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Nigel Buesst

Fun Radio (Nigel Buesst, 1969) short; 12 min.; 'had a busy soundtrack with about six tracks going at once, all centred around 3UZ, rock bands, surf, sun, the whole sort of culture that was presumed by radio stations to be the current discourse of youth' (Buesst)

The Twentieth (Nigel Buesst, 1966) short doco of the 20th Aust Jazz Convention; 27 min.

The Rise and Fall of Squizzy Taylor (Nigel Buesst, 1969) Brian Davies (as Squizzy Taylor); biopic doco; 53 min.

Nothing Like Experience (Peter Carmody, 1970) dp Nigel Buesst - as 'Norton Bradshaw'; Bill Garner, John Romeril, Martin Phelan, Tim Burstall, Nigel Buesst; 50 min.

Brake Fluid (Brian Davies, 1970) wr. Brian Davies, dp Nigel Buesst; Graeme Blundell, Peter Carmody, Dave Downey, John Duigan, Kerry Dwyer, Alan Finney, Bill Garner; 51 min.

Dead Easy (Nigel Buesst, 1970) wr. prod. Nigel Buesst, dp Vincent Monton; Peter Carmody, Kurt Beimel, Anna Raknes, Peter Cummins, David Carr, Brian Davies, Mark McManus, Bruce Spence; 53 min.

The Destruction of St Patrick's College (Nigel Buesst, 1971) short doco? 8 min.

Bonjour Balwyn (Nigel Buesst, 1971) wr. John Romeril, Nigel Buesst, John Duigan, dp Tom Cowan; John Duigan, Peter Cummins, John Romeril, Patricia Condon, Barbara Stephens, Reg Newson, Camilla Rowntree, Marcel Cugola, Jim Nicholas, Alan Finney, Peter Carmody, Geoff Gardner; 'satirical comedy'; 60 min.

Come Out Fighting (Nigel Buesst, 1973) wr. Harry Martin from his play, dp Byron Kennedy; Michael Karpaney, Joey Collins, Bethany Lee , Cliff Neate, Peter Green (Rocko Garibaldi), Kris McQuade ('Sporting World' hostess), John Duigan (student); Aboriginal boxer drama; 50 min.

Jacka VC (Nigel Buesst, 1978) doco? 47 min.

Jazz Scrapbook (Nigel Buesst, 1983) doco? 73 min.

Compo (Nigel Buesst, 1987) wr. Abe Pogos from his play; Jeremy Stanford, Bruce Kerr, Chris Barry, Elizabeth Crockett, Cliff Neate, Rowan Woods, Peter Hosking, Leo Regan, Darryl Emmerson; comedy; 83 min.

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