Burleigh Smith

Burleigh Smith (born 1979) has written and directed a number of short films, and is working on his first feature.

Lunchtime (Burleigh Smith, 2005) Trevor Wykes, Lex Marinos, comedy short, 3 min.

Flights of Angels (Burleigh Smith, 2006) Trevor Wykes, Denise Wykes, Michael Terzo, Camilla Myers, Babs Helleman, Barry Walmsely, Jaimie Leonarder, Lex Marinos, drama short, 7 min.

Mere Oblivion (Burleigh Smith, 2007) Burleigh Smith, Elizabeth Caiacob, Michael Su, Kate Ritchie; comedy short, 7 min.

Gentle Persuasion (Burleigh Smith, 2008) Burleigh Smith, Sarah Louella, Greg Higgs, Johanna Alexander, comedy short, Tropfest, 7 min.

Love Like You've Never Been Hurt (Burleigh Smith, 2009) Burleigh Smith, Taryn Leggett, Greg Higgs, George Shevtsov, Michael Davis, Maggie Anketell, Imogen Inglis, Ben Young, James Hagan; comedy short, 18 min.

Then She Was Gone (Burleigh Smith, 2010) Burleigh Smith, Sarah Louella, Rory Mitchell, Jenny Davis, Gordon Honeycombe; comedy short; 7 min.

Ragtime (Burleigh Smith, 2011) Burleigh Smith, John Waters, Geoff Morrell, Bridie Carter, Daniel Henshall, Penelope Andrews, Phyllis Foundis, Jennah Bannear, Ashleigh Galipo, Michael Loney, Eddie Stowers, Paul Treasure, Rai Fazio, Phillip John Hastings, Leanne Curran; comedy drama short; 40 min.

The Things My Father Never Taught Me (Burleigh Smith, 2012) Burleigh Smith, Aiden Papamihail, Bridie Carter; comedy romance short; 7 min.

Blue Drag (Burleigh Smith, 2013) Burleigh Smith, Jennah Bannear, Tiriel Mora; comedy romance short

You Can't Play the Game If You Don't Know the Rules (Burleigh Smith, 2014) wr. Burleigh Smith from book by Irene Alexander; Bruce Spence, Zoe Ventoura, John Waters; comedy

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