993) prize-winning film of Andrew Schultz's opera about black deaths in custody; Maroochy Barambah, John Pringle, Cindy Pan, Clive Birch, James Bonnefin, Bangarra Dance Troupe; according to a Trivial Pursuit Genus IV card, this is an "unusual Aussie film" which won the "Grande [sic] Prix Opera Screen '93"

Blackfellas (James Ricketson, 1993) exec. prod. Paul D. Barron, Penny Chapman; prod. David Rapsey, music David Milroy, dp Jeffrey Malouf; John Moore (Doug), David Ngoombujarra (Floyd), Jaylene Riley (Polly), Ernie Dingo, Julie Hudspeth, John Hargreaves, Lisa Kinchela; AFI awards for Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor (Ngoombujarra); WA

Bread and Roses (Gaylene Preston, 1993) wr. Sonja Davies (autobiography); Gaylene Preston; Graeme Tetley, dp Allen Guilford; Genevieve Picot, Mick Rose; drama; NZ; early life of politician Sonja Davies

Broken Highway (Laurie McInnes, 1993) wr. Laurie McInnes, prod. Richard Mason; Aden Young, Claudia Karvan, Bill Hunter, Dennis Miller, David Field, Norman Kaye; b/w; wide screen; Starland; review by Adrian Martin in Murray 1995: 379; Qld

Clowning Around 2 (George Whaley, 1993) wr. Ranald Allan, Barron Films; Clayton Williamson (Sim, 13), Ernie Dingo, Margaret Ford; shot in Perth as a feature but shown as a mini-series

Cops and Robbers (Murray Reece, 1993) ANZ; comedy; Grant Dodwell, Gosia Dobrowolska, Melissa Kounnas, Mark Wright, Rima Te Wiata, Martin Vaughan

Crimetime (Marc Gracie, 1993) aka Crime Time; prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Marcus Graham, Bruce Venable, Lucy Bell, David Argue, Steven Grives; police, crime; not released; 96 min.

Custodian, The (John Dingwall, 1993) Anthony LaPaglia (Quinlan), Hugo Weaving (Church), Barry Otto (Ferguson), Kelly Dingwall (Reynolds), Essie Davis, Gosia Dobrowolska, Naomi Watts, Bill Hunter, Norman Kaye; cop investigative thriller; LaPaglia and Weaving feed info about police corruption to reporter Dingwall who feeds it to investigator Otto; but he stuffs up, resulting in deaths of Otto's wife and then Weaving; LaPaglia then leaves the force

Dallas Doll (Ann Turner, 1993) Sandra Bernhard, Victoria Longley, Frank Gallacher, Jake Blundell, Rose Byrne; havoc when American golf instructor moves in with family; ABC finance; American actor Sandra Bernhard as Dallas Adair required for role of American lesbian, who is a morally questionable character who is simultaneously desired by and repelled by nearly every character

Desperate Remedies (Stewart Main, Peter Wells, 1993) NZ, comedy

El Angelito (Guillermo Sepulveda, 1993)

Encounters (Murray Fahey, 1993) wr. Murray Fahey; drama, thriller

Exile (Paul Cox, 1993) novel Priest Island by E. L. Grant Watson, dp Nino Marinetti; Aden Young, Beth Champion, Claudia Karvan, Norman Kaye, David Field, Chris Haywood, Barry Otto, Hugo Weaving, Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Nicholas Hope; feature went straight to video; Young is exiled to an island in C19 for sheep-stealing; filmed in Tasmania

Feds: Betrayal, The (Chris Thomson, 1993) telemovie; wr. Alison Nisselle; prod. Crawfords/Nine; Robert Taylor, Angie Milliken, John Bach, Chris Haywood, Peter Phelps, Brian Vriends, Paul Sonkkila, Jan Friedl

Flynn (Frank Howson, 1997) aka My Forgotten Man wr. Frank Howson, Alister Webb; Guy Pearce, John Savage, Steven Berkoff, Claudia Karvan; Guy Pearce as young Errol Flynn; story of Errol Flynn's early years; partly filmed Fiji

Fortress (Stuart Gordon, 1993) Christopher Lambert; prison drama

Girl (Peter Thompson, 1993) comedy

Greenkeeping (David Caesar, 1993) wr. David Caesar; Mark Little, Lisa Hensley, Max Cullen, Jan Adele, Gia Carides, Sid Conabere, Willie Fennell, Kristoffer Greaves, Tony Helou, ... Robyn Nevin, ... Grieg Pickhaver, ... David Wenham; greenkeeping at suburban bowling club; one of a few Oz films with the sport of lawn bowls as (here partial) setting

Gross Misconduct (George Miller, 1993) Jimmy Smits, Naomi Watts; academic-student liaison

Hammers over the Anvil (Ann Turner, 1993) wr. Peter Hepworth, Ann Turner, novel Alan Marshall, dp James Bartle, prod. Ben Gannon; Charlotte Rampling, Russell Crowe; point of view is that of a crippled boy (based on novel by Alan Marshall, who had polio)

Heartbreak Kid (Michael Jenkins, 1993) Alex Dimitriades, Claudia Karvan, Steve Bastoni, Doris Younane, Nic Lathouris, William McInnes; teacher-student love affair

Hercules Returns (David Parker, 1993) aka First Take Meets Hercules, The Last Temptation of Hercules; David Argue, Michael Carman, Mary Coustas, Bruce Spence; voices: Des Mangan, Sally Patience, Matthew King; Italian film used is Hercules, Samson, Maciste and Ursus Are Invincible

Jack Be Nimble (Garth Maxwell, 1993) NZ

Joh's Jury (Ken Cameron, 1993)

Justified Action (Rene Nagy, 1993) Don Swayze, Peter Phelps, Christina Ongley, Mark Hembrow, John Samaha; drama and thriller

Kevin Rampenbacker and the Electric Kettle (Murray Reece, 1993) aka Cops and Robbers; black comedy

Lex and Rory (Dean Murphy, 1993) Angus Benfield, Paul Robertson, Fiona MacGregor, Wendy Holics; teen romance fantasy; coming-of-age film about two boys who want to get together with two girls

Love in Limbo (David Elfick, 1993) aka The Great Pretender; wr. John Cundill; Craig Adams, Aden Young, Maya Stange, Samantha Murray, Russell Crowe, Rhondda Findleton; WA; 90 min. DVD, 99 min. tape; three boys drive to Kalgoorlie to lose their virginity

Map of the Human Heart (Vincent Ward, 1993) wr. Louis Nowra, Vincent Ward; Patrick Bergin, Anne Parillaud, Jason Scott-Lee, Jeanne Moreau, Ben Mendelsohn, John Cusack, Robert Joamie, Annie Galipeau; set in Northern Canada; Aust/UK/Canada/France copro

Memories and Dreams (L. Maree Milburn, 1993) woman from Prague

Napoleon (Mario Andreacchio, Michael Bourcher, 1993) Napoleon is a dog

No Worries (David Elfick, 1993) Amy Terelinck, Geoff Morell, Susan Lyons, John Hargreaves, Steven Vidler, Ray Barrett, Harold Hopkins, Ngoc Hanh Nguyen (Binh); family has to leave the farm in hard times and come to the city, where the daughter makes a new, Vietnamese friend

Nostradamus Kid, The (Bob Ellis, 1993) wr. Bob Ellis, dp Geoff Burton; Noah Taylor, Miranda Otto, Arthur Dignam, Peter Gwynne, Jack Campbell, Erick Mitsak, Loene Carmen, Alice Garner, Lucy Bell, Jeanette Cronin, Hec McMillan, Colin Friels, Bob Maza

Offspring (Richard Ryan, 1993) wr. Richard Ryan, prod. Phillip Emanuel; Chantal Contouri, Robert Mammone, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick; drama, psycho thriller; dist. Roadshow on VHS; 90 min.

On My Own (Antonio Tibaldi, 1991) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Matthew Ferguson, Judy Davis

Open City (Bill Mousoulis, 1993) 80 min.

Piano, The (Jane Campion, 1993) prod. Jan Chapman; Holly Hunter, Anna Paquin, Sam Neill, Harvey Keitel, Kerry Walker, Genevieve Lemon, Tungia Baker

Point of No Return (Vincent Monton, 1993) aka Countdown; Marcus Graham is ex-soldier Grady

Reckless Kelly (Yahoo Serious, 1993) aka Ned Kelly; Yahoo Serious, Melora Hardin, Alexei Sayle, Hugo Weaving, Bob Maza

Red Rain (Jim Kaufman, 1993) prod. Rosa Colosimo; Russell Crowe, Jennifer Beals; psycho-sexual thriller; not completed or not released?

Refracting Glasses, The (David Perry, 1993) experimental

Rough Diamonds (Donald Crombie, 1993) comedy; Jason Donovan, Angie Milliken, Peter Phelps, Max Cullen

Say a Little Prayer (Richard Lowenstein, 1993) aka I Came Back to Show You I Could Fly, novel by Robin Klein; wr. Richard Lowenstein, dp Graeme Wood; pd Chris Kennedy, ed. Jill Bilcock; Fiona Ruttelle, Sudi de Winter; introverted kid meets addict chick and enters her fantasy world

Shimmer (Phillip Avalon, 1993) wr. Phillip Avalon; unreleased? incomplete? Cinema Papers, 93, May 1993: 74

Signal One: Bullet Down Under (Rob Stewart, 1993) prod. Phillip Avalon, wr. Karl Shiffman; unreleased; Christopher Atkins, Mark 'Jacko' Jackson

Silver Brumby, The (John Tatoulis, 1993) novel by Elyne Mitchell; Caroline Goodall, Russell Crowe (The Man); review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 371; set in High Country

Singapore Sling (Robert Marchand, 1993) wr. John Goldsmith, Robert Marchand, Barron Entertainment, AFFC, NSW FTO, Nine, WA Film Council; John Waters, Burkhard Heyl, Deborra-Lee Furness, Jan-Michael Vincent; telemovie

Tempting a Married Man (Adam Lynton, 1993)

This Won't Hurt a Bit (Chris Kennedy, 1993) aka Le Dentiste; Grieg Pickhaver, Alwyn Kurts, Gordon Chater, Dennis Miller, Jacqueline McKenzie, Colleen Clifford; comedy; dentistry

Wide Sargasso Sea, The (John Duigan, 1993) novel Jean Rhys; Karina Lombard, Nathaniel Parker, Naomi Watts; prequel to Jane Eyre; shot in Jamaica

Wind (Carroll Ballard, 1993) Matthew Modine, Jennifer Grey, Cliff Robertson, Jack Thompson ... James Hagan


Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The (Stephan Elliott, 1994) prod. Al Clark; Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce; 98 min.

All Men Are Liars (Gerard Lee, 1994) comedy about a boy (David Price) who dresses as a girl to join an all-girl band; Toni Pearen, David Price, John Jarratt, Jamie Petersen, Carmen Tanti; filmed in South Johnstone Qld; 91 min.

Bad Boy Bubby (Rolf de Heer, 1994) Nicholas Hope, Claire Bonito, Ralph Cotterill, Carmel Johnson, Syd Brisbane, Nikki Price; 111 min.

Battlers, The (George Ogilvie, 1994) telemovie, wr. Peter Yeldham, Kylie Tennant (novel); Gary Sweet, Peter Stoneham, Richard Piper, Amanda Cross, Anne Phelan, John Dick, Liz Windsor

Billy's Holiday (Richard Wherrett, 1994) Max Cullen, Kris McQuade, Tina Bursill, Genevieve Lemon, Drew Forsythe, Richard Roxburgh, Rachael Coopes; Max sounds just like Billie Holiday

Body Melt (Philip Brophy, 1994) wr.. Philip Brophy, Rod Bishop, dp Ray Argall, music Philip Brophy; Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Daddo, Ian Smith, Vince Gil, Regina Gaigalas, Maurie Annese, Nick Polites, William McInnes

Boy Who Dared to Dream, The (Frank Howson, 1994) children; 97 min.

Country Life, A (Michael Blakemore, 1994) Sam Neill, John Hargreaves, Greta Scacchi, Kerry Fox, Michael Blakemore; review by Fincina Hopgood in Murray 1995: 380; 'suggested by' Chekhov's Uncle Vanya

Ebbtide (Craig Lahiff, 1994) wr. Bob Ellis, Peter Goldsworthy; John Waters, Harry Hamlin, Judy Mcintosh, Susan Lyons, John Gregg, Frankie J. Holden; thriller; lawyer accused of murder; VHS - no theatrical release?

Escape from Absolom (Martin Campbell, 1994) aka No Escape (theatrical title), The Penal Colony (working title and title of the book); set in prisons of the future; shot in Queensland; Ray Liotta, Lance Henriksen

Everynight ... Everynight (Alkinos Tsilimidos, 1994) wr. Ray Mooney, Alkinos Tsilimidos; David Field, Bill Hunter, Robert Morgan, Phil Motherwell, Jim Daley, Jim Shaw, Simon Woodward, Theodore Zakos; prison drama

Frauds (Stephan Elliott, 1993) wr. Stephan Elliott; comedy; Phil Collins, Hugo Weaving; story of the ways in which insurance investigator Roland Copping (Collins) interferes in and manipulates the lives of others with outrageous games and gimmicks; eventually he becomes involved in an escalating vendetta with a couple (Jonathan and Beth Wheat, Hugo Weaving and Josephine Byrne) who make an unusual insurance claim; surrealistic black comedy

Gino (Jackie McKimmie, 1994) Nick Bufalo (Gino Pallazetti), Zoe Carides (Lucia Petri), Bruno Lawrence (Joe Pallazetti), Rose Clemente (Rosa Pallazetti), Nico Lathouris (Rocco Petri); "Gino Pallazetti's lfe is simple; he's in love with Lucia [Zoe Carides], and his career as a stand-up comedian is about to take off" (Murray 1995: 407)

Good Fruit, The (Stephen Prodes, Will Usic, 1994) comedy

Hercules and the Amazon Women (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Roma Downey, Michael Hurst, Lloyd Scott, Lucy Lawless, Christopher Brougham, Tim Lee, Kim Michalis; NZ

Hercules and the Circle of Fire (Doug Lefler, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (Harley Cokliss, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules in the Underworld (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hercules: the Legendary Journeys (Bill L. Norton, 1994) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn, Lucy Lawless; NZ

Intruder, The (Richard Wolstencroft, 1994) aka Deliver Us from Evil; wr. Frank Howson, prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Tottie Goldsmith, Lachy Hulme, Paul Moder; horror, thriller; 85 min.

Ladykiller (Bill Mousoulis, 1994) Rhys Muldoon; serial killer

Last Tattoo, The (John Reid, 1994) NZ

Lightning Jack (Simon Wincer, 1994) wr. Paul Hogan; Paul Hogan, Cuba Gooding; first film floated as a public company on the stock exchange: lost hugely

Lucky Break (Ben Lewin, 1994) aka The Cure, dp Vincent Monton; Gia Carides, Anthony LaPaglia, Rebecca Gibney, Jacek Koman; review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 387; one of a number of Oz films with Anthony LaPaglia and partner Gia Carides; he is from South Australia, but sounds like an American because he has lived and worked there for much of his life

Mary: The Inspiring Life of Mary MacKillop (Kay Pavlou, 1994) Lucy Bell, Brendan Higgins, Vanessa Downing, Brian Harrison, Brian McDermott, Dean Nottle, Linden Wilkinson, James Hagan

Muriel's Wedding (P. J. Hogan, 1994) Toni Collette, Bill Hunter, Rachel Griffiths, Sophie Lee; 100 min.

Mushrooms (Alan Madden, 1994) Julia Blake, Lynette Curran, Simon Chilvers, Boris Brkic, Brandon Burke, George Shevtsov; comedy

Once Were Warriors (Lee Tamahori, 1994) Temuera Morrison (Jake the Muss), Rena Owen; NZ

Only the Brave (Ana Kokkinos, 1994) wr. Ana Kokkinos, Mira Robertson, dp Jaems Grant, music Philip Brophy; Elena Mandalis, Dora Kaskanis, Maud Davey; 59 min.

Police Rescue: The Movie (Michael Carson, 1994) Gary Sweet, Zoe Carides, Steve Bastoni, John Clayton; Sonia Todd

Roly Poly Man, The (Bill Young, 1994) wr. Kym Goldsworthy; Paul Chubb, Les Foxcroft, Susan Lyons, Peter Braunstein, Zoe Bertram, Frank Whitten, Jane Harders, John Batchelor, Rowan Woods, Valerie Bader, Sarah Lambert, Deborah Kennedy, Jim Pike, Roy Billing, Barbara Stephens; satire of film noir; people's heads explode; excellent review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 392

Sex is a Four Letter Word (Murray Fahey, 1994) aka Love Stories; Joy Smithers, Rhett Walton, Mark Lee, Tessa Humphries, Miranda Otto, Timothy Jones, Jonathan Sammy-Lee; comedy

Shotgun Wedding (Paul Harmon, 1994) aka David O'Brien's Shotgun Wedding; light drama; Aden Young, Bill Hunter, Zoe Carides, John Walton, John Clayton, Paul Chubb, Sean Scully, Max Cullen, Marshall Napier

Sirens (John Duigan, 1994) Hugh Grant, Tara Fitzgerald, Sam Neill, Elle Macpherson, Portia de Rossi, Kate Fischer, Pamela Rabe, Ben Mendelsohn, John Polson, John Duigan (earnest minister); review by Adrian Martin in Murray 1995: 393; Norman Lindsay story

Spider and Rose (Bill Bennett, 1994) Ruth Cracknell, Simon Bossell; review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 394; comedy based on age difference

Sum of Us, The (Geoff Burton & Kevin Dowling, 1994) Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy; review by Jan Epstein in Murray 1995: 395; 96 min.

Talk (Susan Lambert, 1994) wr. Jan Cornall; Victoria Longley, Angie Milliken, Richard Roxburgh, Jacqueline McKenzie, John Jarratt; conversation overheard by stranger has bizarre repercussions on the lives of two women

That Eye the Sky (John Ruane, 1994) prod. Peter Beilby, Grainne Marmion, wr. Tim Winton (novel), John Ruane & Jim Barton; Peter Coyote (Henry Esau), Lisa Harrow, Amanda Douge, Mark Fairall, Alethea McGrath, Jamie Croft, 101 min.

Thread of Voice (Arf Arf, 1994)

To the Point of Death (Craig Godfrey, 1994)

Traps (Pauline Chan, 1994) wr. Robert Carter, Pauline Chan, novel Kate Greville, Dreamhouse, dp Kevin Hayward, ed. Nicholas Beauman; Saskia Reeves, Robert Reynolds, Sami Frey, Jacqueline McKenzie, Kiet Lam; filmed on location in Vietnam; Chan's feature debut; English couple come to French Indo-China, 1950, to do photo-journalism story on rubber plantation, and become involved in political developments

Tunnel Vision (Clive Fleury, 1994) prod. Phillip Avalon


Angel Baby (Michael Rymer, 1995) wr. Michael Rymer; John Lynch, Jacqueline McKenzie, Colin Friels, Deborra-Lee Furness, Daniel Daperis, Robyn Nevin, David Argue, Geoff Brooks, Humphrey Bower, Jane Menelaus; schizophrenics don't take their medication (when she gets pregnant), go 'mad', suicide; 100 min.

Babe (Chris Noonan, 1995) aka Babe the Gallant Sheep Pig; dp Andrew Lesnie; 92 min.

Back of Beyond (Michael Robertson, 1995) Paul Mercurio, Colin Friels, Dee Smart, John Polson, Rebekah Elmalogou; drama; released on VHS; 94 min.

Bonjour Timothy (Wayne Tourell, 1995) NZ; comedy

Celluloid Heroes (Robert Francis, 1995) wr. Robert Francis, vols. 1 and 2 [Parts 1-4], compilation

Cinema of Unease, A (Sam Neill, Judy Rymer, 1995) part of the Century of Cinema project; NZ

Dad and Dave: On Our Selection (George Whaley, 1995) wr. George Whaley, stories by Steele Rudd, Icon Entertainment International, prod. Anthony Buckley; Leo McKern, Geoffrey Rush, Joan Sutherland, Ray Barrett, Noah Taylor, Barry Otto

Dot in Space (Yoram Gross, 1995)

Eighth Wonder, The (Neil Armfield, 1995) telemovie; opera about the Sydney Opera House; David Hobson

Epsilon (Rolf de Heer, 1997) aka Almost Alien, Alien Visitor; Ulli Birve (She), Syd Brisbane (The Man), Alethea McGrath, Chloe Ferguson, Phoebe Ferguson; drama, thriller, scifi; shot in Flinders Ranges

Final Stage, The (Frank Howson, 1995) wr. Frank Howson, prod. Frank Howson, Boulevard Films; Abigail, Tommy Dysart, Frank Howson, Michael Lake, Zachery McKay, Adrian Wright; comedy

Heavenly Creatures (Peter Jackson, 1995) wr. Frances Walsh, Peter Jackson; Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet, Sarah Peirse, Diana Kent, Clive Merrison, Simon O'Connor, NZ, 95 min.

Hotel Sorrento (Richard Franklin, 1995) wr. Richard Franklin, Peter Fitzpatrick, play Hannie Rayson, dp Geoff Burton; Joan Plowright, Caroline Goodall, Tara Morice, Caroline Gillmer, Ray Barrett, John Hargreaves, Nicholas Bell, Ben Thomas; AFI Best Screenplay, Supporting Actor (Barrett)

Ivor Paints (Arthur Cantrill & Corinne Cantrill, 1995) experimental

Last Bullet, The (Michael Pattinson, 1995) telemovie; Jason Donovan, Koji Tamaki, Daniel Rigney, WW2 war

Life (Lawrence Johnston, 1995) aka Out of the Blue; wr. John Brumpton & Lawrence Johnston from the play Containment by John Brumpton (La Mama), prod. Elisa Argenzio for Rough Trade Pictures and AFI, dp Mandy Walker; John Brumpton, David Tredinnick, Robert Morgan, Belinda McClory, Libby Tanner, winner Int. Critics Prize Toronto, 4 AFI nominations; Ralph and Des share a cell in T2, the HIV isolation ward; R cert., 82 min.

Life of Harry Dare, The (Aleksi Vellis, 1995) wr. Gerald Thompson, dp Geoffrey Hall; John Moore, Nicholas Hope, Aaron Wilton, Tom Lewis, Ulli Birve; comedy; 35mm; 90 min.

Loaded (Anna Campion, 1995) NZ; wr. Anna Campion

Metal Skin (Geoffrey Wright, 1995) wr. Geoffrey Wright, prod. Daniel Scharf, Southern Star; Aden Young (Joe), Tara Morice (Savina), Ben Mendelsohn (Dazey), Nadine Garner (Roslyn), Chantal Contouri (Savina's mother); drama, thriller; psycho Joe, urban misfit, craves the respect of his peers on the streets and the love of a nice girl who secretly practises black magic

Rainbow's End (Denny Lawrence, 1995) Rhona Rees, Ernie Dingo, Shane O'Connor; family; 90 min.

Sanctuary (Robin de Crespigny, 1995) wr. David Williamson; Steve Bisley, Arky Michael, John Alderstone

Streetfighter (Stephen E. de Souza, 1995)

Terrain (Kyle Terry, 1995) scifi

Under the Gun (Matthew George, 1995) aka Ironfist; prod. Paul Currie

Vacant Possession (Margot Nash, 1995) 95 min.; Pamela Rabe, John Stanton, Toni Scanlan, Linden Wilkinson, Rita Bruce, Olivia Patten as Millie, who provides the commentary on the actual relationship of white and black; John Stanton, the father, has PTSD or 'shell-shock', following WW2 air crash with loss of crew; 95 min.

Video Fool for Love (Robert Gibson, 1995) videographed ed. Robert Gibson; prod. Kennedy Miller; Robert Gibson; 87 min. (Dr George Miller appears briefly at the beginning) package: since 1983 Robert Gibson has carried a camcorder with him at all times

Violet's Visit (Richard Turner, 1995)

War Stories (Gaylene Preston, 1995) NZ

Zone 39 (John Tatoulis, 1995) aka The Zone; wr. Deborah Parsons, dp Peter Zakharov; Peter Phelps, Carolyn Bock; scifi psychological action thriller; shot Melbourne, Woomera; 95 min.


Alive Tribe, The (Stephen Amis, 1996) Craig Adams, Ian Scott, John Arnold, Suzie Dee, Peter Moon, John Clarke; student radicalism; 95 min.

Black Ice (James Richards, 1996) action-adventure; 95 min.

Brilliant Lies (Richard Franklin, 1996) wr. David Williamson; Gia Carides, Anthony LaPaglia, Zoë Carides, Ray Barrett, Neil Melville; 94 min.

Broken English (Gregor Nicholas, 1996) NZ; Croatian girl, Maori boy

Chicken (Grant Lahood, 1996) NZ, comedy

Cosi (Mark Joffe, 1996) wr. Louis Nowra (also play); prod. Richard Brennan, Timothy White; Barry Otto (Roy), Ben Mendelsohn (Lewis), Toni Collette (Julie), Pamela Rabe (Ruth), Jacki Weaver (Cherry), Paul Chubb (Henry), Colin Hay (Zac), David Wenham (Doug), Colin Friels (Errol), Aden Young (Nick), Rachel Griffiths (Lucy), Kerry Fletcher (OT person), Tony Llewellyn-Jones, Robin Ramsay (the Minister); set in asylum; based to some extent on Louis Nowra's own experience - but he produced Trial by Jury

Cthulhu (Damian Heffernan, 1996) Onara Films; wr. Damian Heffernan, H.P. Lovecraft, dp Carl Looper; Paul Williamson, Adam Somes, James Payne; drama; cult, invisible creature

Dating the Enemy (Megan Simpson Huberman, 1996) Guy Pearce, Claudia Karvan

Dead Heart (Nick Parsons, 1996) wr. Nick Parsons, prod. Bryan Brown, Helen Watts; Bryan Brown, Ernie Dingo, Angie Milliken, Gnarnayarrahe Waitaire, Aaron Pedersen; Bryan Brown as outback cop in story of clash between tribal and white man's law who investigates the death of Tony (Pedersen)

Drop Dead Gorgeous (Richard Turner, 1996) aka Harbourside; Steve Bastoni, Victoria Hill, Eric Oldfield; 86 min.

Fistful of Flies (Monica Pellizzari, 1996) Dino Panozzo, John Lucantonio, Tasma Walton, Maria Vanuti, Anna Volska, Rachael Maza; 85 min.

Flight of the Albatross (Warner Meyer, 1996) NZ

Floating Life (Clara Law, 1996) aka Fu sheng; Annette Shun Wah, Annie Yip, Anthony Brandon Wong; comedy

Frighteners, The (Peter Jackson, 1996) NZ; scifi

Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (Josh Becker, 1996) drama, satire; Kevin Sorbo, Anthony Quinn; NZ

Hotel de Love (Craig Rosenberg, 1996) wr. Craig Rosenberg, prod. Michael Lake, David Parker; Aden Young, Simon Bossell, Saffron Burrows; farcical romantic comedy about two brothers who love the same girl; Melbourne

Idiot Box (David Caesar, 1996) wr. David Caesar, prod. Nicki Roller, Glenys Rowe; Ben Mendelsohn (Kev), Jeremy Sims (Mick), John Polson (Jonah), Susie Porter (Betty); Kev and Mick rob a bank cos it seems like a good idea at the time; 82 min.

Inner Sanctuary, The (Chris Clarke, 1996)

Jack Brown, Genius (Tony Hiles, 1996) NZ

Lilian's Story (Jerzy Domaradzki, 1996) prod. Marian Macgowan, novel Kate Grenville 1984, based on Bea Miles; Ruth Cracknell, Barry Otto, Toni Collette, John Flaus; we see Lilian's father having sex with her; review by Peter Malone in Cinema Papers, no. 110, June 1996; (cf. NZ film The Heart of the Stag, where there is less or no trauma; cf. also another film with Cracknell, The Singer and the Dancer); Collette won Best Supporting Actress AFIs 1996

Love and Other Catastrophes (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1996) wr. Yael Bergman, Emma-Kate Croghan, Helen Bandis; prod. Stavros Andonis Efthymiou; Frances O'Connor, Alice Garner, Radha Mitchell, Matt Day, Kim Gyngell; two female students struggling to complete their (Sydney) university degrees seek a flatmate; at the same time Michael (Matt Day), a medical student, is looking for a new place to stay; Adrian Martin makes an appearance as himself

Love Serenade (Shirley Barrett, 1996) wr. Shirley Barrett, dp Mandy Walker; Miranda Otto, Rebecca Frith, George Shevtsov, John Alansu (Albert Lee); two sisters compete for the attentions of DJ new to small town, Sunray; the younger works in the Chinese restaurant; 101 min.

Love Until (Bedrich Kabriel, 1996) aka The Ugly Dumpling; set in Czech Republic

Lust and Revenge (Paul Cox, 1996) wr. Paul Cox, John Clarke, dp Nino Martinetti; Nicholas Hope, Claudia Karvan, Chris Haywood, Gosia Dobrowolska, Victoria Eagger, Norman Kaye, Ulli Birve, Robert Menzies, Bryan Dawe, John Hargreaves, Max Gillies, Wendy Hughes, Pamela Rabe; 97 min.; SAFC, FFC

Mary MacKillop: That Very Troublesome Woman (John Mabey, 1996) 62 min.

Mr Reliable (Nadia Tass, 1996) aka My Entire Life; wr. Don Catchlove, Terry Hayes; comedy; Colin Friels, Jacqueline McKenzie, Susie Porter, Paul Sonkkila, Frank Gallacher; Wally Mellish gets away with it because he can't read and write

Natural Justice: Heat (Scott Hartford-Davis, 1996) tele-feature, prod. Paul D. Barron, dp Russell Bacon; Claudia Karvan, Steve Bastoni, Sonia Todd, John Moore, Martin Jacobs, Jeremy Sims, Igor Sas, Maurie Ogden, Lynette Narkle; shot and set in York, WA; pre-sold Channel 7; 93 min.

Offering, The (Taggart Siegel, Francesca Fisher, 1996) aka Shadow of the Pepper; Mexico/NZ/USA

Out of the Blue (Philip Avalon, 1996) Tarantino-like crime story

Parklands (Kathryn Millard, 1996) wr. Kathryn Millard, prod. Helen Bowden, dp Mandy Walker; Cate Blanchett (first feature), Tony Martin; set in Adelaide; on the Travelling Light DVD; 50 min.

Quiet Room, The (Rolf de Heer, 1996) wr. Rolf de Heer, prod. Rolf de Heer, Domenico Procacci, Sharon Jackson, Fiona Paterson; Paul Blackwell, Celine O'Leary, Chloe Ferguson, Phoebe Ferguson; little girl withdraws into silence as a reaction to her parents threatening to separate; 93 min.

Ralph (Vincenzo Gallo, 1996) comedy

Red Herring (Karl Madderom, 1996)

River Street (Tony Mahood, 1996) Aden Young, Bill Hunter, Essie Davis, Tammy Macintosh, Sullivan Stapleton; real estate

Screeemer (Gary Young, 1996) aka Scream

Shine (Scott Hicks, 1996) wr. Jan Sardi; Geoffrey Rush (AA), Noah Taylor, John Gielgud, Googie Withers, Lynn Redgrave; Academy Award; 130 min.; young David Helfgott is traumatised by martinet father; 130 min.

Thin Life, A (Frank Howson, 1996) Tommy Dysart; comedy

True Love and Chaos (Stavros Andonis Efthymiou, 1996) wr. Stavros Andonis Efthymiou, prod. Anne Darrouzet; Naveen Andrews, Kimberley Davies, Ben Mendelsohn, Miranda Otto, Geneviève Picot, Noah Taylor, Hugo Weaving

Turning April (Geoff Bennett, 1996) wr. Jim Nichol; Tushka Bergen, Aaron Blabey, Dee Smart; Justine Clarke; Stockholm syndrome hostage

Under the Lighthouse Dancing (Graeme Rattigan, 1996) Jacqueline McKenzie, Jack Thompson, Naomi Watts, Aden Gillett, Phillip Holder, Zoe Bertram, Ingle Knight; Rottnest, WA

What I Have Written (John Hughes, 1996) wr. John A. Scott, dp Dion Beebe; Martin Jacobs, Gillian Jones, Jacek Koman, Angie Milliken

Whipping Boy (Di Drew, 1996) novel Gabrielle Lord; Sigrid Thornton, Temuera Morrison, Tammy McIntosh; state inquiry into a pedophile/pornography racket

Whole of the Moon, The (Ian Mune, 1996) NZ


Aberration (Tim Boxell, 1997) thriller

Blackrock (Steven Vidler, 1997) prod. David Elfick, Melanie Ritchie, Globe Film Company, wr. Nick Enright; Linda Cropper, Laurence Breuls, Simon Lyndon, Rebecca Smart, David Field, Boyana Novakovich, Chris Haywood, Jeannette Cronin, Jessica Napier, Justine Clarke, Essie Davis, Heath Ledger; loosely based on real life events surrounding the rape and murder of Newcastle teenager Leigh Leigh at a surf club party

Bloodrush (Mark Stone, 1997) horror, scifi; alien needs body parts

Bored Olives (Bruce Redman, 1997) comedy; coming-of-age story about love, hope, belief and pizza

Boys, The (Rowan Woods, 1997) prod. Robert Connolly, John Maynard; David Wenham, Toni Collette, John Polson, Lynette Curran, Anthony Hayes, Jeanette Cronin, Anna Lise, Pete Smith; review by Tim Hunter, Cinema Papers, 124, May 1998: 36-37

Brothers at War (Richard Bradley, 1997); Colin Friels, Naomi Watts, Doug Mulray, Terry Serio, Mouche Phillips, Erick Mitsak, Elizabeth Mavric; based on 1984 Milperra shootout between Comanchero and Bandido bikies

Castle, The (Rob Sitch, 1997) wr. Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner, Jane Kennedy, Rob Sitch; prod. Debra Choate, Michael Hirsh; Michael Caton (Darryl Kerrigan), Anne Tenney (Sal Kerrigan), Stephen Curry (Dale Kerrigan), Anthony Simcoe (Steve Kerrigan), Sophie Lee (Tracy Kerrigan), Wayne Hope (Wayne Kerrigan), Tiriel Mora (Dennis Denuto), Eric Bana (Con Petropoulous), Charles Tingwell (Lawrence Hammill), Robyn Nevin (Federal Court Judge), Costas Kilias (Farouk), Bryan Dawe (Ron Graham), Monty Maizels (Jack), Lynda Gibson (Evonne), John Bento (Mr. Lyle), Laurie Dobson (John Clifton), Stephanie Daniel (Council Officer), John Flaus (Sgt Kennedy); narrated from the point of view of one of the sons, Dale; 93 min.

Children of the Revolution (Peter Duncan, 1997) wr. Peter Duncan, prod. Tristan Miall; dp Martin McGrath; F. Murray Abraham, Judy Davis, John Gaden, Rachel Griffiths, Russel Keifel, Sam Neill, Richard Roxburgh, Geoffrey Rush

Devil Game, The (Michael Carson, 1997) Barron Entertainment; Jacqueline McKenzie, Andy Anderson, Guy Pearce, Asher Keddie; telemovie, drama

Diana and Me (David Parker, 1997) prod. Matt Carroll; wr. Elizabeth Coleman, Matt Ford; Toni Collette, Dominic West, Malcolm Kennard

Doing Time For Patsy Cline (Chris Kennedy, 1997) prod. Chris Kennedy, John Winter, wr. Chris Kennedy, dp Andrew Lesnie (AFI award); Miranda Otto, Richard Roxburgh, Matt Day, Tony Barry, Roy Billing, Annie Byron, Gus Mercurio, Kiri Paramore, Wayne Goodwin; Ralph's (Matt Day) ambition is to play the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville: in fantasy, he does; 96 min.

Drover's Boy, The (Andrew Steuart, 1997) wr. Nerys Evans, Ted Egan; Aboriginal girl disguised as boy travels with drover; not produced?

Dust off the Wings (Lee Rogers, 1997) prod. Lee Rogers, Bombshell Films, Zinc, Winning Post Production, wr. Ward Stevens (husband of Kate Ceberano), Lee Rogers; Kate Ceberano (director's wife), Lee Rogers, Ward Stevens, Phil Ceberano, Rash, Felix Williamson, Simon Lyndon; "Bondi surfing saga." "In Dust off the Wings, first-time film director, Lee Rogers brings to the screen a fresh, energetic and raw look at the hedonistic lifestyle of Sydney's Bondi Beach." 77 min.

Fallen Eights (Kristian Connelly, 1997)

Flashlight (Garnet Mae, 1997) wr. Garnet Mae, Robert Sullivan, dp Gotaro Uematsu, ed. Robert Gibson; R.J. Meyer, Loene Carmen, Christopher Hiraishi Mae, Garnet Mae, Rowan McDonald

Forgotten Silver (Peter Jackson, Costa Botes, 1997) NZ; mockumentary about filmmaker Colin McKenzie; 1995?

Freedom Deep (Aaron Stevenson, 1997) scifi

Heaven's Burning (Craig Lahiff, 1997) You Don't Know What Love Is; wr. Louis Nowra; Russell Crowe, Youki Kudoh; Japanese woman on honeymoon in Australia leaves her husband and becomes involved with Aussie bushwhacker in a chase across Australia; 99 min.

Home Port (Phillip Thomson, 1997) wr. Phillip Thomson from play by Christine Evans, Phillip Thomson; domestic drama; US Navy visit to Fremantle, WA; 110 min.

Joey (Ian Barry, 1997) aka The Kangaroo Kid; wr. Stuart Beattie; Jamie Croft, Alex McKenna, Rebecca Gibney, Harold Hopkins

Justice (Ron Elliott, 1998)* wr. prod. Bob Roget; dop Alex McPhee; Marcus Graham, Kerry Armstrong; West Coast Pictures; shot in Fremantle 1997 including extensive use of the derelict South Fremantle Power Station as a location; no theatrical release

Kiss or Kill (Bill Bennett, 1997) wr. Bill Bennett, prod. Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett, dp Malcolm McCulloch; Matt Day (Al), Frances O'Connor (Nikki), Chris Haywood (Hummer), Barry Otto (Adler Jones), Andrew S. Gilbert (Crean), Barry Langrishe (Zipper Doyle), Max Cullen (Stan), Syd Brisbane

Kissed (Lynne Stopekwich, 1997)

Little Bit of Soul, A (Peter Duncan, 1997) wr. Peter Duncan; Geoffrey Rush, David Wenham, Frances O'Connor, Heather Mitchell, John Gaden, 84 min.; Diane Cook, negative review in Cinema Papers, 124, May 1998: 35-36

Lost Valley (Dale Bradley, 1997) NZ

Love in Ambush (Carl Schultz, 1997) aka Angkor, Mirabeau; wr. Carl Schultz; Jacques Perrin, Gary Sweet, Sigrid Thornton, Grant Piro, James Tolkan; political romance; Shelly Kincaid leaves her unhappy marriage for Cambodia, where her brother is accused of deserting the army in Vietnam

Maslin Beach (Wayne Groom, 1997) set at nude beach, suburb of Adelaide

Mr Nice Guy (Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, 1997) Jackie Chan Hong Kong actioner shot in Melbourne and Victoria

My Blessings (Bill Mousoulis, 1997) Marie-Louise Walker

Oscar and Lucinda (Gillian Armstrong, 1997) prod. Robin Dalton, wr. Peter Carey (novel), Laura Jones; Ralph Fiennes, Cate Blanchett, Ciaran Hinds, Tom Wilkinson, Richard Roxburgh; 132 min.

Paradise Road (Bruce Beresford, 1997) aka Beyond the Wire, A Voice Cries Out; Glenn Close, Susie Porter, Cate Blanchett

Paws (Karl Zwicky, 1997) children's

Pigeon (Vincenzo Gallo, 1997)

Road to Nhill (Sue Brooks, 1997) wr. Alison Tilson; prod. Sue Maslin, dp Nicolette Freeman, Gecko ../films/Ronin Films; Tony Barry, Vikki Blanche, Paul Chubb, Lynette Curran, Matthew Dyktynski, Bill Hunter, Patricia Kennedy, Alwyn Kurts, Monica Maughan, Terry Norris, Lois Ramsey, Denise Roberts, Kerry Walker, Bill Young; one of a few Oz films with the sport of lawn bowls as (here partial) setting

Sorry My Love (John Hoomer, Ghassan Hariri, 1997)

Terra Nova (Paul Middleditch, 1997)

Thank God He Met Lizzie (Cherie Nowlan, 1997) aka The Wedding Party (US video); wr. Alexandra Long; Richard Roxburgh, Cate Blanchett, Frances O'Connor; romcom

Three Hundred Thousand Years (Albert Volker, 1997) scifi

To Have and To Hold (John Hillcoat, 1997) aka The Small Man; Rachel Griffiths, Tcheky Karyo, David Field; broadcast on Channel 9, 19 December 2001; PNG

Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (Harry Sinclair, 1997) NZ

Truth about Taro, The (Mark Thackray, Susannah Thackray, 1997) Taro Tanaka comes to Australia from Japan

Ugly, The (Scott Reynolds, 1997) NZ

Venus Factory, The (not distributed, 1997) aka Starring Duncan Wiley, Money Shot (no director credit, 2003); prod. Jason Gooden, Julian Saggers; the first version of the film was directed by Glenn Fraser, the second by Denis Whitburn, and the third was put together by the producers

Welcome to Woop Woop (Stephan Elliott, 1997) aka The Big Red; wr. Douglas Kennedy (novel) & Michael Thomas; Rod Taylor, Johnathon Schaech, Susie Porter, Dee Smart, Richard Moir, Maggie Kirkpatrick, Barry Humphries, Mark Wilson, Paul Mercurio

Well, The (Samantha Lang, 1997) wr. Elizabeth Jolley (novel), Laura Jones; Pamela Rabe (Hester Harper), Miranda Otto (Katherine), Paul Chubb (Harry Bird), Frank Wilson (II) (Francis Harper), Steve Jacobs (Rod Borden), Genevieve Lemon (Jen Borden), Simon Lyndon (Jock); drama, thriller; Hester is obsessed with Katherine

Wiggles Movie, The (Dean Covell, 1997)

Wish (Adam Lynton, 1997)


Aftershocks (Geoff Burton, 1998) 1989 earthquake at Newcastle Workers Club

All the Way (Marque Owen, 1998) 86 min.

Amy (Nadia Tass, 1998) prod. Nadia Tass, David Parker; wr. David Parker; dp David Parker; Rachel Griffiths, Alana de Roma, Ben Mendelsohn, Nick Barker, Kerry Armstrong, Jeremy Trigatti, William Zappa, Sullivan Stapleton, Torquil Neilson, Mary Ward, Susie Porter; little girl won't speak after the sudden death of her father, and will only communicate in song; she ceases to speak as a result of family trauma: her father, a rock musician, dies on stage as she watches

Babe: Pig in the City (Dr George Miller, 1998) aka Babe II

Beggars' Opera Cafe, The (Victoria Fisher, 1998) comedy; 90 min.

Big Fish (Pascal Franchot, 1998) Austen Tayshus; comedy; 90 min.

Big Night Out, The (Tim Boyle, 1998) 88 min.; VHS; comedy

Black Box (Pete Ford, 1998) drama involving airline; 90 min.

Cats' Tales (Ralph Lawrence Marsden, 1998) children's adventure

Change of Heart, A (Rod Hay, 1998) comedy

Channeling Baby (Christine Parker, 1998) NZ

Chasing Parked Cars (Victoria Fisher, 1998) aka The Beggar's Opera Cafe; Fish Entertainment Productions; Holly Fisher, Caitlin McDougall, Rebecca Macauley, Pip Mushin; 90 min.

Crackers (David Swann, 1998) wr. David Swann; Warren Mitchell; comedy; family reunion

Dags (Murray Fahey, 1998) wr. prod. Murray Fahey, comedy; Tanya Bulmer, David Callan, Sheena Crouch, Daniel Cordeaux, Penny Cooper, Sam Makhoul, Murray Fahey, Angus Sampson, Brian Roberts, Paul Arundel, Rebecca de Unamuno, Peter Callan

Dance me to my Song (Rolf de Heer, 1998) wr. Heather Rose; Heather Rose, John Brumpton; Cannes

Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998) wr. Alex Proyas; Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly; US-funded and shot in Australia with actors including Americans Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt: SF

Dead End (Iren Koster, 1998) thriller

Dead Letter Office (John Ruane, 1998) wr. Deborah Cox; prod. Artist Services, Deborah Cox, Andrew Knight, Denise Patience, Steve Vizard; Miranda Otto (Alice), George DelHoyo (Frank Lopez), Georgina Naidu, Nicholas Bell (Kevin), Syd Brisbane (Peter), Jane Hall (Heather), Jillian O'Dowd (Lizzy), Vanessa Steele (Carmen), Barry Otto; Miranda Otto's character is looking for her missing father, played by the actress's father, Barry Otto; they play related characters (niece and uncle) again in South Solitary

Demons in my Head (Neil Johnson, 1998) horror, scifi

Divided Heart, A (Denny Lawrence, 1998)

15 Amore (Maurice Murphy, 1998) Lisa Hensley, Steve Bastoni; shot Hunter Valley NSW, best feature Noosa Film Festival 1999 Qld, best feature Aspen Film Festival 1998, screened 1999 Showtime PayTV channel

Forever Fever (Glen Goei, 1998) comedy; 95 min.

Four Jacks (Matthew George, 1998) wr. Matthew George

Game Room, The (Joe Tornatore, 1998) drama

Head On (Ana Kokkinos, 1998) wr. Andrew Bovell, Ana Kokkinos, Mira Robertson from Christos Tsiolkas's novel Loaded, prod. Jane Scott; Alex Dimitriades, Paul Capsis; review by Mark Sinker, Sight and Sound, November 1999: 46; 104 min.

Heaven (Scott Reynolds, 1998) drama; NZ

Hurrah (Frank Shields, 1998) Marton Csokas, Tushka Bergen

I'll Make You Happy (Athina Tsoulis, 1998) NZ

In the Winter Dark (James Bogle, 1998) prod. Rosemary Blight, wr. Tim Winton (novel), James Bogle & James Rasmussen, dp Martin McGrath; Brenda Blethyn, Ray Barrett, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto

Interview, The (Craig Monahan, 1998) wr. Gordon Davie, Craig Monahan, dp Simon Duggan; Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffrey, Paul Sonkkila; 100 min.

Kung Fuji (Garnet Mae, 1998) surfers

Love Brokers (Garnet Mae, 1998) wr. Garnet Mae; Ben Mendelsohn, Megan Connolly, Garnet Mae, Malina Hamilton-Smith, Christopher Mae, Raymond Meyer, Rudy Meyer, Chantelle Corbet; former prostitutes now petty criminals

Lunatic's Ball, The (Michael Thorp, 1998) NZ

Missing, The (Manuela Alberti, 1998) prod. Lynda House, Jim Stark; Fabrizio Bentivoglio, John Moore, David Ngoombujarra, Rebecca Frith, David Franklin, Gosia Dobrowolska

Mr Pumpkin's Big Night Out (Priscilla Cameron, Michelle Warner, 1998)

Murrabinna (Justin Schneider, 1998) 90 min.; going to video through Tribe First Rites films with VideoEzy

Never Tell Me Never (David Elfick, 1998) Claudia Karvan as Janine Shepherd, skier whose legs are injured in traffic accident; broadcast Channel 10, May 1998, 19 December 2001

Occasional Coarse Language (Brad Hayward, 1998) wr. Brad Hayward, prod. Brad Hayward, Trish Piper; Sara Browne, Astrid Grant, Nicholas Bishop, Michael Walker, Lisa Denmeade, Michelle Fillery, Belinda Hoare; Village Roadshow, Flickering Films, Very Chancy Material, romantic comedy, 81 min.

Pastmaster (Steve Jodrell, not made, 1997) wr. Peter Bibby, short story by Lloyd Davies; Nigel Hawthorne; comedy; apparently not funded

Praise (John Curran, 1998) wr. Andrew McGahan based on his novel, prod. Martha Coleman, dp Dion Beebe; Peter Fenton, Sacha Horler, Tex Perkins, Marta Dusseldorp, Joel Edgerton; AFI Nomination 1999; 98 min./100 min.

Quirk (Davor Dirlic, 1998) comedy

Real Macaw, The (Mario Andreacchio, 1998) Jamie Croft, Jason Robards, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Waters, Gerry Connolly

Reflections (Geoffrey Brown, 1998)

Relative Strangers (Rosemary Hesp, 1998) wr. prod. Rosemary Hesp, AFTRS, nominated for a craft award AFI 1998; quasi doco, through voice-over, about guy who was brought up by his grandmother, with his 18 years older mother as his 'sister'; Simon Cooper's story; 12 min.

Savage Honeymoon (Mark Beesley, 1998) NZ

Shifting Sands: From Sand to Celluloid Continued (1998) AFI; indigenous issues; six parts: Tears, My Colour Your Kind, Passing Through, Grace, Promise, My Bed Your Bed; details: Tears (Ivan Sen, 1998) prod. Teresa-Jayne Hanlon; Luke Carroll (Vaughn), Jamilla Frail (Lena), 14 min.; My Colour Your Kind (Daniel McClean, 1998) wr. Daniel McClean; albino Aboriginal girl is in a mission run by Catholic nuns; Passing Through (Mark Olive, 1998); Grace (Wesley Enoch, 1998) London/Cairns; Grace (Justine Saunders) comes home from London to Cairns for a funeral; Promise (Mitch Torres, 1997); Gran remembers her promised husband: they are 'thrown together' and that was 'proper hard'; he looks after her; My Bed Your Bed (Erica Glynn) promised husband is shown to a young girl at a traditional ceremony, later she takes her bed and goes to him

Somewhere in the Darkness (Paul Fenech, 1998) Rowan Witt, Barry Jenkins, Sandy Gutman; drama

Sound of One Hand Clapping, The (Richard Flanagan, 1998) wr. Richard Flanagan from his own novel, prod. Rolf de Heer, exec. prod. Steve Vizard, Andrew Knight, Jackie O'Sullivan, dp. Martin McGrath; Kerry Fox, Kristof Kaczmarek, Rosie Flanagan, Melita Jurisic, Jacek Koman, Evelyn Krape, Essie Davis; 93 min.; Slovenians in Tasmania; mostly positive review by Brian McFarlane, Cinema Papers, 124, May 1998: 36

Sugar Factory, The (Robert Carter, 1998) wr. Robert Carter; Rhondda Findleton, Michaela Noonan, John Waters, Tony Hayes; Best Film Hollywood Film Festival 1998; Matt Day as a mentally disturbed teenager, Harris, tormented by guilt over the death of a child; his half-sister, Christine, was taken away by her mother: he "fretted" and went crazy; also, he shut Rhondda Findleton's daughter in the fridge, playing hide-and-seek, and she died; but he ends up with RF; he tries to make things better, sitting under the house, making bags of "sugar" out of crushed stone

Thin Red Line, The (Terrence Malick, 1998) offshore American production filmed in Qld

Via Satellite (Anthony McCarten, 1998) NZ; comedy

Waste (Tony de Pasquale, 1998) Jon Halpin, Paul Denny, Caroline Dunphy; comedy; made in Brisbane

Weird Ones (John Meagher, 1998) aka I Am Green; wr. Des Waterman; Sam Toomey, Katina Cremona, Ariane DeGeus, John Howitt; comedy; 92 min.; eccentrics visited by alien

When Love Comes (Garth Maxwell, 1998) NZ


Bigger than Tina (Neil Foley, 1999) wr. Neil Foley, production company: Backyard, producers RMIT media arts graduates Neil Foley, Grant Hardie, Ben Milward-Bason, distributor: Palace; mockumentary about Dan Vardy-Cobb (Michael Dalley), a daggy singer-songwriter who aims to be bigger than his idol, Tina Arena

Craic, The (Ted Emery, 1999) prod. David Foster, Mark Gracie, Jimeoin McKeown; Jimeoin McKeown, Alan McKee; comic Jimeoin's first feature, with cliches and stereotypes; Fergus (Jimeoin) and buddy Wesley (Alan McKee) are Belfast backpackers on the run

Cup, The (Khyentse Norbu, 1999) Aust/Bhutan copro

Dags (Murray Fahey, 1999) comedy

Dancing on Glass (Kenneth G. Ross, 1999) wr. Kenneth G. Ross; Joss McWilliam, Dragica Debert, Laurie Hall, Mandy Morris; shown at Byron Bay Nov 1999

Day Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon, The (Michael J. Rivette, 1999) father-son comedy drama

Dear Claudia (Chris Cudlipp, 1999) Bryan Brown, Aleksandra Vujcic (Claudia Keesing); Deborah Mailman works in the post office! they're marooned in the Whitsundays, poor things, and enjoy a tropical holiday living on crab and mango before falling predictably in lerve; true Romance fantasy for the older man and oedipal woman

Dogwatch (Laurie McInnes, 1999) prod. Richard Brennan; Steven Vidler, Russell Kiefel, John Brumpton, Joel Edgerton, Richard Carter, John Alansu, Yew Glynn; 100 min.

Duran Duran (Garnet Mae, 1999) wr. Garnet Mae; Rebekah Emaloglou; action-adventure; set in 2037; skateboarding and snowboarding adventure film of Barbarella proportions

Envy (Julie Money, 1999) aka Snowdrop, The New Girlfriend; wr. Jeff Truman, original screenplay Trevor Shearston, dp Graeme Wood; Linda Cropper, Anna Lise Phillips, Jeff Truman, Scott Major, Abi Tucker, Wade Osborne; thriller; 83 min.; screened Toronto 1999; business woman and mother Kate (Cropper) tracks down Rachel (Phillips), the woman responsible for her home being invaded and her son molested

Erskineville Kings (Alan White, 1999) wr. Anik Chooney [Marty Denniss], dp John Saffield, prod. Julio Caro, Alan White; Marty Denniss (Barky), Hugh Jackman (Wace), Aaron Blabey, Joel Edgerton, Leah Vandenberg, Marin Mimic; the brothers are men now, but discuss intensely their relationships with their mother and father

Eye of the Beholder (Stephan Elliott, 1999) Canada/UK/Aust copro, co-prod. Al Clark; Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Patrick Bergin; mystery thriller

Feeling Sexy (Davida Allen, 1999) Susie Porter (Vicki Myers), Tamblyn Lord

Fresh Air (Neil Mansfield, 1999) wr. Neil Mansfield, prod. Rosemary Blight, Kylie du Fresne; 92 min.

Hildegarde (Di Drew, 1999) Hildegarde is a duck

Holy Smoke (Jane Campion, 1999) Kate Winslet, Harvey Keitel, Tim Robertson, 115 min.

In a Savage Land (Bill Bennett, 1999) wr. & prod. Bill Bennett, Jennifer Bennett; Maya Stange, Martin Harrison, Rufus Sewell, John Howard, Max Cullen; won two AFI awards 1999 (Sound, and Music), nommed for five others (incl. Best Actress); American Martin Harrison is required to play the anthropologist from Harvard

Intermezzo (Jasna Krsmanovic, 1999) wr. prod. Jasna Krsmanovic, dp Bonnie Elliott; Johan Earl (Simon), Jasna Krsmanovic (Director); IMDb score: 3.8 from 85 votes

K (Garnet Mae, 1999) wr. Robert Sullivan, Garnet Mae; fantasy

Kick (Lynda Heys, 1999) wr. Stuart Beattie; Matt Grant, Claire Andrews, Martin Henderson, Radha Mitchell, Paul Mercurio; champion high school rugby player has a secret desire to be a dancer

Little White Lies (Pauline Chan, 1999) crime thriller; Mimi Rogers, Andrew McFarlance, Temuera Morrison, Nicholas Hope, Linda Cropper

Me Myself I (Pip Karmel, 1999) (Philippa Karmel) Rachel Griffiths; comedy; opened Perth 20 April 2000; clever plot, brilliantly played out; 'feel-good' movie; fast-lane journalist Pamela Drury (wonderfully played by Rachel Griffiths) is taken back in her life and is given the 'what if' test to the max; she experiences the life she would have had, had she made a different choice in her past

Muggers (Dean Murphy, 1999) prod. David Redman, Nigel Odell; Matt Day, Jason Barry as medical sts; comedy; 97 min.

Original Schtick (Maciek Wszelaki, 1999) Robert Fischer; doco about con artist, shot on video

Paperback Hero (Anthony J. Bowman, 1999) prod. Lance Reynolds, John Winter; Claudia Karvan, Hugh Jackman, Angie Milliken, Andrew S. Gilbert, Jeanie Drynan; 96 min.

Passion: The Story of Percy Grainger (Peter Duncan, 1999) prod. Matt Carroll; Richard Roxburgh, Barbara Hershey, Emily Woof, Claudia Karvan, Simon Burke, Linda Cropper, Julia Blake

Powder Burn (Stephen Prime, 1999) Gillian Phillips, Tim Nicholls, Gregory J. Read; released 19 August 1999, Sydney; going to video through Tribe First Rites films with VideoEzy; 96 min.

Radiance (Rachel Perkins, 1998) wr. Louis Nowra, play and screenplay, prod. Ned Lander, Andrew Myer; dp Warwick Thornton; Deborah Mailman (Nona), Rachael Maza (Cressy), Trisha Morton-Thomas (Mae); story of reunion between three Aboriginal sisters

Redball (Jon Hewitt, 1999) wr. Jon Hewitt, prod. Meredith King, Phillip Parslow; Belinda McClory, John Brumpton, Frank Magree; crime story, shot on DV (digital video); "street slice of cops under pressure"

In the Red (Glenn Ruehland, 1999) aka Redlined, aka Red Lined; Damian Bradford, Allison Cratchley, Terry Serio; revhead action

Sally Marshall is not an Alien (Mario Andreacchio, 1999) prod. Terry Charatsis, Micheline Charest; Helen Neville

Saturday Night (James Balian, 1999) Alison Whyte, Aaron Pedersen

Secret Men's Business (Ken Cameron, 1999) telemovie, wr. Nicholas Hammond, Christopher Lee; Ben Mendelsohn, Marcus Graham, Simon Baker, Jeremy Sims, Jeremy Callaghan, Maya Stange, Joel Edgerton

Shooting Blanks (Davor Dirlic, 1999) Wayne Hope, Tess Masters, Mark Pegler; romcom?

Siam Sunset (John Polson, 1999) prod. Al Clark; AFI Nomination 1999; Linus Roache, Danielle Cormack, Ian Bliss, Roy Billing

Soft Fruit (Christina Andreef, 1999) prod. Helen Bowden, exec. prod. Jane Campion; Genevieve Lemon, Jeanie Drynan, Sacha Horler, Linal Haft, Russell Dykstra; AFI Nomination 1999; bunch of Florence Nightingales come home to nurse their dying mum

Spank! (Ernie Clark, 1999) prod. David Lightfoot

Strange Fits of Passion (Elise McCredie, 1999) prod. Lucy MacLaren, dp James Grant; Michela Noonan, Mitchel Butel; coming-of-age black comedy drama

Strange Planet (Emma-Kate Croghan, 1999) prod. Stavros Kazantzidis; Naomi Watts, Claudia Karvan, Felix Williamson, Tom Long; romantic comedy; 96 min.

Sydney: A Story of a City (Bruce Beresford & Geoff Burton, 1999) wr. John Izzard, Stephen Sewell; Lucy Bell, Phil Gerlach, Paul Mercurio, Sue Milliken; IMAX promo for Sydney Olympics

Two Hands (Gregor Jordan, 1999) prod. Marian Macgowan; 103 min.; Heath Ledger, Bryan Brown, Rose Byrne, David Field, Susie Porter, Tom Long, Steven Vidler, Tony Forrow, Mariel McClorey; Film Critics Circle Best Film Award and the Urban Cinefile/Telstra Movies Readers award for Favourite Australian Film for 1999; 1999 AFI awards for Best Film, Best Supporting Actor (Bryan Brown), Best Direction, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted (Ian Mune, 1999) Temuera Morrison (Jake the Muss), Rena Owen; NZ

Without Warning (Catherine Millar, 1999) TV, wr. Peter Yeldham; Arkie Whiteley; 'What do you do if you're being stalked ... by a cop?'

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