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John Darling

John Darling (1946-2011) was an Australian documentary film maker who did most of his work in Bali.

John Darling was born in Melbourne in 1946, the only son of an establishment family. ... His films shown on mainstream television in Australia, Asia and Europe included Bali Hash, Slow Boat from Surabaya, Master of the Shadow and Bali Triptych. Veteran Australian writer and broadcaster Phillip Adams described Triptych as 'one of the most elegant, scholarly and beautifully made documentary series … When you see Darling’s loving, luscious, literate films, you’ll understand why.' Duncan Graham, Jakarta Post.

Lempad of Bali (John Darling, 1980) 56 min.
Master of the Shadows (John Darling, 1984) 2 x 25 min.
Bali Triptych (John Darling, 1987) 3 x 58 min.
Slow Boat from Surabaya (1988) 52 min.
Bali Hash (John Darling, 1989) 53 min.
Below the Wind (John Darling, 1994) Electric Pictures, 54 min.
The Healing of Bali (John Darling, 2003) documentary broadcast on The Cutting Edge, SBS, Tuesday 7 October 2003

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