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Roger Donaldson

Born in Australia in 1945, Roger Donaldson went to live in New Zealand in 1965, where he made in Sleeping Dogs in 1977, after working in TV.

Burt Munro: Offerings to the God of Speed (Roger Donaldson, 1971) NZBC, Aardvark Films, 26 min.; doco about Burt Munro, about whom Donaldson made a feature film released 2006

Australasian features

Sleeping Dogs (Roger Donaldson, 1977) wr. Christian K. Stead (novel Smith's Dream—as Karl Stead), Ian Mune, Arthur Baysting, prod. Roger Donaldson, Larry Parr, dp Michael Seresin, gaffer Alun Bollinger; Sam Neill, Warren Oates, Nevan Rowe, Ian Mune; NZ

Nutcase (Roger Donaldson, 1980) wr. Keith Aberdein, Ian Mune, prod. Aardvark Films, Endeavour Productions, NZFC, dp Graeme Cowley, grip Stuart Dryburgh; Nevan Rowe, Ian Watkin, Michael Wilson, Ian Mune; NZ

Smash Palace (Roger Donaldson, 1981) wr. Roger Donaldson, Peter Hansard, Bruno Lawrence, prod. Roger Donaldson, Larry Parr, dp Graeme Cowley, gaffer Stuart Dryburgh; Bruno Lawrence, Anna Maria Monticelli (as Anna Jemison), Greer Robson, Keith Aberdein; NZ

Young Detectives On Wheels, The (Roger Donaldson, 2005) family; NZ

World's Fastest Indian, The (Roger Donaldson, 2006) Invercargill, NZ; Anthony Hopkins; life of Burt Munro who set land speed records on his Indian Scout motorcycle; Australian release 6 April 2006; DVD available 8 November 2006

Roger Donaldson also directed a large number of films for/in the USA: The Bounty (1984) a UK/USA copro, Marie, No Way Out, Cocktail, Cadillac Man, White Sands, The Getaway, Species, Dante's Peak, Thirteen Days, The Recruit, The Bank Job, Seeking Justice, and November Man.

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