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Keith Gow

Sydney, 1921-1987. Director and cinematographer, known for The Forever Living (1954), The Cars That Ate Paris (1974) and The Claim (1977). He was married to Rosemary Barton and Nan Gow. Directed fifteen shorts and two documentaries.

From the Tropics to the Snow (Richard Mason & Jack Lee, 1964) dp Keith Gow; parody doco

Where Dead Men Lie (Keith Gow, 1971) from 'screenplay' by Henry Lawson, prod. Gil Brearley, dp John Rhodes, Dean Semler, ed. Rod Adamson; Howie Debney, Anne Haddy, Jerome 'Jock' Levy, Sneider Brown, David Webb, Steven Millikan, Max Cullen (voice), Jack Thompson (voice); short

Now You're Talking (Keith Gow, 1979) wr. Keith Gow, narrated by Leo McKern; third part, 1930-1940, of The History of Australian Cinema

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