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Frank Shields

Hostage: The Christine Maresch Story (Frank Shields, 1983) aka Savage Attraction; prod. Basil Appleby, Frank Shields for Frontier Films, wr. Frank Shields, John Lind, from a true story, dp Vincent Monton, music Davood Tabrizi, design Phillip McLaren, ed. Don Saunders; Gabriella Barraket, Clare Binney, Bert Cooper, Hank Johannes, Kerry Mack, Judy Nunn, Ralph Schicha; Eastman colour, 35mm Panavision, 90 min.; not particularly well-written, seems too constrained by history (being based on a true story, one gathers) and the acting is ho-hum; more of Ms Mack on view more often than is required by the plot

Surfer, The (Frank Shields, 1988) Gary Day, Gosia Dobrowolska, Rod Mullinar, Tony Barry, Kris McQuade; low-budget action-thriller; the two main actors spend most of the film running away; Gosia Dobrowolska is good, and that's about all

Fatal Sky (Frank Shields, 1989) aka Vanished, No Cause for Alarm, Project Alien; something to do with aliens of the early Dr Who variety

Hurrah (Frank Shields, 1998) Marton Csokas, Tushka Bergen

Finder, The (Frank Shields, 2000) prod. Phillip Avalon; Simon Westaway, Paul Mercurio, Anja Coleby, Rowena Wallace, Gerard McGuire, Barry Langrishe; action thriller seems to be the intention

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