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Arthur Higgins

Arthur Higgins co-directed two films, and co-produced another, but is best known for his many films as a cinematographer.

Long, Long Way To Tipperary, A (George Dean, 1914) prod. Higgins Brothers, Ernest Higgins

Odds On (Arthur Higgins, 1928) Arthur Higgins Productions, wr. Arthur Higgins, dp Arthur Higgins, Tasman Higgins; Phyllis Gibbs, 'Check' Hayes, Stella Southern, Arthur Tauchert; racecourse drama, shot on location at Randwick; 6300ft; lost

Fellers (Arthur Higgins, Austin Fay, 1930) Artaus Productions, wr. Ashley Durham, dp Tasman Higgins; Arthur Tauchert, Jean Duncan, Les Coney; Aust Light Horse in Palestine during WW1; early talkie; comic adventures of three mates; 8000 ft

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