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John Tatoulis

Film and TV producer who directed these features.

In Too Deep (John Tatoulis, Colin Smith, 1989) aka Mack the Knife; film noir

Silver Brumby, The (John Tatoulis, 1993) novel by Elyne Mitchell; Caroline Goodall, Russell Crowe (The Man); review by Jim Schembri in Murray 1995: 371; set in High Country

Zone 39 (John Tatoulis, 1995) aka The Zone; wr. Deborah Parsons, dp Peter Zakharov; Peter Phelps, Carolyn Bock; scifi psychological action thriller; shot Melbourne, Woomera; 95 min.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Guns (John Tatoulis, 2000) FFC; romantic revenge comedy

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