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Jan Sardi

Jan Sardi is perhaps better known as a writer, but he has also directed one feature film.

As Director

Love's Brother (Jan Sardi, 2004) wr. Jan Sardi; Giovanni Ribisi, Adam Garcia, Amelia Warner; Brian McFarlane, 'Brotherly love and Love's Brother', Metro, 140, 2004: 22-25; brief review of DVD release: MA, Empire, 42, September 2004: 104

As Writer

Moving Out (Michael Pattinson, 1983) prod. Jane Ballantyne, Michael Pattinson for Pattinson Ballantyne, wr. Jan Sardi, dp Vincent Monton, music Danny Beckerman, Umberto Tozzi, design Neil Angwin, ed. Robert Martin; Vince Colosimo (film debut), Peter Sardi, Kate Jason, Nicole Miranda, Luciano Catenacci, Sylvie Fonti, Marice Devincentis, Tibor Gyapjas, Sally Cooper, Desiree Smith; Kodak colour, super 16 mm, 92 min.

Street Hero (Michael Pattinson, 1984) wr. Jan Sardi, prod. Julie Monton for Paul Dainty Films, dp Vincent Monton; Vince Colosimo, Sandy Gore, Bill Hunter, Ray Marshall, Amanda Muggleton, Peter Sardi, Sigrid Thornton; he wants a career as a rock singer; 100 min.

Secrets (Michael Pattinson, 1992) aka One Crazy Night, Do You Want to Know a Secret? prod. Michael Pattinson, wr. Jan Sardi; Beth Champion (Emily), Malcolm Kennard (Danny), Danii Minogue (Didi), Willa O'Neill (Vicki), Noah Taylor (Randolf); teenpic; five teenagers break into the hotel where the Beatles are staying but get no further than the service basement; trapped there together, they tell each other their secrets, with the Kennard character as the evil catalyst; filmed in Wellington standing in for Melbourne

Shine (Scott Hicks, 1996) wr. Jan Sardi; Geoffrey Rush (AA), Noah Taylor, John Gielgud, Googie Withers, Lynn Redgrave; Academy Award; 130 min.; young David Helfgott is traumatised by martinet father; 130 min.

Secret River, The (Deborra Lee-Furness??) in planning since 2007; novel Kate Grenville, script Jan Sardi, prod. John Palermo; Hugh Jackman; this will now be a play at Sydney Theatre Company, involving wr. Andrew Bovell and dir. Neil Armfield; no info about a film related to this; update 2013: this is now , 2015, a two-part mini-series directed by Daina Reid; emancipated English convict stakes a claim on land owned by a clan of Aboriginal people

Mao's Last Dancer (Bruce Beresford, 2009) prod. Jane Scott, wr. Jan Sardi; Chi Cao, Bruce Greenwood, Kyle MacLachlan; biopic: story of dancer Li Cunxin

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