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Absolutely Modern

Absolutely Modern (Philippe Mora, 2013) wr. Philippe Mora, prod. Philippe Mora; Sonia Alexandria, John Apicella, Anni Blackhurst, Anna De Nicola, Alexia DuBasso, Sandy Gutman [Austen Tayshus], Mario Melchiot, Taquila Mockingbird, Georges Mora, Madeleine Mora, Philippe Mora, Tiriel Mora, Rena Riffel, John Jack Rodgers, Anna Rosh, Eleni Symeonides, Clayton Watson, Brad Wilson; drama; 100 min.

This was screened 21 July at a festival in Wroclaw, and then by the NFSA, supported by the Jewish Film Foundation of Australia, 30 November. It seems not to have gained any kind of general release.

A blend of fact and fiction, Absolutely Modern follows Lord Steinway, the 'Method' art critic, as he makes a TV show, The End of Civilization, while he focusses on the famous Australian muse, Sunday Reed, and her ménage a trois with her husband John and young protégé Sidney Nolan. Don Groves, IF.

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