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Di Drew

Di Drew was an early AFTRS graduate. Her first feature (of only two) was expensive and not seen as successful, and she mostly worked (successfully) in TV as a result.

Right Hand Man, The (Di Drew, 1987) wr. Kathleen Peyton (novel), Helen Hodgman, Steven Grives; Rupert Everett, Hugo Weaving, Arthur Dignam, Jennifer Claire, Catherine McClements, Ralph Cotterill; stagecoach driver goes to work for a dying, one-armed aristocrat in 1860s; budget $5.5 million; location: Bathurst, NSW; dist. GUO; opened 21 November

Trouble in Paradise (Di Drew, 1989) telemovie; Raquel Welch, Jack Thompson, Nicholas Hammond; VHS, no DVD; 89 min.

Whipping Boy (Di Drew, 1996) telemovie; novel Gabrielle Lord; Sigrid Thornton, Temuera Morrison, Tammy McIntosh; state inquiry into a pedophile/pornography racket

Hildegarde (Di Drew, 1999) aka Hildegarde: A Duck Down Under; Richard E. Grant, Tom Long, Tara Morice; Hildegarde is a duck; children's; Qld

Through My Eyes (Di Drew, 2004) dp Phil Cross; telemovie; Miranda Otto (Lindy Chamberlain), Craig McLachlan (Michael Chamberlain), Peter O'Brien; disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain; shot in and around Brisbane, Qld; broadcast November 2004 Ch7

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