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Ben Lewin

Ben Lewin, born Poland 1946, has also worked in the USA, and written and directed for TV.

The Dunera Boys (Ben Lewin, 1985) mini-series; prod. Bob Weis; also released on tape as a film

Georgia (Ben Lewin, 1989) aka Difficult Woman; Judy Davis; photographer; investigation of murder; see Jonathan Rayner 2000: 51-53; Paul Kalina in Murray 1995: 276; mystery thriller; 90 min.

Lucky Break (Ben Lewin, 1994) aka The Cure; Gia Carides, Anthony LaPaglia, Rebecca Gibney, Jacek Koman; review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 387

The Sessions (Ben Lewin, 2012) NOT an Australasian film, but included here as it was the trigger for an Australian Story program on ABC on 22 October 2012 about Ben Lewin and Judi Levine: nominee for Best Film at the Academy Awards 2013

Falling for Figaro (Ben Lewin, 2020) wr. Ben Lewin, Allen Palmer; Joanna Lumley, Shazad Latif, Danielle Macdonald, Gary Lewis, Hugh Skinner; romcom

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