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Stephen Amis

A graduate of the Swinburne Film and Television School in Melbourne, he established Revolution Pictures, and wrote, produced and directed his first micro-budget feature, the social-realist drama, See Jack Run. Stephen's concern for the environment saw him write, produce and direct a second micro-budget feature, the enviro-comedy, The Alive Tribe. He co-wrote, produced and directed the romantic comedy, The Real Thing, and Virus (short). In 2009, Stephen was selected as one of three producers from Australia to attend Cinemart, the Rotterdam film festival co-production market. He has acted as a cinematographer on more than forty short films, high-end television commercials, network documentaries and several innovative TV series.

See Jack Run (Stephen Amis, 1991) wr. Stephen Amis from play Who Cares by Gillian M. Wadds; Trent Mooney, Molly Brumm, Ellisa Holloway; social-realist drama

Alive Tribe, The (Stephen Amis, 1996) wr. Stephen Amis; Craig Adams, Ian Scott, John Arnold, Suzie Dee, Peter Moon, John Clarke; student radicalism; 95 min.

Real Thing, The (Stephen Amis, 2002) wr. Stephen Amis, Adam Browne, Ross Buchanan, Kate Fischer, Ross Buchanan, John Arnold; romance

25th Reich, The (Stephen Amis, 2012) wr. Stephen Amis, Serge De Nardo, David Richardson from novel 50,000 Years until Tomorow by J.J. Solomon; Jim Knobeloch, Serge De Nardo, Angelo Salamanca; war fantasy scifi

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