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George Willoughby

Not to be confused with George Willoughby (1913-1997) who produced Squeeze a Flower (Marc Daniels, 1970).

The Joan of Arc Of Loos initiated a short-lived production program by George Willoughby. Born in England as George Willoughby Dowse, he travelled back and forth between England and Australia as a theatrical entrepreneur, and in 1912 became managing director of George Marlow's theatrical operations in Sydney. The Joan Of Arc Of Loos was followed within weeks by an adaptation of a popular stage play, The Woman In The Case [lost], but neither film was a commercial success and Willoughby abandoned his further projects (which included two South Sea island romances). Critical reaction to Willoughby's first film was discouraging. Theatre 1 May 1916, found it only 'moderately interesting' and criticised the attitude towards war expressed by Emilienne's father, an old war veteran who 'looks forward to war with the eagerness and joy of a child that is about to play with a new toy'. Objection was also taken to the notion that divine intervention, and not courage or skill, had saved the day at Loos. Pike & Cooper: 63.

George Willoughby also performed as actor in Tall Timber (Dunstan Webb, 1926).

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