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Monica Pellizzari

Monica Pellizzari (b. 1960, Sydney) grew up as the child of Italian parents in Australia. She started her film career as production assistant on Peter Weir's The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). She studied literature at the University of New South Wales, directing and screenplay at the Australian Film & Television School and directing at the Film School of Rome. Pellizzari has written and directed for radio, theatre and film.


Dry Dock (1984, doco)

Velo nero (1987, short)

Rabbit on the Moon (1987, short)

Talking Trade (1988, short)

No no, Nonno! (1990, short)

Just Desserts (1992, short)

Best Wishes (episode TV-series Under the Skin, 1993)

Sex & All That Stuff (1993, short)

Fistful of Flies (feature, 1996)

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