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Lee Robinson

The Phantom Stockman (Lee Robinson, 1953) Chips Rafferty, Charles Tingwell, Rod Taylor; produced by Southern International (Lee Robinson, Chips Rafferty)

King of the Coral Sea (Lee Robinson, 1954) produced by Southern International (Lee Robinson & Chips Rafferty); Chips Rafferty, Charles Tingwell, Ilma Adey, Rod Taylor, Reg Lye

Walk into Paradise (Lee Robinson & Giorgio Pagliero, 1956) aka Walk into Hell; produced by Southern International (Lee Robinson & Chips Rafferty); 93 min.; exploring PNG; action adventure; filmed in both French and English

Dust in the Sun (Lee Robinson, 1958) Southern International; novel, Justin Bayard, by Jon Cleary; Jill Adams, Ken Wayne (Justin Bayard), Maureen Lanagan, James Forrest, Robert Tudawali (Emu Foot), Jack Hume, Henry Murdoch, Reg Lye, Alan Light; Justin Bayard is a Northern Territory policeman taking an Aboriginal captive, Emu Foot, to Alice Springs to be tried for a tribal killing

Stowaway (Lee Robinson & Ralph Habib, 1958) aka Le passager clandestin; novel by Georges Simenon; Southern International; dp Desmond Dickinson, assistant editor Anthony Buckley (his first feature); Martine Carol, Karlheinz Böhm, Serge Reggiani, Arletty, Roger Livesey, Reg Lye, Maea Flohr; aventure drama

Restless and the Damned, The (Yves Allegret, 1959) aka L'ambitieuse, The Climbers, The Dispossessed; French/Italian/Aust coprop; last of features (partly) from the Lee Robinson & Chips Rafferty production team; filmed partly in Tahiti; Edmond O'Brien, Richard Basehart, Andréa Parisy, Nicole Berger, Nigel Lovell, Reg Lye; drama; commercially unsuccessful, theatrically released only in French

Skippy and the Intruders (Lee Robinson, 1969) Ed Devereaux, Tony Bonner, Ken James, Garry Pankhurst, Liza Goddard, Ron Graham, Jeanie Drynan, Kevin Miles; family adventure

Attack Force Z (Tim Burstall, 1982) Eastman colour, 35 mm, 110 min., prod. Lee Robinson for John MacCallum Productions & Central Motion Picture Corporation, wr. Roger Marshall, dp Lin Hung-Chung, music Eric Jupp, design Bernard Hides, ed. David Stiven; John Phillip Law, Mel Gibson, Chris Haywood, Sam Neill, Sylvia Chang, Koo Chuan Hsiang, John Waters; Phillip Noyce was the first director, but fell out with John MacCallum

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