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Ann Turner

Writer/director born Adelaide, 1960

Flesh on Glass (Ann Turner, 1981) short

Celia (Ann Turner, 1989) Rebecca Smart (Celia), Nicholas Eadie, Maryanne Fahey, Victoria Longley, William Zappa; set Melbourne 1957; Celia's pet rabbit must be destroyed

Turtle Beach (Stephen Wallace, 1992) wr. Ann Turner, novel by Blanche d'Alpuget; Greta Scacchi, Joan Chen, Jack Thompson, Art Malik, Norman Kaye, Victoria Longley, Martin Jacobs, William McInnes, George Whaley; 88 min.

Hammers over the Anvil (Ann Turner, 1993) wr. Peter Hepworth, Ann Turner, novel Alan Marshall, dp James Bartle, prod. Ben Gannon; Charlotte Rampling, Russell Crowe; point of view is that of a crippled boy (based on novel by Alan Marshall, who had polio)

Dallas Doll (Ann Turner, 1993) Sandra Bernhard, Victoria Longley, Frank Gallacher, Jake Blundell, Rose Byrne; havoc when American golf instructor moves in with family; ABC finance

Bathing Boxes (Ann Turner, 1995) short?

Irresistible (Ann Turner, 2005) Susan Sarandon, Sam Neill, Emily Blunt; woman becomes convinced her husband is being pursued by one of his office colleagues

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