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Geoff Burton

Geoff Burton is a cinematographer with a very impressive CV, who has also co-directed a feature or two, a telemovie, and some docos

As director

Lawrence of Arabia: Master Illusionist (Geoff Burton & Michael Caulfield, 1983) apparently a doco; 120 min.

Sum of Us, The (Geoff Burton & Kevin Dowling, 1994) Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson, Deborah Kennedy; review by Jan Epstein in Murray 1995: 395; 96 min.

Aftershocks (Geoff Burton, 1998) 1989 earthquake at Newcastle Workers Club

Sydney: A Story of a City (Bruce Beresford & Geoff Burton, 1999) wr. John Izzard, Stephen Sewell; Lucy Bell, Phil Gerlach, Paul Mercurio, Sue Milliken; IMAX promo for Sydney Olympics

As cinematographer

(only a few of the 66 titles only; see IMDb for more)

Sunday Too Far Away (Ken Hannam, 1975) prod. Gil Brealey, Matt Carroll, South Australian Film Corporation, wr. John Dingwall, dp Geoff Burton, music Patrick Flynn; Jack Thompson, Max Cullen, Robert Bruning, Jerry Thomas, Peter Cummins, John Ewart, Sean Scully, Reg Lye, Graham Smith, Ken Shorter, Lisa Peers, Ken Shorter; 90 min.

Fourth Wish, The (Don Chaffey, 1976) prod. John Morris for Galaxy Productions and South Australian Film Corporation, wr. Michael Craig, from his television serial, dp Geoff Burton, design David Copping, music Tristan Carey; John Meillon, Robert Bettles, Robyn Nevin, Brian Anderson, Michael Craig, Cul Cullen, Julie Dawson, Les Foxcroft, Ron Haddrick, Ann Haddy, Brian James; dying boy to get three last wishes: the father's is the fourth wish; colour, 35mm, 105 min.

Storm Boy (Henri Safran, 1976) prod. Matt Carroll for South Australian Film Corporation, wr. Sonia Borg, from novel by Colin Thiele, dp Geoff Burton, music Michael Carlos, design David Copping, ed. G. Turney-Smith; Greg Rowe, David Gulpilil, Peter Cummins, Judy Dick, Grant Page; white boy befriends pelican and outcast Aborigine, Fingerbone Bill, banished by his Kunai people, Adelaide, colour, 93 min.

Picture Show Man, The (John Power, 1977) prod. Joan Long for Limelight Productions, wr. Joan Long from Penn's Pictures on Tour by Lyle Penn, dp Geoff Burton, music Peter Best, design David Copping; Tony Barry, Patrick Cargill, Sally Conabee, Jeanie Drynan, John Ewart, Harold Hopkins, Garry McDonald, John Meillon, Judy Morris, Grant Page, Rod Taylor; Melbourne, colour, 35mm, 98 min.

Blue Fin (Carl Schultz, 1978) wr. Sonia Borg, novel by Colin Thiele; prod. Hal McElroy, dp Geoff Burton; Hardy Kruger, Greg Rowe; children, family; 88 min.

Stir (Stephen Wallace, 1980) aka The Promoting of Mr Smith; wr. Bob Jewson, prod. Richard Brennan for Smiley Films, dp Geoff Burton, music Cameron Allen, design Lee Whitmore, ed. Henry Dangar; Bryan Brown, Max Phipps, Dennis Miller, Michael Gow, Phil Motherwell, Gary Waddell, Ray Marshall; prison drama; filmed Gladstone Jail, SA; Eastman colour, 35mm, 100 min.

Midnite Spares (Quentin Masters, 1983) prod. Tom Burstall for Wednesday Investments, wr. Terry Larsen, dp Geoff Burton, music Cameron Allen, design George Liddle, ed. Andrew Prowse; Max Cullen, Bruce Spence, David Argue, John Clayton, Tony Barry, Terry Camilleri, introducing Gia Carides, Jonathan Coleman, James Laurie (Steve), Graeme Blundell; 'B' grade crime movie: the stolen car industry; anti-Viet racism; Eastman colour, 35mm, 97 min.

I Can't Get Started (Rodney Fisher, 1985) wr. Ron Harding, prod. Richard Brennan, dp Geoff Burton; Ben Gabriel, John Waters, Milorad Mihajlovic; 96 min.

Boy Who Had Everything, The (Stephen Wallace, 1985) prod. Richard Mason, Julia Overton for Alfred Road Films, wr. Stephen Wallace, dp Geoff Burton, production design Ross Major, ed. Henry Dangar, music: Raph Schneider; Jason Connery, Diane Cilento, Nique Needles, Laura Williams; drama; colour, 35 mm, 94 min.

Winds of Jarrah, The (Mark Egerton, 1985) prod. Mark Egerton and Marj Pearson for Film Corporation of Western Australia, WA, wr. Mark Egerton, based on a storyline, characters and screenplay by Anne Brooksbank and Bob Ellis, based on the novel The House in the Timberwoods by Joyce Dingwell, 1959, dp Geoff Burton; location: Dorrigo, NSW; first film adapted from a Mills & Boon novel; set in 1946; originally to be shot in Pemberton; Isabelle Anderson, Steve Bisley, Terence Donovan, Harold Hopkins, Susan Lyons, Emil Minty, Martin Vaughan, Dorothy Alison, Nikki Gemmell, Steven Grives, Mark Kounnas, Bill McCluskey; Eastman colour, 35 mm, wide screen, 94 min.

Nostradamus Kid, The (Bob Ellis, 1993) wr. Bob Ellis, dp Geoff Burton; Noah Taylor, Miranda Otto, Arthur Dignam, Peter Gwynne, Jack Campbell, Erick Mitsak, Loene Carmen, Alice Garner, Lucy Bell, Jeanette Cronin, Hec McMillan, Colin Friels, Bob Maza

Hotel Sorrento (Richard Franklin, 1995) wr. Richard Franklin, Peter Fitzpatrick, play Hannie Rayson, dp Geoff Burton; Joan Plowright, Caroline Goodall, Tara Morice, Caroline Gillmer, Ray Barrett, John Hargreaves, Nicholas Bell, Ben Thomas; AFI Best Screenplay, Supporting Actor (Barrett)

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