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All For Gold

All For Gold (Franklyn Barrett [?] 1911) aka Jumping The Claim; wr. W.S. Percy, dp Franklyn Barrett; Herbert J. Bentley, Hilliard Vox, Lilian Teece, Ronald McLeod, E. Melville, Walter Bastin; goldfields drama; 3000 ft; lost

In a remarkable instance of early split-screen technology, Barrett made three separate exposures to cover the action of the heroine making a telephone call to order the speedboat to take her across Sydney Harbour: on the left side of the screen, Nora was shown making the call, with the boatman receiving the call on the right, the two separated by a wide view of the boat harbour. The Bulletin, 12 October 1911, found the chase scene 'a triumph of photo art' and one of the most exciting moments in a 'wild and whirling tale'. Pike & Cooper: 25-26.

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