Henri Safran

Henri Safran was born in Paris in 1932 and came to Australia in 1960 to work with the Australian Broadcasting Commission as a producer of television documentaries and drama. He became an Australian citizen in 1963 but returned to Europe in 1966 to work in British television as a director in series such as The Troubleshooters and Softly Softly. Pike & Cooper: 306.

Australian features (also much TV work apart from these films)

Storm Boy (Henri Safran, 1976) prod. Matt Carroll for South Australian Film Corporation, wr. Sonia Borg, from novel by Colin Thiele, dp Geoff Burton, music Michael Carlos, design David Copping, ed. G. Turney-Smith; Greg Rowe, David Gulpilil, Peter Cummins, Judy Dick, Grant Page; white boy befriends pelican and outcast Aborigine, Fingerbone Bill, banished by his Kunai people, Adelaide, colour, 93 min.

Listen to the Lion (Henri Safran, 1977; but made before Storm Boy) prod. Robert Hill for Stockton Ferri Films, wr. Robert Hill, dp Malcolm Richards, music Michael Carlos, ed. Mervyn Lloyd; John Derum, Les Foxcroft, Barry Lovett, Wyn Roberts; mentioned by Andrew Tudor in Australian Film Reader: 231; Sydney, colour, 16 mm, 52 min.

Norman Loves Rose (Henri Safran, 1982) prod. Basil Appleby, Henri Safran for Norman Films, wr. Henri Safran, dp Vincent Monton, design Darrell Lass, ed. Don Saunders; Carol Kane, Tony Owen, Myra de Groot, David Downer, Barry Otto, Sandy Gore, Warren Mitchell; comedy; Jewish 13-yr-old falls in love with sister-in-law who falls pregnant; Eastman colour, 35mm, 98 min.

Bush Christmas (Henri Safran, 1983) aka Prince and the Great Race, prod. Paul D. Barron; remake of 1947 film; John Ewart, John Howard, Nicole Kidman; 91 min.; Kidman's film debut

Wild Duck, The (Henri Safran, 1984) film of the play by Ibsen, dp Peter James; Liv Ullman, Jeremy Irons, Ray Barrett, John Meillon, Lucinda Jones, Arthur Dignam, Michael Pate, Rhys McConnochie, Colin Croft, Marion Edward

Relatives (Anthony Bowman, 1985) prod. Basil Appleby and Henri Safran for Archer Films, wr. Anthony Bowman, dp Tom Cowan, design Darrel Lass, ed. Colin Greive; Michael Atkins, Ray Barrett, Robin Bowring, Jeannie Drynan, Norman Kaye, Bill Kerr, Ray Meagher, Carol Raye, Rowena Wallace; domestic comedy; Eastman colour, 16 mm. 90 min.

Edge of Power, The (Henri Safran, 1985) dp. Peter Levy; Ivar Kants, Henry Szeps, Anna-Maria Monticelli, Sheree da Costa; political thriller

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