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Bert Bailey

Bailey was born in New Zealand on 11 June 1868 and was raised in Sydney. He first entered vaudeville as a tambourine player and singer, and in 1889 joined a touring theatrical company led by [Edmund] Duggan. In 1900 he became a comedian with William Anderson's company in Sydney, but retained a close working relationship with Duggan. His most famous role by far was the part of Dad Rudd in On Our Selection, which he played repeatedly from 1912 until 1940, initially on stage and later on screen. He died in Sydney on 30 March 1953. Pike & Cooper: 10.

Bert Bailey directed only this one film.

The Squatter's Daughter (Bert Bailey, 1910) aka The Land of the Wattle, from the play by Bert Bailey & Edmund Duggan, dp Orrie Perry; Olive Wilton, Bert Bailey, Edmund Duggan; 6000 ft

He also produced two films.

On Our Selection (Ken G. Hall, 1932) aka Down on the Farm, Cinesound Productions, prod. Bert Bailey, wr. Bert Bailey, Ken G. Hall from works of Steele Rudd, dp Walter Sully, sound Arthur Smith, Clive Cross, technical support Bert Cross; Bert Bailey, Fred MacDonald, Alfreda Bevan; 99 min.

Grandad Rudd (Ken G. Hall, 1935) aka Ruling the Roost, wr. Victor Roberts, George D. Parker from the play by Bert Bailey adapted from stories by Steele Rudd, Cinesound Productions, prod. Bert Bailey, Ken G. Hall, dp Frank Hurley, George Heath; Bert Bailey, Fred MacDonald, George Lloyd; 90 min.

But it is an actor that he is best known, particularly as Dad Rudd in the Ken G. Hall On Our Selection films.

The Christian (Franklyn Barrett [?] 1911) dp Franklyn Barrett; Roy Redgrave [father of Sir Michael], Eugenie Duggan, Rutland Beckett, Bert Bailey; 2500 ft, 28 min.

Dad and Dave Come To Town (Ken G. Hall, 1938) aka The Rudd Family Goes to Town; Cinesound Productions, prod. Ken G. Hall, wr. Ken G. Hall, vaguely based on stories by Steele Rudd; Peter Finch's first film; Bert Bailey, Shirley Ann Richards, Fred MacDonald; 97 min.

Dad Rudd, M.P. (Ken G. Hall, 1940) Cinesound Features, prod. Ken G. Hall, wr. Frank Harvey, Bart Bailey, dp George Heath; Bert Bailey, Connie Martyn, Yvonne East, Fred MacDonald; 83 min.stories by Steele Rudd

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