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Susan Murphy Dermody

Susan Murphy aka Susan Dermody has directed just the one feature (as Susan Murphy Dermody). She is also known (as Susan Dermody) as the author and/or editor of two or three books. She is the mother of actress (or actor) Maeve Dermody.

As Director

Breathing Under Water (Susan Murphy Dermody, 1992) Anne Louise Lambert, Kristoffer Greaves, Maeve Dermody; art film

As Author

Susan Dermody & Elizabeth Jacka 1987, The Screening of Australia, Vol. 1: Anatomy of a Film Industry, Currency Press, Sydney.

Susan Dermody & Elizabeth Jacka 1988, The Screening of Australia, vol. 2: Anatomy of a National Cinema, Currency Press, Sydney.

Susan Dermody & Elizabeth Jacka eds 1988, The Imaginary Industry: Australian Film in the late '80s, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Sydney.

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