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Giorgio Mangiamele

Born Sicilia 1926, died Melbourne 2001

Contratto, Il (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1953) b/w; incomplete at the time of the film-maker's death, without soundtrack; has been restored by NFSA; first film about the Italian migration experience, 92 min.

Unwanted (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1955) short

The Brothers (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1958) short

Spag, The (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1962) 37 min.

Ninety-Nine Per Cent (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1963) 43 min.

The Boys in the Age of Machines (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1964)

Clay (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1965) aka Argilla; wr. dp. ed. Giorgio Mangiamele; first art movie, according to O'Regan 1996: 171, 223; 85 min.

Beyond Reason (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1970) dp Giorgio Mangiamele; drama, thriller; patients locked in bunker of mental hospital during atomic warfare attack; 84 min.

Sapos (Giorgio Mangiamele, 1979-82)

The Giorgio Mangiamele Collection, available from Ronin Films, contains Il Contratto, two versions of The Spag (released and unrelased), Ninety-Nine Per Cent, and Clay.

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