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Louise Lovely (and Wilton Welch)

Louise Lovely (Nellie Louise Alberti, 1895-1980, aka Louise Carbasse) wrote and directed Jewelled Nights (1925) in association with her husband, a gay actor. She was also the star of such films. There was an attempt one year to name the nameless AFI (now AACTA) awards the 'Lovelys' (like the Oscars). It did not catch on.


Gordon Collingridge and Louise Lovely in Jewelled Nights

One Hundred Years Ago (Gaston Mervale, 1911) Australian Life Biograph Company; wr. P.W. Marony; Louise Carbasse [Louise Lovely] (Judith), Harrie Ireland, A.J. Patrick, Godfrey Cass, Alf Scarlett, James Martin, Harry Beaumont; 2000ft

Tale Of The Australian Bush, A (Gaston Mervale, 1911) aka Ben Hall, The Notorious Bushranger; Australian Life Biograph Company, wr. P.W. Marony; A.J. Patrick (Ben Hall), Godfrey Cass (Melville), Harry Beaumont (Gilbert), James Martin (Keightley), Gilbert Emery (Chief of Police), Harrie Ireland (Mrs Keightley), Isma Owen (Robbie Hall), Louise Carbasse [Louise Lovely] (Mrs Hall); 2500 ft

Jewelled Nights (Louise Lovely, Wilton Welch, 1925) wr. Louise Lovely, Wilton Welch from novel by Marie Bjelke Petersen; prod. Louise Lovely, Wilton Welch; Louise Lovely, Gordon Collingridge, Godfrey Cass; osmiridium mining in Tasmania

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