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Gil Brealey

Gil (Gilbert) Brealey (born 1932) is best known as a producer, but has also directed one feature film, Annie's Coming Out and written one telemovie, Harvest Of Hate—in addition to work in TV.

Sunday in Melbourne (Gil Brealey, Paul Olsen, 1958) experimental short, 22 min.

Where Dead Men Lie (Keith Gow, 1971) from 'screenplay' by Henry Lawson, prod. Gil Brealey, dp John Rhodes, Dean Semler, ed. Rod Adamson; Howie Debney, Anne Haddy, Jerome 'Jock' Levy, Sneider Brown, David Webb, Steven Millikan, Max Cullen (voice), Jack Thompson (voice); short

Three to Go (Peter Weir, Brian Hannant, Oliver Howes, 1971) prod. Gil Brealey, Commonwealth Film Unit, dp Kerry Brown, ed. Wayne Le Clos; Michael, dir. Peter Weir, wr. Peter Weir; Grahame Bond, Matthew Burton, Peter Colville, Betty Lucas, Judy McBurney, Georgina West; Judy, dir. Brian Hannant, wr. Brian Hannant, music Grahame Bond, Rory O'Donoghue; Brian Anderson, Gary Day, Serge Lazareff, Judy Morris, Cliff Neate, Wendy Playfair, Penny Ramsay, Mary Ann Severne; Toula, dir. Oliver Howes, wr. Oliver Howes; Gabrial Battikha, Erica Crown, Joe Hasham, Rina Ioannou, Andrew Pappas; B&W, 35mm, 89 min.

Flashpoint (Brian Hannant, 1972) wr. Brian Hannant, prod. Gil Brealey; Serge Lazareff (David), Wyn Roberts (Foxy), Jan Kingsbury (Vicky); newcomer to a mining town in north-west Australia where men outnumber women fifty to one, finds that the flashpoint in human conflict is set dangerously low; WA

Sunday Too Far Away (Ken Hannam, 1975) prod. Gil Brealey, Matt Carroll, South Australian Film Corporation, wr. John Dingwall, dp Geoff Burton, music Patrick Flynn; Jack Thompson, Max Cullen, Robert Bruning, Jerry Thomas, Peter Cummins, John Ewart, Sean Scully, Reg Lye, Graham Smith, Ken Shorter, Lisa Peers, Ken Shorter; 90 min.

Harvest Of Hate (Michael Thornhill, 1978) telemovie, wr. Wal Cherry, Gil Brealey; Michael Aitkens, Dennis Grosvenor, Kris McQuade, Richard Meikle; action-drama set in Palestine in the late 1940s, OR thriller about couple who discover terrorist training camp in outback

Dusty (John Richardson, 1983) prod. Gil Brealey, wr. Sonia Borg from novel by Frank Dalby Davison; Bill Kerr, Noel Trevarthen, Carol Burns; Dusty is a sheepdog; children's

Annie's Coming Out (Gil Brealey, 1984) aka A Test of Love; prod. Don Murray for Film Australia, wr. Chris Borthwick, John Patterson; Eastman colour, 35 mm, 96 min.; based on true story of and book by Rosemary Crossley & Anne McDonald, dp Mick von Bornemann, music Simon Walker, design Robbie Perkins, ed. Lindsey Fraser; Simon Chilvers, Wallas Eaton, Drew Forsythe, Ray Meagher, Monica Maughan, Angela Punch McGregor, Liddy Clark, Tina Arhondis (Annie O'Farrell); physically disabled child wrongly diagnosed as mentally retarded, social worker (Punch McGregor) rescues her; biopic

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