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Absolutely Modern

Absolutely Modern (Philippe Mora, 2013) wr. Philippe Mora, prod. Philippe Mora; Sonia Alexandria, John Apicella, Anni Blackhurst, Anna De Nicola, Alexia DuBasso, Sandy Gutman [Austen Tayshus], Mario Melchiot, Taquila Mockingbird, Georges Mora, Madeleine Mora, Philippe Mora, Tiriel Mora, Rena Riffel, John Jack Rodgers, Anna Rosh, Eleni Symeonides, Clayton Watson, Brad Wilson; drama; 100 min.

This was screened 21 July at a festival in Wroclaw, and then by the NFSA, supported by the Jewish Film Foundation of Australia, 30 November. It seems not to have gained any kind of general release.

Don Groves:
A blend of fact and fiction, Absolutely Modern follows Lord Steinway, the 'Method' art critic, as he makes a TV show, The End of Civilization, while he focusses on the famous Australian muse, Sunday Reed, and her ménage a trois with her husband John and young protégé Sidney Nolan. Don Groves, IF.

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