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Mario Andreacchio

(1955- )

Selected filmography

Fair Game (Mario Andreacchio, 1986) aka She Was Fair Game; three kangaroo hunters terrorise isolate woman; shot around Burra, SA

Captain Johnno (Mario Andreacchio, 1988) telemovie; John Waters, Damien Walters, Rebecca Sykes, Michele Fawdon, Joe Petruzzi, Elspeth Ballantyne; deaf boy is befriended by Italian fisherman

The Dreaming (Mario Andreacchio, 1988) Arthur Dignam, Penny Cook, Gary Sweet; doctor treats a sick aborigine, who had defied a tribal taboo and visited a sacred cave; she soon finds herself having disturbing dreams and involved in a 200-year-old mystery

Napoleon (Mario Andreacchio, Michael Bourcher, 1993) Napoleon is a dog

The Real Macaw (Mario Andreacchio, 1998) Jamie Croft, Jason Robards, Deborra-Lee Furness, John Waters, Gerry Connolly

Sally Marshall is not an Alien (Mario Andreacchio, 1999) prod. Terry Charatsis, Micheline Charest; Helen Neville

Young Blades (Mario Andreacchio, 2001) the Three Musketeers when young; NOT Australasian

Paradise Found (Mario Andreacchio, 2003) wr. Mario Andreacchio, John Goldsmith; Kiefer Sutherland, Nastassja Kinski, Alun Armstrong, Thomas Heinze, Chris Haywood, Nicholas Hope, Marco Andreacchio; biopic of Paul Gauguin; Aust/UK/Fr/Ger copro

Elephant Tales (Mario Andreacchio, 2006) Aust/Fr copro; African animals photographed naturally (not animated), with voices added

Dragon Pearl, The (Mario Andreacchio, 2011) Sam Neill, Li Lin Jin, Louis Corbett; family adventure

Tying the Knot (Nadia Tass, pre-production 2013, for shoot 2014) wr. David Parker, copro Parker-Tass with China Film Assist Co, exec prod Mario Andreacchio; comedy: groom wrongly jailed; apparently not made

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