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Don McLennan

Wet Clay (Don McLennan, 1974) dp ed. Zbigniew Friedrich; short

Hard Knocks (Don McLennan, 1980) aka Sam; prod. Hilton Bonner, Don McLennan for Andromeda Productions, wr. Hilton Bonner, Don McLennan, dp Peter Friedrich, ed. Peter Friedrich; Tracy Mann, Bill Hunter, Kirsty Grant, Tony Barry, Max Cullen, Bill Hunter; Melbourne girl tries not to go back to prison; Eastman colour, 35mm from 16mm, 90 min.

Slate, Wyn and Me (Don McLennan, 1987) Film Victoria; ed. Zbigniew Friedrich, production design Patrick Reardon, music Trevor Lucas & Ian Mason, dp David Connell, story editor Tom Burstall, exec. producers Antony I. Ginnane & William Fayman, novel Slate & Me and Blanche McBride Georgia Savage, screenplay Don McLennan, prod. Tom Burstall; Sigrid Thornton (Blanche), Simon Burke (Wyn), Martin Sacks (Slate), Tommy Lewis (Morgan), Lesley Baker (Molly), Harold Baigent (Sammy), Michelle Torres (Daphne), Murray Fahey (Martin), Taya Straton (Pippa), Julia MacDougall (Del Downer), Peter Cummins (Old Man Downer), Reg Gorman (Wilkinson), Warren Owens (Tommy), Eric McPhan, Simon Westaway (policemen), Kurt von Schneider (truck driver), 91 min.; review by Joanne Murray-Smith in Cinema Papers, 65, September 1987: 53-54; extract repr. in Murray 1995: 229

Breakaway (Don McLennan, 1989) aka Escape from Madness; Bruce Boxleitner, Bruce Myles, Deborah Unger, Toni Scanlan, Terry Gill; action-adventure; prison escapee takes hostage

Mull (Don McLennan, 1989) aka Mullaway (video); Nadine Garner, Bill Hunter, Mary Coustas, Nick Giannopoulos; "Mull" is the nickname of main character 17-year-old Phoebe Mullens (Nadine Garner) whose mother contracts Hodgkinson's disease; rites-of-passage story and social drama; Melbourne

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